Why the Chinese children wear these strange panties, the most readable

Published: 1.6.2019
 why the Chinese children wear these strange panties

Undoubtedly, China is very picturesque edge with unusual culture and traditions. We know many interesting facts about this country, but one of the most surprising is the fashion for panties with holes between legs. In Chinese such element of children's clothes call Kaydanka that is translated as trousers with an open step seam.

The Chinese mothers are not afraid to release the child in such panties on the street even in the winter. They do not worry about overcooling, bacteria and infections which can get to the child's organism because of the bared "interesting place". Main advantage & #171; дыр¤вых» trousers an opportunity to celebrate need is where it will want, without soiling clothes. The Chinese children, as a rule, carry such subject of clothes since childhood and to elementary grades of school.

First, residents of China worry about the external environment and take great pain to support ecology. It is known that disposable diapers strongly pollute the nature that taking into account the population of China is a considerable problem.

Secondly, the Chinese mummies minimize use of diapers because they create greenhouse effect and can badly affect health of skin of the kid and a reproductive system.

In the large cities children's panties meet a hole quite seldom, but in villages and small towns such clothes still enjoy popularity.

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