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Published: 21.1.2019
a linden at pregnancy: an effective remedy for cold

The linden is one of effective and safe remedies for treatment of cold, inflammation of a throat and bronchitis. Means on its basis give both to adults, and children. But whether it is possible to use a linden at pregnancy?

Traditional medicine widely uses this plant. Lime color with honey is irreplaceable at the first symptoms of cold and also it has antiseptic effect. The linden is rich with flavonoids, ascorbic acid, essential oils.

Thanks to these substances she struggles with cold, flu, quinsy, other inflammatory and infectious processes. Carotene which stimulates an organism to production of vitamin A is a part.

The plant at the use renders sudorific and febrifugal effect. Lime drink kills pathogenic microflora, normalizes a metabolism, strengthens immunity. Consumption of such drink on an empty stomach for several weeks will allow to clean a liver.

The woman during pregnancy cannot accept many habitual means. If necessary doctors appoint natural medicines, that is plants and herbs.

At a preparatory stage it is necessary to normalize activity of all systems of an organism and to strengthen immunity. Lime tea will help with it. Cook it at the rate of 1 tablespoon of raw materials on a glass of hot water. Make as usual drink. Drink it on an empty stomach in the mornings for several weeks. Also it will help to normalize work of a GIT, at the same time will clean kidneys.

At a planning stage the plant is used for treatment of diseases of a gall bladder. Tea is had for the night, 2-3 hours later after a dinner.

The regular use reduces arterial blood pressure, increases elasticity of vessels that is important for prevention of a varicosity which often provokes pregnancy. Means well affects a dream (the quality becomes better than it), eliminates insomnia, chronic fatigue and also brings slime and phlegms out of bronchial tubes.

Flowers of a linden are phytoestrogen, that is are similar to female sex hormones. It turns out that it increases chances of conception. It should be noted that it is often used in a complex of treatment of infertility.

The plant is authorized for application during this period. Inflorescences promote treatment of quinsy, cold, bronchitis.

Use them in different types:

Also broths can be used for processing of burns, purulent wounds. Care of skin with acne rash by means of this means is shown. From fresh inflorescences and leaves prepare compresses for removal of a headache.

Means effectively eliminates pain and burning at throat diseases. For this purpose use warm broths to which it is possible to add a little soda.

Broth can be used as means for prevention of catarrhal diseases and also for strengthening of immunity. Drink will make a dream quiet and deep, will positively affect a condition of nervous system.

Such drink has good aroma and is very useful to an organism. In many cases when it is impossible to use medicamentous medicines, it helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Useful properties of a linden:

If there are no contraindications, then tea with a linden can be used at pregnancy during cold (including virus), quinsies, pharyngitis, cold, stomatitis and also as prophylactic in the period of seasonal epidemics.

At emergence of the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to fill in linden flowers (2 spoons) with hot water (200 ml) and to allow them to stand 15 minutes. It is recommended to drink no more than 4 portions a day. It is possible to add a spoon of natural honey to it, but it is impossible to use sugar.

The organism during incubation of the child is very vulnerable therefore it is important to limit adverse factors and to maintain immunity up to standard. Besides various diseases, even banal cold, can break the normal course of pregnancy.

Means on the basis of a linden will help to stop inflammatory processes, to restore protective function of an organism, to get rid of cough. Rinsings will allow to avoid progressing of quinsy and pharyngitis. This plant is effective from stomatitis and a herpetic infection on lips. Broth is irreplaceable at hypostases and the increased temperature.

The linden has also contraindications at pregnancy. Though at first sight is absolutely harmless means, it is possible to accept it only after preliminary consultation with the observing gynecologist.

If uncontrolledly to accept means throughout a long time, then cardiovascular violations are possible. The strong diuretic effect leads to dysfunction of kidneys. The pregnant woman should not exceed the dosage established by the doctor.

Diuretic action is observed for 2 hours after reception of any means. It is necessary to consider this fact, accepting broth or tea for the night.

Tea, broth or infusion can instead of calming to render opposite effect, having led to nervous overexcitation. The long use of this means causes easing of sight in some people. At the excessive use the viscosity of blood goes down.


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