What to do if the man does not show an initiative, at the request of chitaty

Published: 23.5.2019
what to do if the man does not show an initiative

Hello, dear readers!. The man - the getter, and the woman from time immemorial took great pain to improve that the male dragged in a cave. Times go, but nothing changes. We quicker than wind rush to select and transform.

We improve everything: the apartment, food, themselves, the young man and even the relation who did not manage to begin yet. The rare woman is capable to relax and enjoy. And who needs it when we precisely know how to make the world it is better?

Today we will talk about what to do if the man does not show an initiative. What it is really necessary to do to the girl and how to behave to rejoice not only now, but also in the future. The women seeking to understand somewhat quicker what occurs in their relations think of it very seldom.

Many girls are very much concerned by a question what to do if the man does not show an initiative. Pay attention not "why", namely "what to do". We already understood everything, we know, predicted the future and almost married. We especially do not think what is wanted by the young man and what is guided by, choosing the behavior model.

Girls quickly understand they like the man or not, and are ready to justify their behavior with modesty, indecision, diffidence. We quickly forgive these "shortcomings", even without having made sure that they are available, and then we assure ourselves that he waits for when the initiative will be shown by the woman. After recognition of this fact everything becomes not important, it is necessary to develop own strategy only.

Of course, such behavior can lead to the mass of inconveniences and even nelovkost subsequently. For a start I would advise you to think of whether there is a guy of your attention in principle. You do not hurry. Many suffer from this trouble.

One my acquaintance quite so tries to obtain girls. He begins to play the victim of circumstances, the indecisive modest guy who likes the girl, but he is afraid to approach her. At the woman the maternal instinct instantly works, she wants to help in every possible way the young man who sympathizes with it, it possesses the whole baggage of such lovely complexes.

As a result the girl completely relaxes, agrees to intimate relations quicker, and the guy disappears after that. I do not say that it is your case. I advise before trying to help someone, to find out and whether it is necessary for you? Perhaps, your desire is provoked not by interest in the specific man, but some other motives?

Before passing to drastic measures read the book by Tanya "Be Afraid, I Am with You" Tank, it just about those men whom in general you should not contact. The young man will not get to anywhere, and you will have time to think and to weigh everything. Where to hurry?

A case with the acquaintance which I described above it is rather an exception. The rare man will use weakness and vulnerability for gaining the girl. Let's consider more common causes of similar behavior.

The man can be sure not. Guys in general are inclined to think, weigh and analyze more, than women. They need time to be convinced that the girl really approaches by all criteria. Why to offend someone and to get involved in history doomed to a failure?

It is proved that men have sense of guilt more often, than girls, and therefore they treat each decision more responsibly. Divorced - bad, left - the villain / used naivety / offended. Guys since the childhood are taught that it is not good to offend girls so nothing surprising that they need slightly more time for communication, appointments and other.

Often it is necessary to wait just a little that everything cleared up and the young man made the choice. You do not press on it, and it will not slip out your hands as soap.

If now to try to show persistence, that is probability that the relations will terminate earlier, than will manage to begin, the young man will blame you for acceleration of natural process or just everything will not manage to consider well and will escape.

Well also do not forget that you just could misinterpret its courtesies. If it seems to you that the man is in love with you, but in correspondence he answers in monosyllables, it is possible that in practice he does not show interest in you. Any your manifestations can cause awkwardness in the future.

However, it is not the main danger.

Showing an initiative the girl, first, ruins a machismo in the guy, and, secondly, destroys desire to prove subsequently.

The world of men is not similar to maiden. The young man is forced to prove constantly everything that he is "real". To him anything and ever is given just like that.

If now you take the responsibility for the future, and he reconciles to your desire, then and subsequently it will have no desire to prove. Do you undertake a role of the man, you are capable to cope absolutely, his decisions have no special value, so to what all these rushes? They are enough also in other places, he will begin to show the machismo at work, with colleagues, but not with you.

You will tell when to you marries who and as will do repair in the apartment how to call children and itself you will think up for what reason will divorce as a result.

Learn to enjoy what the man gives you. You do not seek to improve everything and to transform. Rejoice to a present situation and stop thinking of the future. It will give you much more advantages before others. Release a situation. Look as the young man will act that he will undertake to bring your relations to new level. It is convinced, it will be interesting.

I can advise you the book Tit Nat of Khan "How to love consciously". Thanks to it you learn to derive pleasure from each step, to enjoy every minute near it, even presence of the potential partner will cause in you pleasant emotions.

Not only men reach for quiet girls. Though they first of all lack calm in the world of turmoil, a pursuit of happiness and career. They look for rest near darlings, but as seldom it manages to be reached. You are capable to become ideal. At you it will turn out.

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