the List of the best New Year's movies for all family, a selection

the list of the best New Year's movies for all family

New year already close Е It is felt how everything is enveloped around by the atmosphere of magic. Viewing of the best New Year's movies will add a cosiness and festive mood. But what tape to choose to receive the sea of pleasure?

There are movies which the viewer with pleasure watches each New year. They are selected with the kindness and touching and at the same time cause cheerful laughter.

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at the request of chitaty: what is it and what advantages at it

at it serotoninovy diet: what is it and what advantages at it

Many people begin to have insuperable desire to eat something sweet. But the serotoninovy diet is capable to soften similar effects. And today we will tell you about it in more detail.

Serotonin & #8212; it is such neurotransmitter on which our mood and appetite in many respects depends. It is called still & #171; hormone счасть¤». Therefore the depression can turn out to be consequence of low level of serotonin in an organism (or depressions). Still it is the reason for the increased uneasiness in the second half of day.

Most of people if they aimed to lose weight, with firmness keep in the afternoon and do not dare to eat superfluous. But by the evening everything changes: daily duties and fatigue do the part, and means a lot of work for the person not to give in to temptation. Also it is connected as you already, probably, guessed, with falling of level of serotonin.

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of 10 plants which it is possible to grow up without effort houses, interesting

a garden at a window: 10 plants which it is possible to grow up without effort houses

Always dreamed to arrange a garden at a window? If you have no experience in gardening at all, or you were only fond of this interesting hobby, do not worry. You can easily fulfill this dream, there is a lot of beautiful, and at the same time very unpretentious plants.

Of course, not all plants it is easy to grow up and look after them. For example, many of them are not suitable for small spaces. And therefore it is so important to know how it is correct to pick up plants for your garden. Read further!

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at the request of chitaty: how to reach from Moscow and sankt

where there are the Faroe Islands on the world map: how to reach from Moscow and sankt

There are the Faroe Islands (they are 18) in the Atlantic Ocean. Form the archipelago among waters of the Norwegian Sea. The area of the occupied territory - about 1400 It is possible to find them on the world map between Iceland and Scotland.

Faroeses, descendants of the famous Vikings live here. Their number is about 45 000-50 000 inhabitants.

The capital of the Faroe Islands is Torshavn. This main port on the island of Streymoy is located. On a local legend, exactly there is "Center of the universe", and islands are the remains of ancient Atlantis.

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to presented the 100-dollar Xiaomi redmi 3 smartphone, discussion

the 100-dollar Xiaomi redmi 3 smartphone is presented

The Xiaomi company announced Redmi 3 - the updated version of the popular smartphone for reasonable money. Despite the small price tag, the device offers enough interesnost, one of which is completely metal case presented in several color options.

An opportunity to use Redmi 3 more than two days without recharge can become a decisive factor for buyers who appreciate battery life in the smartphone.

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Tasty ice cream, the most readable

tasty ice cream

Favourite summer delicacy, namely ice cream, is what only want: creamy, chocolate, berry, in the crackling wafer cup and on a stick. And what happens if to take a ball of cold ice cream and to lower in the boiling oil? Right! You will receive delicacy which does not have equal. Fried ice cream in oil seems by a gastronomic miracle, but we promise, such unusual ice cream will be able to prepare everyone, and in only a few minutes.

"So Simply!" will tell how to fry ice cream that it turned out tasty and by all means from the first. The ready dessert has special taste, such unexpectedly gentle. Let's start?

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Life hack: how to buy new iphone 10 000 cheaper

 how to buy new iPhone 10 000 cheaper

The Apple smartphones cost much, and become cheaper slowly. And we will take and we will buy iPhone with a decent discount! How? Now I will tell.

You look: here how many relevant leader of Apple & #8212; iPhone X, the basic version on 64 GB & #8212; costs in popular shop DNS:

And here the price of the same iPhone X in the German shop Computeruniverse:

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Symptoms of a sting of a tick at a dog, signs what to do how to get a parasite, new on the website

symptoms of a sting of a tick at a dog, signs what to do how to get a parasite

The sting of a tick does not constitute any danger, but together with his saliva blood of an animal can be infected, infected by parasites. The most frequent disease is the piroplasmosis. Except it the dog can catch encephalitis, borreliosis, erlikhiozy (these diseases meet much less often).

The shown symptoms of a sting of a tick at a dog depend on a disease which carrier was a tick. The exact diagnosis can be made only by means of blood test. The first symptoms of a piroplasmosis can be shown during from 1 to 5 day (the biggest term of 20 days). Signs of a sting of a tick at a dog at infection with encephalitis will become noticeable in 14 days. Some diseases, such as borreliosis (Lyme's disease), can be shown months later.

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New: Maria of Josй Kristern

Moria Josй Kristerna

Maria of Josй Kristern is better known to the international community as the female vampire. To a favourite image she came, without having sold soul to the Devil, and having as much as possible approached him a look.

Maria Kristerna led usual life of the average Mexican. In devout Catholic family it was trained and as it is necessary, given in marriage in 17 years. The husband beat the woman and morally scoffed. But the family firmly insisted that she suffered. The father specified more than once that just like that the man will not raise a hand. Said that she is guilty, and the husband brings up it. Having given birth to four children, Josй Kristerna made the firm decision and left the husband, having captured children. Here also strange metamorphoses with its appearance began.

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New : the countries where it is possible to live for kopeks

 of the country where it is possible to live for kopeks

The most fantastic corners of our planet appear not only Mecca for tourists, but often and cheap places for life. However, the concept "cheap" is very conditional. However in this case it is an equivalent of several $ a day. If such sum is acceptable for you, then several places in Central America and Asia already wait for you.


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