the Note at the lake with incredibly touching story, at the request of chitaty

Published: 27.6.2019
note at the lake with incredibly touching story

At the gate conducting to the lake found a note... Its contents and further events are capable to melt even the most impenitent hearts.

On the path conducting to the lake in Great Britain somehow in the morning found a note with a rose in gate:

Please, somebody can throw it into the lake for me? Ashes of my late husband in the lake, but I cannot reach the coast on the wheelchair + any more gate are closed. Tonight I should go back to the north. Thank you

Very soon on Twitter of the Gymnasium of Bishop Rural lands the following message appeared:

This note was found near gate near water this afternoon. There was neither name, nor the phone number, but whoever you were, be sure that your rose floats in the middle of the lake

We hope, the unknown woman will see this message and will know that memory of her husband was honored as she also wanted.


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