Secrets: a parting word to the son abated for the son

parting word to the son abated for the son

Parting word to the son. Competition of Articles No. 70

Oh! A small parcel, Are open glazakto it? My son? Who told it?

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Discussion: look at year of life of a sheep-dog in 40 seconds as the look of the maturing pet changes

look at year of life of a sheep-dog in 40 seconds as the look of the maturing pet changes

Having taken home a puppy of a German shepherd, owners wanted to create something like a video album puppyish lives. Our favourites much quicker, than people mature, and that there is a wish to leave memory! What can be finer, than small shchenochek which scaredly looks around, being afraid to leave cozy & #171; mother's гнездо» and to take the place in adulthood of an adult dog responsible for protection of the house and its inhabitants. So, on video the German shepherd at the different moments of the life within the first year is photographed. Look, even tears flow.

You only look at how the look at this dog changes over time! The puppy looks at the owner with misunderstanding and some fear & #8212; it is quite explainable, it has no confidence in own forces yet and it is entirely forced to trust in the person. And already the one-year-old sheep-dog looks terribly and surely as the real defender!

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Novelty: why in 1987 on exercises the ship which successfully hit the target was lost

the tragedy & 171 was lost; муссона&187;: why in 1987 on exercises the ship which successfully hit the target was lost

Death of the warship is always the tragedy. It is especially unpleasant when it occurs not during fighting, and on exercises. Such sad story happened to the small rocket Monsoon ship in 1987.

In the late eighties the small rocket ships of the Soviet Union were terrible weapon, "katyushas" on water, capable to cause a serious loss to the potential opponent. Not accidentally on classifications of NATO, these vessels passed under the code designation "Gadfly". Really, "sting" of their rockets was deadly. But, unfortunately, even with these, the being considered reliable ships, sometimes, unpleasant incidents occurred.

History of "Monsoon" long time was secret not to cast a shadow on the Navy of the USSR and only relatively recently all details of that tragedy became known to the public. The small rocket ship constructed in 1975 intended for the large surface purposes and land objects. 6 cruise missiles of the Malachite P-120 complex were its main weapon, and the regular crew of the fighting vessel made 60 people. For five years "Monsoon" regularly served on the Pacific fleet, about fatal day on April 16, 1987 when it left on another exercises in the Sea of Japan.

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How to increase the quality of life new on the website

 how to increase quality of life

As you answer the question greeting "How Are You Doing?"

"Life - is fine and surprising!" - so I answered the other day the old acquaintance.

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Structure of grain, property, amusing

what contains in buckwheat: structure of grain, property

Buckwheat cereal is considered one of the most useful in a diet of the person, it is famous as one of the main traditional courses of the Russian and Slavic cuisine. Porridge is absolutely simple in preparation, has pleasant taste and is saturated with various nutrients, especially there is a lot of vitamins in its structure.

Buckwheat is subdivided into several types: unground buckwheat, passed, Smolensk (strongly crushed) which differ on integrity of a kernel.

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Popular : how to ask increases for the chief

salary increase: how to ask increases for the chief

Salary increase - dreams of it the vast majority of workers, even those whose income level allows to satisfy rather quietly the main (and not only) requirements. However there are people who are not really happy with payment of own work. For many of them growth of the salary not a whim, but vital need. How it is correct to ask the immediate superior about an increase? What to tell him and how to achieve desirable result from the employer?

There are also other questions which you have to answer yourself before coming to a serious conversation with the chief. First, whether you are worthy that you to you changed salary upward? One business desire. But there is a reality concerning your relation to work, a contribution to the common cause of the organization, growth of qualification, creative approach, responsibility and many other. Secondly, if recently you had collectings and remarks, then, maybe, it is worth looking more objectively at a problem and to direct forces to its decision, and salary increase let so far will wait?

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Novelty: the island of Taiwan of a sight with a photo

the island of Taiwan of a sight with a photo

Chinese are called by the most hardworking nation in the world. They are able to appreciate the past, to live in the present and to create the improbable future. Planning a trip to China, visit the island of Taiwan of a sight of which will change your view of the world, will fill with inspiration and joy. Let's look what interesting is in this part of China where to walk.

The island has the area about 36 thousand square kilometers. On this square there live more than 24 million people. At the time of acquaintance to the island there is a wish to see its most interesting places.

Tourists made the secret rating of sights. Make the personal card of walks and enjoy rest.

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Novelty: Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

The main thing in Wroclaw & mdash; these are gnomes.

But at first I will tell you about the slow Odra River on which there is this city, and about twelve islands on which it is located. About the huge market square which is only a little conceding by the size Krakow and on beauty & mdash; Warsaw. About amazing roofs from a red tile, about fountains, parks, surprising sculptures and about the house which grew with an ivy. And about gnomes & mdash; where without them.

Frankly speaking, I do not know any rather big and rather old city which would not keep within this definition. But if usually it is meant as a difference between different districts of this city, then sometimes it is enough to pass hundred meters in Wroclaw to appear in absolutely other atmosphere. It as scrappy blanket. And main rags three: modern Wroclaw, old Wroclaw and park Wroclaw.

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whether Is necessary it and where to buy it in 2019, secrets

the health insurance to Montenegro: whether it is necessary and where to buy it in 2019

The health insurance to Montenegro and also other types of insurance are not obligatory. If you were going to visit this wonderful country with delightful landscapes, known under other name - Montenegro, it is possible to find inexpensive options of rest and to save on a trip.

On what it is not necessary to save, so it on purchase of the insurance policy. It is required or not, it is unknown, nevertheless, having acquired it, you do right thing as you will ensure protection against unforeseen circumstances which can lead to unreasonable expenses.

For entry into Montenegro the visa is necessary.

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Amusing: psychology of the relations

as it is correct to communicate with men: psychology of the relations

Hello, dear readers of my blog. Men and women so different. We live in the world of emotions while a strong half of mankind is given rise for the solution of the purposes, performance of tasks. These subconscious aspirations help to cope with the main functions - to create the harmonious union and to provide family to all necessary, but as difficult sometimes happens to understand each other.

On a question as it is correct to communicate with men, the psychology gives the answers. We will also talk today about them. Perhaps, it will a little facilitate to you life and will adjust harmony in the relations. You learn how to speak with guys on the Internet and real life.

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