the Most interesting: a diet of an angel for 13 days, belkovo

Published: 27.4.2019
diet of an angel for 13 days, belkovo

The diet of an angel is an effective vitamin and proteinaceous power supply circuit. In such power supply system the diet consists only of proteinaceous food, vegetables and fruit are added to it. 13 days keep to a diet, for this term loss of weight is even up to 8 kg. If you treat meat eaters and like to eat in the evening, then this diet is simply created for you, the morning meal in this diet is very limited. At your diet there will be many vegetables and greens and also fruit, which are responsible for receipt in an organism of useful minerals and vitamins that positively affects a condition of skin and gives it a healthy shade. The cellulose arriving from vegetables and greens promotes more best work of intestines.

A pokhudatelny diet of an angel treat positive sides:

Treat negative sides of an angelic diet:

The diet of an angel as vitamin and proteinaceous food very simple, but nevertheless in it is restrictions and rules.

Carbohydrates and fats in an angelic diet are strictly forbidden to be used. Also you should forget about tasty additions to food, such as sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise, various sauces, also when cooking do not add fats. The list of the forbidden products in a diet of an angel can be continued by persimmon, grapes, bananas, sugar, dried fruits, potato, apricots, the black tea, instant coffee, preserved foods, semi-finished products, smoked products, sausages, sausages and sausages, meat delicacies packaged by juice, sweet sparkling water, fast food, fruit drink, beer and other alcohol and kissel. Salt in cooking needs to be used very accurately and to put it absolutely slightly. That as salt detains moisture in an organism therefore at its use it will be difficult for you to lose weight.

Now we will paint one of versions of the week menu. Be attentive, between each meal there has to pass the identical amount of time, but the break between meals should not exceed three hours.

For the eighth day of an angelic diet use the menu of 1 day and so on, the 7th day at you drops out. You can make the menu proceeding from personal preferences, but remember the principles of this dietary food - the breakfast has to be most simplified and a lung, and the main meal is allotted on afternoon. Choose meat, fish, vegetables and fruit what it is necessary for you, except forbidden. Water it is possible and it is necessary to drink when it wants, each person has to drink not less than 2 liters of water a day. Do not forget about sports activities, you can practice yoga, fitness, swimming etc.

If to concern responses about it to a dietary power supply system then it is necessary to tell at once that everything is individual. At some young ladies 13-day results reached a point of 8 kg, and at someone weight loss did not hang up also 3 kilograms. The most large number of excess weight leaves for the first week of sitting on this diet, in the next 6 days there is a stabilization of weight.

Natalya: Kept to a diet of an angel quite recently and said goodbye from 6 kg. At once I will tell, you are strongly strained morally and physically, your organism will not sustain. It is possible to tell that this diet for healthy. The result of weight loss keeps long enough if you are not corroded after the termination of a diet. You can face extensions, some can have them just awful. Moisturize the skin and do massage.

Lena: Tried a diet of an angel 2 times. 1 time sat on it in the summer, but up to the end could not wait, & #8220; отсидела” week, left and kg. 2 times of the village on it after New Year's holidays, it doderzhatsya up to the end and weight after the termination of a diet still was not gained.

Tatyana: Though at a diet the name & #8220; јнгельскऔ but tortures I tested infernal. Was very hungry, sharp dumping of weight and from it ugly extensions was not pleasant. Kept to a diet of 5 days, and this time lost 5 kg, could not sustain further. Unfortunately, I am not an angel!)


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