the Best assistant in education, life hack

the best assistant in education

Many consider that the main thing in education of the child & #8212; severity, only with its help it is possible to achieve success. They are mistaken. By means of severity and punishments it is possible to achieve obedience, but the child who is so brought up will constantly feel fear and diffidence.

For some reason in many families consider that & #171; obedient ребенок» & #8212; it is what it is necessary to aspire to.

But quite often the obedient child has a low self-assessment, and he feels unfortunate. At such education around it walls are kind of put up, and he feels isolated.

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Weather on months in Spain, from our readers

weather on months in Spain

Solar Spain - one of the most interesting and bright countries of Europe. Every year here the great number of tourists gathers to luxuriate on snow-white beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, to try the ham, most tasty in the world, to begin to spin in a tuft of a passionate flamenco or to tickle nerves in the bullfight stands.

Rest in Spain will please with the variety. It is the country of striking with the beauty, the cities, most interesting museums, ancient monuments and fascinating landscapes. And still it is the largest world center of fashion and shopping. Here regularly there take place displays of the most eminent designers, and for convenience of buyers in all large cities are even created special shopping village.

To decide on the place, suitable for rest, and time, we will consider weather of Spain on months of each of seasons.

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From our users: responsibility of airline for a flight delay

compensation for a delay of a plane flight: responsibility of airline for a flight delay

Air flights, especially at the travelers who are engaged in the organization of rest independently often are components of one travel. That is to save or see several cities and even the countries for one travel, many like to combine flights.

For example, wanted to have a rest on the Canary Islands, where to be the island of Tenerife you already have to know if you read article of the same name on the website AVIAMANIA or from geography lessons. From St. Petersburg it is possible to reach cheap by the Spanish airline vueling or iberia Barcelona - the beautiful Spanish city with a huge number of places, worthy for visit, to stay for a while in Barcelona day another, and further from there internal Spanish airlines of Air Europa to go to be heated under the sun of Tenerife.

And now let's present that in what - that the moment everything went not as you expected and the planned flight is delayed. If you the skilled traveler, then first, you do not select flights with small joining, and will choose, say, day or two between air flights, it will help not to ruin all plans for rest and to enjoy the visited place not hurriedly. Secondly, you will not panic and will act judiciously and with skill. From where to undertake judiciousness in such situation and how to understand necessary steps if the airline brought you, we also will tell in this article.

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the Most interesting: production of sandals at home or how to make sandals with own hands

production of sandals at home or how to make sandals with own hands

Only there comes the spring, and people already think of summer. They begin to buy sunglasses, swimwears, sundresses, sun-protection creams. Naturally, concerns also footwear for summer. Everyone faces a problem of acquisition of summer footwear.

This rather difficult business, but some look for certain firms, models, color scale, it is necessary for others that the price answered quality, and someone has a certain sum of money and looks for under it footwear. As a result not always leaves to find practical and convenient couple for itself. But absolutely bothered to wear sandals, as at girlfriends. And on exclusive and design there is no money.

Therefore use an opportunity to make sandals with own hand. It is optional to be the shoemaker as any girl will be able to build sandals. If there is a good sole, then it is possible to create the real masterpiece with use of ribbons, skin, fabrics, crochet and an other decor: stones, rhinestones, sequins.

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New heading: samoylenko Alexander

 samoylenko Alexander

Alexander was born and grew up in family of intellectuals. His father was a professor the hydrobiologist, and mother the school teacher. Sasha did not show much interest in the exact sciences, but studied normally. By nature artistic boy above all liked to watch film and to appear on stage. For the sake of it he visited drama school and took part in school representations.

Having received the school-leaving certificate, Alexander was going to go to Moscow, to go to the theatrical university that very much was not pleasant to his mother. At the same time the father considered that the son has to be defined in choice of profession. As a result, on family council the decision was made: to release the guy to the capital.

