Territory of women, updating

Published: 13.12.2017
territory of women

The fact that all women are owners to the core is known long ago. But very few people know that women mark the territory, often even unconsciously. As well as in the wild nature, the similar behavior is also connected with process of receiving the vital benefits and providing children therefore behind such interesting occupation scientists noticed also women.

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The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell you as women designate the territory, and, above all - what aim they it pursue.

Territory of women

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And it were not only the long hairs dropped on a floor or the lipstick which is allegedly accidentally forgotten on the shelf in the bathroom. Women managed to leave the rings, earrings in cracks of a sofa or splashed on furniture and a cloth the spirits. It had to not only remind the man of the darling, but also point to competitors that the territory is occupied and it is worth refusing the intentions.

Even in our world equalities of the woman subconsciously place in the house more than the small features which help them to feel as hostesses of the territory. Especially smells of the woman in the bedroom.

& #169; Researchers told Depositphotosavtomobilkanadskiye about surprising regularity of littering of the most expensive cars. The car is more expensive, more prestigious and the owner is richer than it, the it is more than any female features in a glove compartment, on back seat, armrests, supports on doors.

At ideal purity of salons in their secret corners hidden from eyes there are details of the lower lingerie, objects of decorative cosmetics and personal hygiene all the time.

It can be even the paper cup from coffee soiled by lipstick. Women specially put in the thing car which remind of them. Very often they have plentifully a shower bath perfume that its aroma soared in salon for a long time.

& #169; Depositphotosmuzhchinapsikhologi report that women from the former Soviet Union leave tags not only in the house, the car, office of the husband, but also on the man. At us the husband with prosperity still is considered the guarantor of good life and security, despite global feminization. Of course, not all leave lipstick marks on a collar.

Notice, only married men for whom their blessed very much care wear the ironed clothes, all other people, without paying to it attention, go that got from drying after washing.

But each unmarried woman, estimating the potential partner, instantly reads out in what state at him clothes. And existence of glazheny trousers and an accurate hairstyle has to tell her that this gentleman is busy. And it is put on or not the wedding ring, does not matter today.

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Is many tags which leave women. From the most banal photos in a purse to bits of apples with bright lipstick. It is a good way to declare the rights for the man and everything that belongs to it. The competition existed and will always exist, and nobody wishes to share the person, important for himself.

Earlier we told how to force the man to think of your relations.

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