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Published: 1.4.2018
cornmeal: unusual ways of its application

Cornmeal & #8212; rather known product. On its basis cook dough for pastries, use it as thickener at preparation of cream soups.

This product is a part of traditional dishes of many countries of the world. It is impossible to tell that cornmeal is necessary to us every day, but it becomes more and more popular.

Cornmeal, thanks to the complex which is contained in it vitamin mineral, joins in a children's and dietary food allowance. The value of a product is also that in its structure there is no gluten (gluten), unlike wheat and a rye. Regular consumption of cornmeal in food will allow to support normal sugar level in blood. Therefore it is recommended to those who suffer from diabetes. But application of this product is not limited only to consumption. The rich chemical composition allows to use flour both in cosmetology, and in life. And today we will tell about it in more detail. Do not miss!

Care of oily skin

To delete surplus of fat from skin & #8212; the difficult task, for this purpose is required means which helps to control its allocation.

Cornmeal is ideal for this purpose. Mix a small amount of flour with lemon juice. Apply with circular motions on problem places. Leave for influence for 30 minutes then wash away warm water.

Mix from 1 spoon of cornmeal, 1 spoon of glycerin and 200 ml of water perfectly copes with this task. She prepares on a water bath. Well cleans and at the same time nourishes skin thanks to the high content of vitamins of group B.

Cornmeal as means for care of an oily hair

There are situations when it is necessary to look effectively, and to wash the head there is no time any more. Just in that case will help out you natural dry & #171; шампунь» on the basis of cornmeal or starch. Other ingredients & #8212; several drops of essential oil and any dried-up grass (mint, a camomile, крапива…) you can add on the taste. Powder the head this mix and well comb hair. This way will improve appearance of hair, will save them from a greasy luster and will give them volume.

& #171; Foot атлета» & #8212; it is the skin affected with a fungus standing (often meets at athletes). The good natural means which does not have side effects can be prepared from cornmeal and water (in proportions 1:2). Mix has to infuse and thicken. Taking such baths for legs regularly (duration of the procedure of 30-40 minutes), you will be able to facilitate illness symptoms.

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& #171; ћазь» from cornmeal and apple cider vinegar, will help to remove the itch, irritation and reddening caused by stings of insects. Apply paste on an affected area, apply a bandage and wait a little.

It is hard to fight against excessive sweating, but sometimes it is necessary.

We propose an effective, simple and economic solution. After a shower process the site of skin alcohol, and then the cornmeal mixed with any natural oil.

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Cornmeal & #8212; the ideal product to do to a thick and is more dense sauces, desserts and other dishes. Flour gains jellifying properties when heating water with which it mixes up, to temperature of 50-60 ∞C.

Ink spots usually represent a big problem as chemicals which are very difficult for removing usually are a part of ink.

Paste from cornmeal and milk helps to solve this problem. It is necessary to apply it on pollution and to allow to dry. Then to clean by means of a brush.

Fight against fat spots on leather surfaces

As we know, it is very difficult to remove fat spots, especially from leather surfaces.

To get rid of them, it is enough to apply for the night on them a little cornmeal. Next morning shake residues of flour a brush, and spots & #8212; as did not happen.

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