Pronounced actor's abilities and charm helped the young man to appear from the first in the ranks of students of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute from which he safely also graduated in 1988. But on a twist of fate, the next ten years Alexander did not work as the actor. Acted only in two insignificant episodes at cinema. After higher education institution he got a job the administrator in Vakhtangov Theatre where two years worked, corresponding to a post. But then in theater the buffet was closed and then Samoylenko together with the friend and the colleague Maxim Sukhanov decided to save situation. They organized on the place of former buffet Mayak club which performed also function of usual buffet and at the same time was the closed institution for actors of Vakhtangov Theatre and their relatives. After a while friends opened one more buffet in the Central children's theater, and then also Labardans art restaurant. All enterprises of friends work and prosper to this day. Their buffets not only free of charge feed up the needy staff of theaters, but also students of "Pike".

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Minute of attention of 12 rules of a brain and candy for intelligence, from our readers

 minute of attention of 12 rules of a brain and candy for intelligence

Try to increase in mind number 8 388 628 by 2. It turns out? And one young man is capable to multiply such numbers on two 24 time for several seconds. And it is not a limit of abilities of our brain. It is proved.

John Medina is a prominent researcher of work of a brain. His book at once after an exit became the best-seller The New York Times. But - showed the main thing how much we can improve in life when we understand how "our brains work". Therefore we decided to publish it again - it fascinating and useful, nauchpop and a grant on self-development rolled into one.

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About whom really cry at a funeral and whether it is necessary, at the request of chitaty

 about whom really cry at a funeral and whether it is necessary

What means crying on the left person at a funeral? On whom do relatives or friends in fact cry? A question you learn the answer to it today. As usual I ask you to treat this release adequately and without fanaticism.

In many respects everything depends on to what philosophy of life the person adheres: whether he trusts in life after death or considers that we live once. If the person has a philosophy of one life and he considers that after death of a physical body everything comes to an end then everything clearly and does not need to be continued. And if you believe in reincarnation, in existence of soul then another story.

I adhere to the fact that we are spiritual beings (soul) who by the nature are eternal. Physical bodies inevitably die and it is an integral part of life, but not something unexpected. After death of a body of a shower goes further where & #8212; depends on how there lived a person, but it is a subject for another story.

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Childbirth in the USA, from our readers

childbirth in the USA

The USA - "dreamboat" of many citizens of the former Soviet Union. It is considered to be that there is better, more free and richer. People to seek to leave in this country "to look" at least and if there is an opportunity to live there, try to use it immediately.

For very trustful citizens even letters dispatch in network: "You got a unique opportunity to receive the residence permit in the USA and if you pay Е" Trust and pay.

Many women of the former Soviet Union to give birth go specially to the USA, trying to give to the future kid as much as possible chances to make a free choice. The child who was born in this country is automatically granted her citizenship. He can live in the USA, and after majority to summon other relatives.

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of 7 advice which will help to cope with it, a selection

acute and chronic stress: 7 advice which will help to cope with it

Stress & #8212; it is widespread reaction of an organism to a difficult situation. The stress can be caused by a set of various factors therefore it is important to learn to cope with it quickly.

The stress can provoke problems with health and have negative effect on our professional, social and personal duties. To facilitate to you life, in this article we will tell about 7 easy and effective ways which will help to cope with a stress.

It is normal physical and psychological reaction to any pleasant and unpleasant life situations, for example, new work, loss of the loved one, dismissal or a divorce.

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Beaches, the card, sights, is curious

rest with children samostoyatelnootdy to Torremolinos on Costa del salt: beaches, card, sights

Torremolinos is the first city on your way if you follow from Malaga deep into of the coast Costa del Sol. Distance from the city of Malaga - about 13 km, distance from the airport of Malaga and that are less - 8 km.

If you travel independently from Malaga, then it is possible to reach Torremolinos both by bus, and by electric train. Estimated cost of the ticket will be about 1,5 euros for the person. But if you go from the airport, were tired, you have little children and there is no force left on search of buses or the railway station after flight categorically, then it is possible to take a cab directly from the airport. Fare will be no more than 12 euros for a trip. On Costa del Sol it is easy for taxi to identify: they white color, the plate of "Libro" hangs on glass that means "freely", or "Occupado" what, respectively shows that the car is already occupied.

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