Updating: a bedroom interior in style shabby

Published: 29.3.2019
bedroom interior in style shabby

And again we rejoice to return of heat and a cosiness of 1980. Furniture of which we were already going to get rid in fashion again. Therefore with advantage we get grandmother's dressers, chairs, covers and we create in the house popular style - shabby - chic.

The interior includes pieces of antiques and feeling of an old age. Shabby things with the burned-out color are shown openly and without shame now. Only it is not necessary to confuse the room with a heap of an ancient junk with the fashionable work of art.

The furniture which became obsolete the terms enters on new level and continues to live. It is slightly updated to reach comfort and a cosiness. The style can be used in the separate room or to organize it in all the house. If you were already interested in this cheap design capable to create a smart look to your house, read further.

The phrase is read in the direct translation as "shabby chic". To give an ancient image to things, it is possible independently - having artificially made old a type of new furniture. Or to change old furniture. Today we suggest to get acquainted with a subject - the bedroom in style shabby - chic.

Creation of ancient style - the laborious work demanding patience and attentiveness. To make an interior correctly, study rules of processing of walls, a ceiling, floors. Learn what color scale is appropriate here what objects of a decor will give to the room a smart look.


Mixing of color paints with white will help to reach ideal color. You will be able to check proportions and to create suitable tone. Paints paint over walls, batteries, furniture, a ceiling.




Basic elements are considered, we start registration of the apartment.

The bedroom better than other rooms will be suitable for registration. The muffled and light shades work very well here. They will present to owners true relaxation and comfort.

Pleasantly the bed with the forged backs or wooden with a fabric covering looks. Textiles are expressed by numerous ruches, frills and lace. Plentiful fabric registration. The tables covered with a cloth, curtains with lambrequins, pictures, glass chandeliers and photos in a copper framework are welcomed.

The small bedroom in such style looks comfortably. First, it does not demand a lot of furniture. Secondly, it is easier to make repair on the small site and quicker. Registration of the small bedroom in style shabby - chic, will disclose in you true talents of the designer and artist. The bright imagination and a clear idea of what you wish to achieve, will reduce work performance terms.

For a start decide what color will become a room basis. For small rooms it is recommended to use more white shades. It visually increases an outlook. Make facing. Now we will decide on furniture. It should not be much here. There is enough bed, a case, a mirror, a small curbstone and a table with a chair.

Issue furniture by means of paint or paste over with wall-paper. Tone as we remember light and in harmony with primary color. Scratch out in places paint for giving of an old look.

Hang up old curtains on windows or sew them the hands within style. Presence of a lambrequin is obligatory.

On a bedside curbstone lay the napkin connected by a hook. Put the lamp and also a photo in a frame, the book and points.

Add an interior of the bedroom in flowers. Establish artificial roses near a mirror in a creative vase. Ornament gentle-scarlet roses of a wall or paste over with wall-paper with these flowers furniture.

Decorate a dressing table with a stucco molding. Figures of angels, candlesticks, caskets with a beads will approach.

On a floor near a bed put a rug. On a wall hang up a picture, with the faded paints.

The bedroom in style shabby - chic for the girl is carried out in pink color. Vases with artificial flowers, the soft chairs sheathed by fabric with numerous frills and the pillows decorated with an openwork veil will give a royal look to the children's room.

Styles of an interior are selected individually. Such option will suit not everyone. In most cases refuse such registration of the man. Therefore if you started repair, see a photo of various styles all family and make an unanimous choice.

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