About whom really cry at a funeral and whether it is necessary, at the request of chitaty

 about whom really cry at a funeral and whether it is necessary

What means crying on the left person at a funeral? On whom do relatives or friends in fact cry? A question you learn the answer to it today. As usual I ask you to treat this release adequately and without fanaticism.

In many respects everything depends on to what philosophy of life the person adheres: whether he trusts in life after death or considers that we live once. If the person has a philosophy of one life and he considers that after death of a physical body everything comes to an end then everything clearly and does not need to be continued. And if you believe in reincarnation, in existence of soul then another story.

I adhere to the fact that we are spiritual beings (soul) who by the nature are eternal. Physical bodies inevitably die and it is an integral part of life, but not something unexpected. After death of a body of a shower goes further where & #8212; depends on how there lived a person, but it is a subject for another story.

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Childbirth in the USA, from our readers

childbirth in the USA

The USA - "dreamboat" of many citizens of the former Soviet Union. It is considered to be that there is better, more free and richer. People to seek to leave in this country "to look" at least and if there is an opportunity to live there, try to use it immediately.

For very trustful citizens even letters dispatch in network: "You got a unique opportunity to receive the residence permit in the USA and if you pay Е" Trust and pay.

Many women of the former Soviet Union to give birth go specially to the USA, trying to give to the future kid as much as possible chances to make a free choice. The child who was born in this country is automatically granted her citizenship. He can live in the USA, and after majority to summon other relatives.

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of 7 advice which will help to cope with it, a selection

acute and chronic stress: 7 advice which will help to cope with it

Stress & #8212; it is widespread reaction of an organism to a difficult situation. The stress can be caused by a set of various factors therefore it is important to learn to cope with it quickly.

The stress can provoke problems with health and have negative effect on our professional, social and personal duties. To facilitate to you life, in this article we will tell about 7 easy and effective ways which will help to cope with a stress.

It is normal physical and psychological reaction to any pleasant and unpleasant life situations, for example, new work, loss of the loved one, dismissal or a divorce.

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Beaches, the card, sights, is curious

rest with children samostoyatelnootdy to Torremolinos on Costa del salt: beaches, card, sights

Torremolinos is the first city on your way if you follow from Malaga deep into of the coast Costa del Sol. Distance from the city of Malaga - about 13 km, distance from the airport of Malaga and that are less - 8 km.

If you travel independently from Malaga, then it is possible to reach Torremolinos both by bus, and by electric train. Estimated cost of the ticket will be about 1,5 euros for the person. But if you go from the airport, were tired, you have little children and there is no force left on search of buses or the railway station after flight categorically, then it is possible to take a cab directly from the airport. Fare will be no more than 12 euros for a trip. On Costa del Sol it is easy for taxi to identify: they white color, the plate of "Libro" hangs on glass that means "freely", or "Occupado" what, respectively shows that the car is already occupied.

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whether Should trusting the body, updating

Now the idea is very popular that "it is necessary to listen to the body, it knows better". It seems to me that it is very esoteric idea, in the spirit of New age. In its basis representation that there is a certain "wise nature" or "deity" which created us perfect beings, and once you reach the "true essence", to learn to follow its "instructions", and happiness is guaranteed to you.

But any serious religions (but not an esoteric remake), but modern science, say about imperfection of human nature, that without effort and self-checking it is impossible to achieve neither the spiritual, nor material purposes. Undoubtedly, it is important to study, check the body in practice that it is useful for it and that is harmful. It is just necessary to consider that we very often draw conclusions about the health not quite adequately as all are subject to cognitive distortions. And, in my opinion, it is better and more useful to keep closer to what is considered "healthy lifestyle". It is so called not accidentally, scientific observations behind hundreds of thousands of people throughout all their life were required to output the rules suitable most of us for maintaining health.

