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Published: 19.6.2019
hlebnikova marine of a arnoldovn

Marina Khlebnikova's biography

The marine was born at parents of the radio physicists working for defense industry. But also mother Irina Vasilyevna and the father Arnold Sergeevichi adored singing under own accompaniment. In the house there was a guitar, a piano and often music sounded.

The girl studied in all objects very well, managed to play sports (in particular, being in the swimming national team of Moscow, achieved big results), to visit at first ballet, and then music school, to participate in amateur performances. By recognition of the actress, she is grateful to the parents, for the fact that they helped it to develop comprehensively.

The first own group under the name "Marinade", Khlebnikova organized being a schoolgirl. The collective led by Marina qualitatively executed hits "The Beatles", "ABBA", "Queen" and also Barykin, Antonov and others. The group made deafening success in local discos.

Having received the school-leaving certificate of Marin, not thinking, came to school at Gnesinka where it happened to study at such masters as Kobzon, Leshchenko and Gradsky. At faculties of variety singing and a piano at the same time Marina received the higher education here, only at institute. The dean Joseph Kobzon handed to the girl two diplomas at once.

In Marin's students continued to be engaged in creativity, having adjoined the Doctor Dzhaz group. As a part of this ensemble it is noticed by Bari Alibasov and entices the vocalist to work in the groups "Integrals" and "Na-Na". But working with Barry Karimovich, Khlebnikova nevertheless is engaged also in solo career, actively participating in various musical competitions and festivals. On some she becomes a winner.

The All-Russian glory fell upon Khlebnikova in the 1997th with the advent of a hit "Cup of coffee". She receives a number of prestigious awards for it and receives green light for tour activity. The singer is also actively invited for participation in a body and cinema by projects.

The actress was married two times. The guitarist Anton Logvinov became her first spouse, from an easy hand of Bari Alibasov. By hearsay, marriage was fictitious though Logvinov publicly made a declaration of love more than once Marin. Till last day (at the end of September, 2018 Anton committed suicide in the apartment at the ex-wife) they maintained the friendly relations. In the suicide note left in the computer he asked anybody to blame for the incident and admitted that he loved to Marin all the life. After that the singer was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown because of what could not even come to a funeral of the former spouse.

For the second time of Khlebnikov went to the altar with the CEO of Grammofon Rekords Mikhail Maydanich. In this marriage the daughter Dominica was born (1999). This matrimonial union lasted not for long. Brought up Marin's daughter. Maydanich besides was the speculator who borrowed and did not return the large sums at banks and Marina's acquaintances, in particular to Iosif Prigozhin he remained owes $500 000. Recently the singer seldom acts as she underwent several serious nasopharynx and jaws operations because of the formed cyst in due time. The actress denies rumors about abuse of alcohol and plastic surgeries, speaking about that, life now expensive and it is necessary to turn to earn. Khlebnikova needs to support the daughter and the luxurious two-level apartment to Butovo.


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