Secrets: cook the crackling pickles for the winter according to the best recipes

cook the crackling pickles for the winter according to the best recipes

Any traditional Russian table does not do without the well-known salty cucumbers in banks. This tremendous dish is perfectly combined with other products in salads or acts as independent snack. It is difficult to overestimate uniqueness and universality of pickles.

There is a set of recipes which assume different technologies of preparation or composition of ingredients. For a start we will in detail tell you about the easiest traditional way.

This recipe of the cucumbers salted for the winter gained unprecedented popularity thanks to what helps cucumbers to gain the properties similar to the Bulgarian cucumbers. Such snack leaves crackling and strong.

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Is curious: how to keep and increase family values

 how to keep and increase family values

What means the word "family" for our average contemporary? Agree, first of all comes to mind that it is married couple with the child (more rare - several children). Means, in our consciousness the next image lies: a family is started in order that children were born.

Children appear from the man and the woman. Therefore, in family there have to be a father and mother. Whether so it in practice? Alas, not always. What to say that not only parents and children, generally, enter into family.

Not so long ago the concept "family" joined much more "characters". In pre-revolutionary Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the present CIS in one house (or in one farmstead) there lived several generations at once: grandmothers with grandfathers, their children with the wives and husbands, grandsons, and it is frequent also great-grandsons.

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From our readers: we learn to distinguish false types from the presents

edible and inedible fungi: we learn to distinguish false types from the presents

According to opinion of many authoritative mycologists and paleobotanists, there are today about 60 thousand kinds of mushrooms from which not all it is possible to see with the naked eye. A number of representatives of this kingdom contains extremely dangerous poisons which microscopic doses are capable to lead to the hardest intoxication and even by a lethal outcome. How to distinguish edible fungi from inedible? About it the speech will also go further.

Any person who decided to join ranks of fans of "silent hunting" first of all should learn how to distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible. Some dangerous copies are capable to mask under the mushrooms suitable in food for the person. At the same time they may contain a poison dose which kills the adult in few hours. The beginners taking the first steps assembled of mushrooms should adopt these several simple rules:

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of Ornament from rose quartz, from our readers

 jewelry of rose quartz

The rare woman remains indifferent to gemstones. Besides, the love to jewelry at her wakes up in the early childhood when family jewelry are secretly taken from a mother's casket, and in the same way, in a deep secret, are tried on and combined with dresses. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires Е

They will be not in each family, and here products from rose quartz - frequent guests of users of the middle class because this stone belongs to the category semiprecious though it does not affect its external data, medical in any way, and even magic properties.

Rose quartz happens three versions:

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Festive meat in mint marinade, new

festive meat in mint marinade

The recipe of preparation rather simple, but as a result meat turns out very fragrant and tasty. It can perfectly be given as snack on a holiday table. Try also you!

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Microbes friends, the reactor of immunity and doctors of the future how to fight against sterility epidemic, discussion

microbes friends, the reactor of immunity and doctors of the future how to fight against sterility epidemic

It is considered that work of immunity is broken because of allergens, infections and toxic pollutants which provoke autoimmune diseases. The author of the book "Sterility Epidemic" Moises Velasquez-Manoff claims that there is simpler model of emergence of violations of immunity. In other words, it is sterility of external and internal environment. It is below - 8 thoughts on this subject.

Microbes which bring us the greatest benefit arrive from biologically active soil and from animals. Modern houses are almost completely deprived of these "useful" microbes. It is known that the nature does not take out emptiness. And though we think that we managed to create zones, free from microbes, some facts indicate that the modern dwelling is actively cultivated by the microbes causing in us diseases.

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Is updated: remember 20 signs that served you incorrectly made coffee

remember 20 signs that served you incorrectly made coffee

The taste of any coffee depends on a set of factors: from a grade of beans, a way of their processing and degree of roast, the recipe of preparation of drink and even mood the barista. All this behind the scenes is not shown us: the ordinary consumer can order and hope for good coincidence of all conditions only. But if something went wrong, it can be seen easily by result which you received in a coffee cup.

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Updating: trade at the broker of binary options an Olympus a trade

trade at the broker of binary options a Olympus a trade

Olympe Trade - one of the best brokers of binary options as Russia. The provided services are at the highest level that provides loyalty of a great number of clients from the different countries.

Olympe Trade is recommended for use by clients from Russia. Following the instruction you in several minutes will undergo necessary registration and will be able to start the auction.

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From our users: important books in Mikhail Ivanov's life

important books in Mikhail Ivanov's life

Today our traditional three questions will be answered by Mikhail Ivanov, the person who as obliges read more useful books, than most of heroes of a heading.

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Popular : operation manual of aviasales

operation manual of aviasales

There is a calendar of the prices in the chosen direction:

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