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Published: 17.6.2019
tea mushroom

The tea mushroom is not one organism, but the whole set of microorganisms. Usually under this name symbiosis of one of types of barmy fungi with bacteria means. This microorganism in the people known still as "the Japanese mushroom" as it was delivered to Russia by soldiers right after the Russian-Japanese war.

The appearance this organism reminds a jellyfish, it has a smooth surface, but from below it has a set of bacteria which allocate it with useful properties.

The advantage of this microorganism is known for many years. It is caused by contents as a part of a fungus of organic acetic acid, minerals, vitamins, such substances as tannin and kakhetina. This microorganism is a source of gluconew, lemon, dairy, acetic, apple, koyevy acids and also ethanol, vitamins of group B, vitamin C and RR, sugar and caffeine.

In medicine it known as the means removing spasms, rendering the bile-expelling, anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory action on an organism. Besides, infusion is accepted for the purpose of normalization of pressure, disposal of chronic locks, infectious and bacterial diseases - flu, a SARS, conjunctivitis, intestinal infections.

Useful properties of this surprising microorganism allow to apply it in cosmetology to the solution of such problems as:

Drink improves blood circulation, feeds internals including a brain. For this reason it is drunk by many people whose professional activity is connected with intellectual loadings. Daily drinking on an empty stomach a glass of drink, you will feel inflow of cheerfulness and increase in working capacity.

Such effect is reached, most likely, thanks to contents in its composition of tannins and caffeine. However drink cannot be compared to tea or coffee as it has softer effect on our organism that it is caused by availability in it of such substances as theobromine and teofilin.

This wonderful product belongs to number of natural antibiotics, in order that in infusion pathogenic microorganisms were not got, the fungus allocates the antibiotic destroying staphylococcus, streptococci, pneumococci. Having easy antibacterial effect on an organism, quite often the microorganism is applied at treatment of catarrhal diseases.

To use useful properties of curative drink, at first it is necessary to learn how to grow up a tea mushroom. You need to make strong tea leaves, after that to pour in the glass or enameled capacity, to close densely a cover, to put to the warm place and to leave there for three days. You can add a sugar spoon that tea was a little sweet.

When there will pass 3 days, check a mushroom: if on a surface of tea leaves the thin film appeared, so everything was made correctly. In such state it is necessary to sustain a microorganism one and a half months and if you see that the product created by you begins to gain lines, characteristic of it, it is possible to replace in a 3-liter jar.

If you cannot do without tasty drink, at the same time also a useful product, it is necessary to learn to look after the grown-up microorganism. Constantly you keep it in the sweetened water or weak tea leaves of tea, at the same time do not close a cover, this microorganism needs continuous inflow of oxygen.

Roll up a top banks the gauze put in several layers it is so possible to protect a mushroom from dust and dirt better, to keep all useful properties.

If you do not know how to store a tea mushroom, you will be helped by the following advice of those who in house conditions grow up it a useful microorganism:

If you see that your mushroom became brown color, so all useful properties were already lost. Formation of holes on a surface and also change of its situation in bank, is pointed that the microorganism perishes.

Recently the tea mushroom began to be applied to weight loss, this product contains the enzymes promoting splitting of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is a good alternative to diets as taking drink, it is possible to lose smoothly weight without harm for health.

Weight loss comes due to acceleration of process of a metabolism, clarification of an organism from slags and toxins, elimination of excess fatty deposits.

If you wish to lose weight by means of this means, to drink rather daily on an empty stomach and every time before food on a glass of miracle infusion. To accelerate process of splitting of fats, add to means infusions of other zhiroszhigatelny plants - bark of a buckthorn, fruits of fennel, a dandelion, corn snouts. It is also useful to alternate intake of infusion and vegetable juice.

A tea mushroom known as the product having many useful properties however in certain cases such infusion can do serious harm to an organism. First of all, you have to exclude treatment by a tea mushroom if you have an allergy to components of this product.

Because of high acidity of drink it cannot be drunk at an ulcer of a duodenum and stomach as acid content in an organism just will increase. The people having diabetes should drink infusion as in it there is a sugar with care.

It is better to refuse treatment of fungal diseases by means of such folk remedy, process of formation of drozhzhepodobny fungi can amplify.

Before taking drink, it is necessary to get acquainted with such contraindications for a tea mushroom:

Some gynecologists do not forbid women to drink a tea mushroom at pregnancy, but on condition that they have no allergy to the acids and polysaccharides which are a part of infusion. If at future mother dangerous reactions of an organism to this product are not observed, it will bring only benefit - will strengthen immunity and will keep natural beauty.

But in case at pregnancy there are other contraindications to the infusion use, it needs to be excluded from a diet of the pregnant woman completely.

Knowing what advantage and harm the tea mushroom can do to our organism, it is possible to avoid unpleasant consequences of the wrong application of a product. Follow rules of preparation, storage and application of a tea mushroom, and you will be able to use all its useful properties!


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