If to listen to the body, and to trust all its reactions, then it is easy to go into extremes, for example:

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From our readers: chicken in tomatno - creamy sauce

chicken in tomatno - creamy sauce

Ingredients: Chicken & #8212; 1 kg. Tomatoes & #8212; 400 g. Onions & #8212; 150 g. Cream (10%) & #8212; 300 ml. Olive oil for roasting & #8212; 3 tablespoons

Garlic & #8212; 2 cloves. Basil & #8212; 1 bunch (20 g). Preparation: The carcass of chicken or a part of chicken is washed carefully out, we dry and we undress on pieces. Garlic is small chopped with a sharp knife, we cut onions half rings. We husk tomatoes, we cut pulp small into cubes. Quickly to husk tomatoes, it is necessary to make on them a cut cross-wise and to drench with boiled water. The thin skin will depart and will easily be removed. It is also possible to grate tomatoes on a grater. In this case pulp will be crushed, and the thin skin just will remain in a hand. Only in case for any reason use of fresh tomatoes is impossible, it is possible to take the tomatoes preserved in actually juice (without peel.

We warm a frying pan on strong fire, we pour in oil. Instead of olive oil it is possible to use the sunflower refined flavourless oil. We fry chicken on both sides before formation of a crust of golden color.

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Updating: opportunities, help, reception

psychic: opportunities, help, reception

The psychic often has a self-realization opportunity through the usual help to people & #8212; to ordinary people who are not able to cope with the problems. And for what abilities are still necessary if not for this purpose, you tell вы… Also you will be right purely from the human point of view. But believe, a gift of the clairvoyant, medium, psychic (on condition of a real gift) are capable to move apart a framework of all habitual. As in the history, and in geography, economy, and even to policy the help of the people having superabilities is invaluable. On it the separate scheme on cooperation with such people is under construction and there are quite specific goals of a task. All know of participation of psychics in investigations which are very difficult and tangled. On support of inexplicable the whole plans are built, just it is not necessary to shout of them for the whole world and to advertize & #8212; it is related only to a narrow circle of people and first of all it is the science learning possibilities of the person. As for everyday life and infinite offers to help in a difficult situation & #8212; that private services which clairvoyants, magicians and wizards are ready to render for a certain remuneration or is gratuitous. Why services of psychics cost money? Because any work costs money. Why large sums? Because sometimes it serves (at respectable psychics) as a certain filter & #8212; before arriving to reception, the person has to think many times & #8212; as far as it needs the help such. Any person having the gift has to protect the forces and not spend them on the left and to the right. And the people having infinite number of questions & #8212; millions. How one person is capable to help all?! That is why it becomes frequent the price the limiter. And it is necessary to understand it. Another matter & #8212; charlatans who dare to accept just everyone, but placing on the system of receptions. It is a frequent case. It is necessary to be preserved similar. For the rest the extrasensory perception is harmless and can bring a lot of benefit to society as in general, and to everyone personally!

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From our readers: work for mothers is in the decree

work for mothers is in the decree

Hello, dear readers! Work for mothers is in the decree - an interesting subject, especially for young mummies.

Ten-twenty years ago young mother could not think that she can work during the maternity leave because at that time there were no so many technical devices which would facilitate her homework. It for example, dishwashers, washing machines automatic machines, etc.

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How to wear shoes with an open nose on a heel and on a platform sole, life hack

 how to wear shoes with an open nose on a heel and on a platform sole

Evelina Hromchenko, the guru of fashion, is sure that footwear tells about the woman much more, than she can imagine. That female legs looked is delightful, it is important to select models of shoes and sandals correctly.

From fashionable displays shoes with an open nose do not disappear. Stylists are sure that this footwear is smart, it does an image of the woman graceful and distinguished. Some models cannot be carried to one season, for example, shoe boots with an open nose. They can be carried as spring, in the fall, and in the summer.

An open nose - it is elegant and womanly. Such footwear "will recover" the most imperceptible dress. Open shoes will be suitable for a business meeting, a friendly party or a noisy banquet.

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Popular : whether the milkwoman can be sign of pregnancy

Vaginal candidiasis, or the milkwoman is a fungal disease which is suffered more often by women and small children, than men. Cause its mushrooms from a sort Candida which are opportunistic flora of the person and constantly are in a small amount on skin and mucous.

At decrease in the immune status - regardless of the reasons which caused its change - mushrooms are activated and begin to breed actively, suppressing useful flora - bifidum-and lactobacilli.

Signs of the milkwoman are the dense white allocations similar to the turned milk, a white raid, the itch, burning.

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