what you will hear, secrets

 what you will hear

Many of us have big dreams, desires and what we intimate think of, storing it only in the soul. Someone is even afraid to tell aloud about what he really wants as he thinks that his dream is too unreal. But you should not forget that it is very simple to receive the desirable. You are creators of the happiness! Thoughts are material, and it is proved on personal experience of many people for a long time. If you are ready negatively all day and your thoughts are negative & #8212; so it will also be.

And if on the contrary & #8212; that receive in reply only a positive and positive result. It is necessary to trust or be afraid of the desires at all! Alexander Gorodnitsky on video very in detail and clear explains why the thought is material. This man & #8212; the famous scientist-oceanologist and the bard who wants to force us to believe in himself and in the dream. These verses are filled with important advice and the address to all people. You precisely have to hear it. Well, changed the relation to the words and thoughts?

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will seem to you that this guy conducts on a lead of 5 sheep-dogs, but look narrowly as it is possible, secrets

 to you will seem that this guy conducts on a lead of 5 sheep-dogs, but look narrowly as it is possible

Someone to gain talent meets extremely seldom. It is rather a gift. Very few people are capable to inspire in someone trust. Most often such talent meets at trainers who treat animals on "you". But this guy has not easy a talent. Amazingly Е his name is Avgusto, to him is 23 years old and he is the most real leader of pack. He lives in the USA, but grew up on a farm in Brazil. In Brazil he found in himself a gift to training and communication with animals.

Evil, enormous, furious dogs became kind, obedient puppies under its influence. How does it do it? & #8230; The Hobby of the trainer turned into business of life. On this video he walks with 5 beautiful sheep-dogs. It seems that the guy holds them on a lead. But only it seems to you. Dogs go nearby and quietly follow the owner. Pay attention as one movement he forced huge sheep-dogs to lie quietly. You will be struck by this video!

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Selection: what to do to parents

the newborn sleeps badly: what to do to parents

Scientists still argue on purpose of a dream in human life. The lack of a dream affects not only physical health, but also desire to communicate, have a good time, to lead full life. The world around does not please, we become irritable and more rough. Loss of several hours of a dream will slow down reactions of the person to 40 and more percent at night. And we tell it about adults. And if the baby sleeps badly? As far as does it affect his health?

A dream - not only basic need, but also a health indicator for kids.

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At requests of readers: cold at the child

cold at the child

(Part second)

I welcome all. With you Oksana Manoylo. In last part, we spoke about opportunities of power of maternal love. Today we will sort on the example of cold at the child and high temperature. What needs to be done and why we were given this situation from above? We already remember from the first part that just like that nothing happens in our life.

Part one "The power of maternal love for the aid to the sick child" is recommended to прочтению> & gt; & gt;

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Popular : website, contextual advertizing, visitors and profit

website, contextual advertizing, visitors and profit

Any commercial or product company does not do without own website today. Departments of education oblige even schools to open the websites. And individuals place new web resources, in particular, for earnings. In general the Internet for quite some time now is actively used for expansion and development of business in the small, medium-sized and large companies. But also the active young people not alien of modern Internet technologies, often create own websites favourably to sell on it the spaces or to place references for a payment. Some post online the website especially for advance of own services, for example, in the CEO of optimization, web-design, programming or writing of texts for filling or advance of the websites. But anyway advertizing on the Internet which, as we know, happens several types will be required.

The most known and popular type of advertizing on the Internet are several versions banner. The bright animated teasers can decorate any page and make it alive. The same concerns also static and dynamic banners. However abuse of quantity of such graphic elements complicates perception of the page in general and can push away the visitor.

Another matter - contextual advertizing in Yandex or Google is perfect. It represents the small text blocks which are harmoniously placed on the page of any thematic website and thematically completely corresponding to contents of the page. So, these announcements are perceived as an organic part of the page and do not irritate the visitor who visited the website. And if besides the announcement is made correctly and invitingly, then the probability that the visitor of the website will follow the link which is contained in the announcement is quite high.

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New on the website: Garmash Sergey Leonidovich

 garmash Sergey Leonidovich

Garmash Sergey Leonidovich famous has the Russian citizenship, but as for nationality, in the family of the actor on the maternal line there were Poles, and the surname Garmash comes from the Ukrainian name of gunners among the Zaporizhia Cossacks.

