Work, the standard of living, the prices and salary in Cameroon in 2018, new

Published: 13.11.2017
work, the standard of living, the prices and salary in Cameroon in 2018

Cameroon located in the west of the African continent is called by "Africa in a miniature" thanks to geological and cultural diversity. In this country there are beaches and deserts, mountains, savannas and tropical forests. At the population more than 22 million people can be found in Cameroon about 230 different languages and dialects.

For expats unique and surprising experience opens here. Many residents of other countries lodged here and derive pleasure from an exotic way of life, the luxurious environment, reap benefits from promising economy.

In Cameroon works many international companies which chose the country for the sake of cheap labor. But local labor market demands foreign technologies in many areas. Therefore, to try to find work, considering the correct profile, it is possible.

How to issue the visa to Cameroon learn on our website.

Many foreigners in Douala and Yaounde work in the financial sector, in the field of health care, trade and education. In the large cities there are more prospects for development of career. Russians in Cameroon meet too, but not in such quantity as Europeans or Americans.

Considering strengthening of cooperation between Cameroon and the Russian Federation in recent years and expansion of global technological partnership, labor market definitely will interest applicants from Russia. In comparison with other African countries of Cameroon has rather high social and political stability.

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Primary branches of economy include agriculture, forest and oil industry, construction of the railroads and, in general, road construction.

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One of the most popular ways of job search - in Network. The websites Learn4good or Career Jet offer lists of vacancies in the different industries.

Knowledge of English gives the chance to settle the teacher. All given websites are similar and offer a large number of opportunities of work of such experts in Cameroon:

Useful will be to study the table of the international academy TEFL showing salary in Cameroon (and in other countries) at the teacher.

One more way of job search - monitoring of the local press, for example, The African Post in which offers of work in English and French regularly appear.

Foreign citizens need to provide for obtaining the work permit in Embassy of Cameroon to the address of the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare the statement of the corresponding form (it can be received in embassy), the detailed description of the considered vacancy.

And also six copies of the employment contract certified by signatures and date of the employer and employee. These certificates are transferred together with the detailed summary, a set of certificates, the health certificate.

If desired it is possible to get a job the volunteer in one of the foreign organizations working in Cameroon, for example, to the Building of the world. Volunteers work on various projects: agricultural, corporate development, teaching language, health care. They are designed to promote development of national economy and increase in the standard of living of ordinary Cameroonians.

Volunteers receive a monthly extra charge in local currency, sufficient for accommodation at the level of local population.

The grant extends to food, household goods, housing, clothes, transport, utilities, rest and entertainments. And even on contingencies.

In Cameroon the serious shortage of the qualified health workers is observed. Having less than two doctors on each 10 000 people, the system of public health care generally relies upon nurses and midwifes and fights for providing high-quality medical care.

In addition to insufficient completeness public free hospitals are poor in personnel, have no modern conveniences and opportunities to treat many patients. These problems are explained mainly by insufficiency of the budgetary financing. About 56% of GDP of the country are spent for health care.

One of the main problems of public health care is HIV/AIDS (about 5% of adult population are infected).

There were messages about poliomyelitis. There is also high risk of transfer of malaria and yellow fever. There are outbreaks of cholera.

For improvement of quality of medical care in Cameroon the private medical system was introduced. In the country there are now 50 private hospitals which offer much higher level of service and the improved conditions.

To the foreigners living in the country it is strongly recommended to acquire the international medical insurance which will cover expenses on private health care.

In more detail about life in Cameroon learn from video, given below.

Public transport in Cameroon rather reliable. Trains go to the Northern region every day. Bus routes ply between Yaounde, Douala, Bafusam, Bamenda and other large cities of the country. But planes often are late, flights are cancelled, airlines are limited to routes.

Taxi are inexpensive and readily available in the majority of the large cities. Motorcycle transportations are widespread on the whole country. Minivans or "shrubby taxi" cross as the paved ways, and hard-to-reach spots, bringing passengers and their belongings (goats, pigs, bunches of bananas and so on) practically everywhere, except for too remote tiny villages.

Transportation difficult (some routes in plans), takes away a lot of time, especially during a rainy season. As transport infrastructure is limited, all means on wheels, are used fully. Taxi are crowded with people, accomodating up to six and more people, and in buses and trains use of one place for two is habitual.

The choice of the safest and reliable transport from the available options means refusal of the car which awfully is served or operated by irresponsible drivers.

Cameroon in comparison with other African states offers the average prices. Duala, the economic center of the country in which the most part of its trade and industry is concentrated suffers from bad infrastructure, chaotic development and rapid growth of the population (about three million people live).

According to polls, it is considered the most expensive city in Africa.

The actual cost of life will be higher, than expect if to take an economic basket of goods which included the prices in supermarket, the cost of housing, transport, taxes.

The lunch at decent restaurant will be much more expensive, than in some other African cities. The cost of all goods, from bread to gasoline, steadily grows every year. Local dealers, using stay of foreign inhabitants on whom they look as at spendthrifts, raise the prices.

It is the best of all to buy vegetables and fruit in the markets. Most often products arrive directly from a farm. The price is quoted apiece depending on the size on watermelons, cabbage, pineapples, eggplants, green pepper and cucumbers.

Rice or peanut sell cups, something "heap" (for example, tomatoes, potato, garlic or oranges), and here everything depends on its size. In the markets trade only in seasonal products.

12 4291355 cold Medicine ("Koldreks", Fenadol, etc. within 6 days) 1560170 Antibiotics (12 doses) 5288576 Laundry detergent (3 l) 10 61511561 packing of tampons (32 pieces) 2500272 Deodorant (50 ml) 2375259 hair Shampoo 2 in 1 (400 ml) 2700294 Tube tooth pasty897984 a roll toilet bumagi1183129standartnaya a men's hairstyle in the area where live ekspaty1000109

Risk of safety for foreigners at the average level, but high - in the North and the peninsula Bakassi. Here small thefts and crimes of violent character, including the armed robberies, stealings, civil disorders belong. Foreigners should see to it about that cars doors were blocked even during the movement, not to carry with themselves the large sums, not to put on a jewelry.

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Also adequate protection of the house is necessary. Metal lattices for windows, the high-quality lock and the alarm system - good ways to avoid the invasions and burglaries widespread on the whole country.

Robbery and the armed gangsterism - two main problems of Cameroon. Besides, are expensive, close to borders with Nigeria, Chad and the Central African Republic, are subject to the incidents connected with stealings of cars and kidnapping.

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