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Published: 11.6.2019
 that it kpch

We introduced the next improvement in books of our "white" series. To it we were pushed by our regular reader (is not present - the Reader!) Vitaly Yandreev. He reminded us that we do not use own tools of assessment of read at all.

Now you will find on the last page of our books an estimated leaf where you will be able to record the opinion on read in several options. You can use a habitual scale from 1 to 5. You can add the remarks in a verbal form. And still - the main highlight - you can calculate "coefficient of usefulness of reading" (CUR).

The last tool was constructed by Igor Mann. The essence is simple: on the course of reading the book you note (underlining or a mark on fields) thoughts, useful to yourself and the ideas. Then you write out numbers of these pages (for what we made the special plate) and you count. Then the number of useful pages is divided into their total number (the advertizing block of publishing house is not included into the account).

For example, useful pages there were 39, and all in the book 242 pages (without advertizing). We divide 39 into 242, we receive 0,16 (that is KPCh makes 16 percent). By Igor's experience, books with KPCh more than 15 percent are worthy to take a place of honor in your library.

Try, maybe, and such way of assessment will please you.

Here so the estimated leaf looks.

P.S. I will notice that KPCh of the book is strictly individual. Happens so that the good, in general, book personally you "outgrew", and it will have for you almost zero KPCh. But for your colleague beginner it can be a well of information, useful and new to it. If this is so, then give the book to it. 


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