The boy's father Leonid Trofimovich carried out the most part of life at the wheel, and mother, the native of the small West Ukrainian small village, worked as the dispatcher at bus station. Two boys - Sergey and his younger brother Roman grew in family. Parents got acquainted in amateur Kherson theater, perhaps, this fact further and had an impact on the fate of their eldest son. In the childhood future actor was the famous squabbler and the hooligan. For bad behavior Seryozha several times was even expelled from school. The boy dreamed of long voyages, played sailing and planned to come to seaworthy school. About acting career the school student did not even think, documents to theatrical school were filed by his mother as there were a few entrance examinations.

Sergey Garmash passed entrance examinations surprisingly easily. The young man was enlisted in the Dnipropetrovsk theatrical school where gained the diploma of the actor of puppet theater. After the termination of higher education institution the young actor acted in the hometown and quite often left with small statements in rural and collective-farm recreation centers. Two years later Garmash called up for military service, and during service in construction battalion of soldiers learned much to things, useful to himself: the actor considers also today that a lot of things to do ability by own hands can be always useful in life. After demobilization Sergey Garmash decided to continue the actor's education in the capital. First, having given documents to three theatrical higher education institutions, the guy nevertheless stopped on theater studio at the Moscow Art Theatre. As an entrance examination Garmash read the degree project according to the scenic speech - a fragment from the novel by Dostoyevsky for the whole twenty minutes. Already that none of the commission interrupted it Sergey understood & #8212; it was enlisted.

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Discussion: an introspektion in psychology

introspektion in psychology

Hello, dear readers! Many positive phenomena to the ordinary person can seem not absolutely correct. For example, inclined to introspection some blame the person. The benefit, on the Internet all information is available now and if you show a little inquisitiveness, then it helps to understand itself and to understand not only that it is "good" and "bad", but also it "is useful" you arrive or not. You should not pay attention to others subjective opinion.

Introspektion in psychology is and there is an introspection, very effective method which is applied in modern treatment of a set of frustration so if you are inclined to observation of yourself, you try to understand the feelings, emotions and motives, then it is very healthy.

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Four steps undertaken by the genius, secrets

the general theory of relativity of Einstein: four steps undertaken by the genius

The revolutionary physicist used the imagination, but not difficult mathematics to think up the most known and elegant equation. The general theory of relativity of Einstein is known that it predicts the strange, but true phenomena, like delay of aging of astronauts in space in comparison with people on Earth and changes of forms of firm objects at high speeds.

But the fact that if you take the copy of original article of Einstein about relativity of 1905, it will be quite simple to be sorted is interesting. The text is simple and clear, and generally algebraic - them any senior will be able to sort the equations.

All because the difficult mathematics was never Einstein's fad. He liked to think figuratively, to make experiments in the imagination and to comprehend them until the physical ideas and the principles do not become visible is crystal clearly.

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New : a diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

Pancreatitis in medicine call inflammation of a pancreas. It can proceed in two forms: sharp and chronic. Without the corresponding treatment comes to an end with complications and there is even a probability of a lethal outcome.

The main sign - the most severe belly-ache which can give to a podreberye and have the surrounding character. At the same time it is not stopped by analgetics and spazmolitika. Nausea, vomiting, violations of a chair, weakness and dizziness is noted.

At a chronic form of a disease the main symptoms are the same pains. They are localized "in the pit of the stomach", give to a podreberye and a back.

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the Foreign countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa which do not have an outlet to the sea, amusing

the foreign countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa which do not have an outlet to the sea

Now in the world there are 44 countries which have no own outlet to the sea or to the ocean. Such countries usually border on other states. In Africa of the countries without outlet to the sea & #8212; 16. In the European part of the world & #8212; 14. Among the countries of Asia of own sea coast have no 12 states, and in the territory of South America & #8212; 2 countries.

Also in the world there are two countries which not only have no own sea coast, but also their closest neighbors do not possess an outlet to the sea. This dwarfish state of Liechtenstein, and country of Uzbekistan.

States enclaves & #8212; those that completely on all border adjoin to some one state have also no outlet to the sea or to the ocean. This San Marino which is surrounded with Italy. Vatican & #8212; residence of the Pope. In South America there is a state enclave under the name Lesotho.

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