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Published: 19.6.2018
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The main idea put in books by Robert Kiyosaki is simple - to find financial wellbeing people need to master properly one very important subject which was missed in the school program.

The subject is called "financial literacy" and it develops in us "financial sharpness", i.e. ability to notice around itself(himself) various favorable opportunities and ability "to monetize" them, i.e. to turn them into cash!

Especially for working off in playful way of these skills by Robert Kiyosaki's company "RICH DAD" developed the board training game "Cash Flow / Cash Flow".

This game (and I consider that it is not just a game, and a full-fledged mini-training) lasts only 2 hours.

During this time each participant will manage to test the business skills which are available for him and will draw for himself the corresponding conclusions: Х as far as he is ready to risk, Х whether is able to make quickly investment decisions and to conduct negotiations with other participants of a game, Х whether knows how competently to bargain for good bargains (the real estate, securities, ready business), Х whether it turns out to control in real time at it the cash (financial) flows, Х how effectively it turns out to operate with various financial instruments.

And you are ready to use this opportunity "to pump over" the business muscles? You are ready to make decisions quickly? Or you the fan to think and to carefully weigh all pros and cons?

Then we will meet on September 9!

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Alexander, and how you consider, this game is suitable only for real business or it helps also those who build the business on the Internet, that is is engaged in infobusiness?


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