the Share of Apple in the market of tablets significantly decreased, popular

the share of Apple in the market of tablets significantly decreased

Until recently it seemed that Apple will continue to dominate in the market of tablet computers eternally. Then there were any Xoom, Xyboard, Transformer и… filled up a collection of devices whose destiny was in collecting dust on shelves of shops. But today tablet PCs on the basis of the Android operating system show continuous growth both in quantitative, and in qualitative aspects, and Apple begins to hand over positions. For the first quarter 2013 & #171; таблетки» on the basis of the most popular operating system already managed to eat off a considerable piece from the iPad market.

The analytical agency IDC prepared the fresh report on how the situation in the market of tablets at the moment looks: who ahead, who catches up, and who still remains in outsiders.

At first it should be noted that deliveries of tablets on a global scale grew by impressive 142 percent, in comparison with the first half of 2012. And if you still had doubts in the relation of whether the share of personal computers or not, then here to you and the answer decreases.

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by the Step-by-step instuktion, it is updated

how to adjust Facebook under itself: step-by-step instuktion

Hello, dear readers! Missed?

It is healthy because today we will talk about Facebook & #8212; the biggest social network in the world which is intended not only for communication, but also for earnings of money. Are surprised? So read!

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Planning of the budget by method of six envelopes, the most interesting

planning of the budget by method of six envelopes

As you think in what case it is more important to plan the budget: at high income, average or low? Professionals of the financial sphere are convinced that competent distribution of the budget is necessary anyway. Try, and you are surprised that you will be able not only to buy all necessary, but also to save up money for large purchases, without refusing to itself entertainments and pleasures.

There are several ways of planning of the budget, a method of "six envelopes" one of them. The main principle is that you unite in one sum all income in a month from the main and additional sources (salary, an award, prizes, the fees and t.p), and then you distribute it on six envelopes, real or conditional. As you can see, already this step will not allow you to spend money from additional sources as it often happens.

It is more convenient to display on "envelopes" by means of the special categories in the budget corresponding to expenses from each envelope:

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New on the website: boeing will start the first space taxi microsec not earlier than the middle of 2018

Boeing will start the first space taxi microsec not earlier than the middle of 2018

The space company Boeing had to begin by 2017 fruitfully to work with NASA, to take astronauts into an orbit of the ISS and to help the American space agency to refuse services of the Russian rockets & #171; —оюз» but now it became clear that Boeing have some unresolved problems in production of components, necessary for flight, therefore flights of the piloted transport CS-100 Starliner capsule are postponed at least until the middle of 2018.

The Aviation Week edition reports that the Boeing company had to refuse one of basic elements of the capsule. The reason is simple & #8212; design defects. The manager of the Starliner program John Mulholland reported that his team already found a way out of a difficult situation. The solution of problems with some parts of future spacecraft is already available, but, according to him to deal with all problems, experts needed slightly more time, than it was expected.

As a result of a hitch the first start was postponed from December, 2017 for June, 2018. Earlier in Boeing reported that the new capsule will begin to fly to space in the winter of 2018.

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New heading: what is the choice

 what is the choice

I will try to inform of one more already not so new idea even more clear language. I will offer evident practicians.

We quietly accept realities which surely seem inevitable. Nobody worries that it is necessary to breathe and go on the firm earth. We for this purpose need no humility. In this sense the act of humility is the termination of vain resistance inevitable. And here, as in the known prayer, it is required to distinguish only on what we really have an opportunity to influence and that it is simpler to leave alone and not to worry. I will try to display this difficult aspect further from several parties.

In last article I already tried to tell about that, how, in general, our mind dissatisfied with the events is strange arranged. We trust in force of the will and we torment ourselves with conscience for so-called wrong decisions. The belief in the will does not allow to notice that inevitability which makes manifestation of will impossible. We rather easily consider external physical impossibility something, for example, passings through the rock. And here impossibility internal, mental - we do not notice because are convinced as if everything rests against the personal choice and force of the will.

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Popular : your council is necessary

your council is necessary

In a predveriya of a remarkable men's holiday - on February 23 - decided to give you on the mountain the mass of materials!

First, for those who wanted long ago, but could not afford it. Now about money on only 300 - PRESS all HERE and take away while there a watch ticks.

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, discussion

Yury Drogan, the CEO in told us about Agile marketing at the Russian forum of marketing 2017.

In what cases the Agile method will approach:

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That the impulsive person and as to treat it, a novelty means

 that the impulsive person and as to treat it means

I welcome you, my dear readers! Whether you sometime met such people who very quickly change the opinion, easily pass for joy to anger, and their smile instantly is replaced by a grin? What does the impulsive person mean in what its strong and weaknesses and as it is the best of all to come into contact with such person? Today I will answer all these questions and I will prompt as to you to be if you suffer from the impulsiveness.

Most often if speak to you "he is an impulsive person", then you already initially will be treats it with a subtle shade of a negative. Why does that happen?

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Interesting : three main mistakes by search of an alternative to deposits

three main mistakes by search of an alternative to deposits

Falling of rates on bank deposits forces us to look for acceptable options, than their can be replaced.

At the same time several typical mistakes against which commission by this article I want to warn you are often made.

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Councils to parents, the most interesting

how to disaccustom the child to fast food: advice to parents

In modern society there will hardly be a person who would not hear about harm of fast food, especially on the child's organism which was not in time to be created completely. Stomatologists and gastroenterologists sound the alarm: decayed teeth and gastritis stopped being a rarity even at preschool children of 3-4 years! Among seniors very few people are not familiar with the procedure of gastroscopy, and with skill to argue about anesthesia of teeth before their removal at all it is considered sign of wisdom and life experience.

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