At requests of readers: banana peel and 8 interesting ways of its use

banana peel and 8 interesting ways of its use

Banana peel & #8212; it is much more, than just withdrawal.

Most of people got used to throw out it in a garbage can, but it is the important source of nutrients having numerous advantages.

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New on the website: to reduce the term or payment

how to extinguish a mortgage ahead of schedule: to reduce the term or payment

Layfkhaker counts all options to understand what strategy of repayment of the credit is more favorable.

For calculations we will take a mortgage loan in a size of 1,2 million rubles under 10% per annum for term in 8 years (96 months). Let's assume that monthly you have free 5 thousand rubles which you want to direct to early repayment.

Conceptually these calculations will be suitable also for your situation, but for exact figures it is necessary to conduct calculations independently.

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Novelty: tasty beef salad

tasty beef salad

What New year without "fur coat"? Correctly, any. But, whatever you may say, the juicy taste of a herring and fresh onions is pleasant not to all. My father and the husband never eat a herring under a fur coat. I very long experimented with ingredients and at last found that combination which is adored by my men. And now, as the fan of fish in any kind, with pride I say: this salad is better than "fur coat" many times!

Today "So Simply!" will teach you to cook the real men's beef salad. Salad very tasty and nourishing, and preparation does not take a lot of time. Safely give it on a holiday table!

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Angelina Jolie takes a bath together with children, discussion

Jolie's andzhelina takes a bath together with children

Sonya Morsikova, editor-in-chief of a news feed

Methods of education of star mothers often are exposed to criticism. Mila Kunis condemn for the fact that she allows the three-year-old daughter to drink wine, Charlize Theron - for the fact that it dresses up the son in the girl, and Victoria Beckham - for kisses with the daughter in lips Е To Angelina Jolie, certainly, too is what to surprise adherents of traditional school of education.

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New heading: ways of earnings at home

ways of earnings at home

In the world where life constantly is in full swing, it is difficult to stay afloat if it is necessary for any reasons to stay at home. Because of a number of various reasons, not only financial, but also psychological character, many people try to find to themselves suitable work or to arrange some production, obligatory the condition of which becomes home execution.

Needlework sale will be one of such profitable options. It is not only about widespread options - an embroidery, a macrame, weaving or knitting, but also about the art technologies of manual execution which are quickly developing and gaining popularity: felting, kvilling, decoupage, scrapbooking, batik, patchwork production of decorative floristic pictures or handmade soaps. The issue of sale of such goods is resolved by distribution through shops or social pages and bulletin boards on the Internet.

Also work at home can provide such type of activity as collecting and implementation of joint purchases of children's things, clothes and books in other countries through online stores. As purchase of any goods in the territory of other country and also their subsequent delivery this troublesome and if the order individual also expensive, then joint purchases are a great option of economy and earnings.

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the Most readable: sometimes important to do nothing

sometimes important to do nothing

Non-performance of the wrong things is so important for achievement of success, as well as performance of correct. Nikolay Romanov, the author of a pozny method, tells about when it is better "to do nothing":

"do nothing a concept" it was entered by me on collecting which I carried out in June, 1996 in the American camp on development of a junior thriathlon in Geynsvilla, Florida.

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2017 for a wedding favorable or not, at the request of chitaty

2017 for a wedding favorable or not

Annually thousands of couples, in our country, are officially married and as to replace 2016 the 2017th comes, respectively for many young people, only planning will get married in the coming year, it is very important to know: what will be 2017 for a wedding & #8212; favorable or not?

As 2017 will succeed 2016 - leap, according to many superstitious people, for a wedding it will be not absolutely favorable. However most of astrologers of the present deny such position, claiming that it - only one of many own mistakes which are thought up by people for justification.

In the people the year going after leap is designated widow year (t.e not really favorable). For this reason, many young couples postpone date of a wedding not to draw a trouble upon the union. However statistics of the previous years says that it is inexpedient to be afraid of such names. For example, 2014 it was announced year of widowers, but no special increase in mortality was recorded, so there are no prerequisites in order that a wedding 2017 & #8212; it was postponed. Unfortunately, often the lack of necessary education and education of some families and diffidence, are where big dangers to family life, than the astrological date chosen for a wedding.

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Selection: correct strategy pamm investments

correct strategy pamm investments

We will present a situation when two investors at the same time began to work with PAMM-accounts. The starting capital at both identical, qualification of the elected managing directors is also comparable. But following the results of a year one gained income in 150%, and another in 100. The difference in 50% is very essential - from where it could arise if initial conditions were absolutely identical?

The secret of the raised profit consists in the competent strategy of investment into account PAMM. It is a little simple to entrust means to managing directors, it is necessary to watch closely their work and to manage actively the capital. But before passing to investment, it is necessary to understand thoroughly as PAMM the account works.

We will consider some rules of investment. It is no secret that any trader does not trade absolutely steadily. There are periods of rise and the periods of recession - so-called sags. The schedule of profitability in this case comes to smoothly ascending sinusoid.

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New : life arose in sea water, and health

life arose in sea water, and health

Since ancient times practically all people had legends of "live" and "dead" water, having the improbable curing properties. Today we know that the speech went to them, of course, about water from unique mineral sources.

In the territory of Stavropol and Krasnodar Krai most various mineral "arteries" of Russia, capable to restore health at the most different illnesses are concentrated, perhaps. The main thing - to accept water by rules and to observe all recommendations of the sanatorium doctor.

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You fast or clever here question in what, interesting

 in what you fast or clever here question in what

The main idea put in books by Robert Kiyosaki is simple - to find financial wellbeing people need to master properly one very important subject which was missed in the school program.

The subject is called "financial literacy" and it develops in us "financial sharpness", i.e. ability to notice around itself(himself) various favorable opportunities and ability "to monetize" them, i.e. to turn them into cash!

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