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Published: 3.9.2018
psychic: opportunities, help, reception

The psychic often has a self-realization opportunity through the usual help to people & #8212; to ordinary people who are not able to cope with the problems. And for what abilities are still necessary if not for this purpose, you tell вы… Also you will be right purely from the human point of view. But believe, a gift of the clairvoyant, medium, psychic (on condition of a real gift) are capable to move apart a framework of all habitual. As in the history, and in geography, economy, and even to policy the help of the people having superabilities is invaluable. On it the separate scheme on cooperation with such people is under construction and there are quite specific goals of a task. All know of participation of psychics in investigations which are very difficult and tangled. On support of inexplicable the whole plans are built, just it is not necessary to shout of them for the whole world and to advertize & #8212; it is related only to a narrow circle of people and first of all it is the science learning possibilities of the person. As for everyday life and infinite offers to help in a difficult situation & #8212; that private services which clairvoyants, magicians and wizards are ready to render for a certain remuneration or is gratuitous. Why services of psychics cost money? Because any work costs money. Why large sums? Because sometimes it serves (at respectable psychics) as a certain filter & #8212; before arriving to reception, the person has to think many times & #8212; as far as it needs the help such. Any person having the gift has to protect the forces and not spend them on the left and to the right. And the people having infinite number of questions & #8212; millions. How one person is capable to help all?! That is why it becomes frequent the price the limiter. And it is necessary to understand it. Another matter & #8212; charlatans who dare to accept just everyone, but placing on the system of receptions. It is a frequent case. It is necessary to be preserved similar. For the rest the extrasensory perception is harmless and can bring a lot of benefit to society as in general, and to everyone personally!

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