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Published: 1.12.2017

Ahead & #8212; the important event, and you literally "shakes" from a stress? Do not you sleep and you do not know AT ALL how perform a task? The decision is! You will be helped by simple advice which one clever woman gave to the young girl.

The best friend marries & #8212; and the young person should address guests at a wedding with the congratulatory speech. In four days prior to a celebration nervousness reached a limit. Three days Alina Gonsalez did not sleep then she at last decided to ask for the help. The young lady shared the experiences with the bride's mother.

Why with it? The woman practiced several years meditation, conducted occupations and even had official permission to carrying out improving the practician. To such people, as it, it is possible to trust.

And here that she advised:

"Only" & #8212; 19 seconds.

Impressive! It is enough to do exercise several times & #8212; and the mad rhythm of heart will slow down. You will calm down. And потом…

"I woke up the next morning & #8212; even did not manage to count about the next eighth second on an exhalation".

When we worry, there is an emission of adrenaline in blood. As a result breath becomes faster and superficial. To calm down, it is necessary to do simple physiological "focus": at first to hold the breath, and then & #8212; deliberately slowly & #8212; to exhale. As a result the warm rhythm will INEVITABLY slow down.

During exercise pleasant "side effect" is shown. It is necessary to count seconds, to focus on breath & #8212; and it calms nervous system. After it also the body relaxes.

"In speed and force of effect it is similar to anesthesia".


You go to policlinic to any neurologist & #8212; he will confirm you this information.

If you do not trust our doctors ("all the same nothing is known") & #8212; listen to MD from Harvard. Andrew Vail studied a question and learned that the 4-7-8 method for centuries is practiced Е by the Indian yogis! They do such exercise to achieve an absolute relaxation in meditation. We will believe yogas? 

So, once again. Quietly we inhale through a nose 4 seconds, we hold the breath for 7 seconds, quietly we exhale through a mouth within 8 seconds.

Try RIGHT NOW and share impressions in comments!

P.S. Want to learn more? POLEZNERA has something for you:

I do not know. I have, for example, some uncontrollable loonies. Heart begins to fight uchashchyonno, and the more I try to calm it, the it becomes worse. Therefore I escape valoserdiny. Only it pacifies my nervous cages. I will surely try also your respiratory technique. For health, I think, differently it is useful.

I advise to drink meldonium (it mildronat, it grindeks). It both will treat heart, and will increase nerves, and brains, and working capacity. At the same time there are practically no side effects (the main thing to take 2 medicines since morning, otherwise can make exciting impact, and you will not fall asleep at night), and the price & #8212; 300 rubles. Drink two weeks, 2 tablets since morning & #8212; and you do not recognize yourself (in good sense). Thanks to the Soviet science, very valuable medicine it создала…

Something expensively costs medicine. and I heard before nothing about it. plus in tablets. no, I better valoserdin will spend on drink. thanks for council, but I will be faithful to the reliable tools.

Do not you watch news?)). On meldonium all our athletes sit, the same Sharapova without it would not be as the tennis-player.

The girl, the darling, here to you, judging by an avatar, are a little years, and you argue as the old grandmother (oh, terribly, oh, did not hear, oh, expensively, oh, only checked). To you to google not on the cards?

You try. 2 weeks. By the way, your medicine, judging by side effects, is far more dangerous than meldonium (at which consider them and is not present).

Well and 300 rubles & #8212; it that, expensively?

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