the Most readable: Khlebnikova marine of an arnoldovn

hlebnikova marine of a arnoldovn

Marina Khlebnikova's biography

The marine was born at parents of the radio physicists working for defense industry. But also mother Irina Vasilyevna and the father Arnold Sergeevichi adored singing under own accompaniment. In the house there was a guitar, a piano and often music sounded.

The girl studied in all objects very well, managed to play sports (in particular, being in the swimming national team of Moscow, achieved big results), to visit at first ballet, and then music school, to participate in amateur performances. By recognition of the actress, she is grateful to the parents, for the fact that they helped it to develop comprehensively.

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the Tea mushroom, at the request of chitaty

tea mushroom

The tea mushroom is not one organism, but the whole set of microorganisms. Usually under this name symbiosis of one of types of barmy fungi with bacteria means. This microorganism in the people known still as "the Japanese mushroom" as it was delivered to Russia by soldiers right after the Russian-Japanese war.

The appearance this organism reminds a jellyfish, it has a smooth surface, but from below it has a set of bacteria which allocate it with useful properties.

The advantage of this microorganism is known for many years. It is caused by contents as a part of a fungus of organic acetic acid, minerals, vitamins, such substances as tannin and kakhetina. This microorganism is a source of gluconew, lemon, dairy, acetic, apple, koyevy acids and also ethanol, vitamins of group B, vitamin C and RR, sugar and caffeine.

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of Video, discussion


Earlier this month the South Korean company LG announced the new 18-inch flexible and transparent OLED display. And the other day the company decided to show the new flexible display in operation.

On the first video it is possible to see a prototype of the TV of LG using the flexible and transparent OLED display below. On video it is accurately visible that the display really transparent.

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not to hold back tears, looking at how this girl these photos lost weight it is worth seeing, at the request of chitaty

not to hold back tears, looking how this girl these photos lost weight it is worth seeing

& #8220; Tolstaya! Tolstaya! & #8221; & #8211; children shouted it. And the family made the difficult decision & #x1f622;

All the life Breanna suffered mockeries. "Lard-arse! Lard-arse!" - peers shouted it. And once her family made up the mind to a desperate step.

Nine-year-old Breanna from California, the USA could never play together with peers outdoor games. She quickly began to wind by running. The girl since the birth had an excess weight. In nine years she weighed nearly 90 kilograms!

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That it kpch, is curious

 that it kpch

We introduced the next improvement in books of our "white" series. To it we were pushed by our regular reader (is not present - the Reader!) Vitaly Yandreev. He reminded us that we do not use own tools of assessment of read at all.

Now you will find on the last page of our books an estimated leaf where you will be able to record the opinion on read in several options. You can use a habitual scale from 1 to 5. You can add the remarks in a verbal form. And still - the main highlight - you can calculate "coefficient of usefulness of reading" (CUR).

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you Give to gifts with pleasure or the financial purposes of Father Frost, a new heading

you give gifts with pleasure or the financial purposes of Father Frost

And once again congratulates all on come 2012! Now, when there is a time of New Year's and Christmas holidays, all of us both receive gifts, and we give them. It is so remarkable & #8211; to give someone joy the gift! Today's article will be devoted to this pleasant subject.

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Dough on vodka, new on the website

dough on vodka

The skilled hostesses who are engaged in pastries have confidential ingredient. That pies and pies turned out amazingly tasty, they add a little vodka to dough.

& #169; DepositPhotos

It is not difficult to make drunk dough for amazingly soft and gentle pies at all. First of all it concerns some yeast dough which loves alcohol more any other.

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Obtaining nationality for the child born in the USA in 2019, the most readable

obtaining nationality for the child born in the USA in 2019

The child himself does not choose what citizen of the country he will become. But parents have such control, and in their hands to define the fate of future kid. Why this question is so important? Only present, maturing in some country, the little citizen gets under its laws that already defines his future.

Well if in it the excellent social insurance giving freedom of movement, the choice of education and places of work works. And if does not carry what then waits for it - prospect to join ranks of illegal workers, or to ask the shelter in the developed countries?

It is known that USA & #8212; one of the few countries who practices jussoli (the right of the earth) for all children who were born in its territory. Even if childbirth happened by the ship in its territorial waters, the newborn automatically becomes the citizen of America (in the people of such children call "anchors").

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Daily walk and its improbable advantage, new heading

daily walk and its improbable advantage

Inactive way of life & #8212; this the worst that we can offer the organism. In this case our body becomes very vulnerable to various diseases connected with insufficient activity. An alternative is daily walk.

And, of course, when brings health, it becomes impossible to enjoy life fully. It has to set you thinking: if you want to increase quality of the life in the future, then it is possible to make it, but it is necessary to begin already now.

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Why the Chinese children wear these strange panties, the most readable

 why the Chinese children wear these strange panties

Undoubtedly, China is very picturesque edge with unusual culture and traditions. We know many interesting facts about this country, but one of the most surprising is the fashion for panties with holes between legs. In Chinese such element of children's clothes call Kaydanka that is translated as trousers with an open step seam.

The Chinese mothers are not afraid to release the child in such panties on the street even in the winter. They do not worry about overcooling, bacteria and infections which can get to the child's organism because of the bared "interesting place". Main advantage & #171; дыр¤вых» trousers an opportunity to celebrate need is where it will want, without soiling clothes. The Chinese children, as a rule, carry such subject of clothes since childhood and to elementary grades of school.

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