Discussion: an introspektion in psychology

introspektion in psychology

Hello, dear readers! Many positive phenomena to the ordinary person can seem not absolutely correct. For example, inclined to introspection some blame the person. The benefit, on the Internet all information is available now and if you show a little inquisitiveness, then it helps to understand itself and to understand not only that it is "good" and "bad", but also it "is useful" you arrive or not. You should not pay attention to others subjective opinion.

Introspektion in psychology is and there is an introspection, very effective method which is applied in modern treatment of a set of frustration so if you are inclined to observation of yourself, you try to understand the feelings, emotions and motives, then it is very healthy.

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Four steps undertaken by the genius, secrets

the general theory of relativity of Einstein: four steps undertaken by the genius

The revolutionary physicist used the imagination, but not difficult mathematics to think up the most known and elegant equation. The general theory of relativity of Einstein is known that it predicts the strange, but true phenomena, like delay of aging of astronauts in space in comparison with people on Earth and changes of forms of firm objects at high speeds.

But the fact that if you take the copy of original article of Einstein about relativity of 1905, it will be quite simple to be sorted is interesting. The text is simple and clear, and generally algebraic - them any senior will be able to sort the equations.

All because the difficult mathematics was never Einstein's fad. He liked to think figuratively, to make experiments in the imagination and to comprehend them until the physical ideas and the principles do not become visible is crystal clearly.

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New : a diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

Pancreatitis in medicine call inflammation of a pancreas. It can proceed in two forms: sharp and chronic. Without the corresponding treatment comes to an end with complications and there is even a probability of a lethal outcome.

The main sign - the most severe belly-ache which can give to a podreberye and have the surrounding character. At the same time it is not stopped by analgetics and spazmolitika. Nausea, vomiting, violations of a chair, weakness and dizziness is noted.

At a chronic form of a disease the main symptoms are the same pains. They are localized "in the pit of the stomach", give to a podreberye and a back.

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the Foreign countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa which do not have an outlet to the sea, amusing

the foreign countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa which do not have an outlet to the sea

Now in the world there are 44 countries which have no own outlet to the sea or to the ocean. Such countries usually border on other states. In Africa of the countries without outlet to the sea & #8212; 16. In the European part of the world & #8212; 14. Among the countries of Asia of own sea coast have no 12 states, and in the territory of South America & #8212; 2 countries.

Also in the world there are two countries which not only have no own sea coast, but also their closest neighbors do not possess an outlet to the sea. This dwarfish state of Liechtenstein, and country of Uzbekistan.

States enclaves & #8212; those that completely on all border adjoin to some one state have also no outlet to the sea or to the ocean. This San Marino which is surrounded with Italy. Vatican & #8212; residence of the Pope. In South America there is a state enclave under the name Lesotho.

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the Chinese nearly organized to the real cataclysm, having blown a petard over the manhole, popular

the Chinese nearly organized the real cataclysm, having blown a petard over the manhole

The young guy from China accidentally nearly organized the real cataclysm in the city. The guy decided to blow a petard and chose for this purpose not the best place. He attached the device on a cover of the manhole and did not even guess that will be when methane from the sewerage meets fire from fireworks.

And there will be the real explosion. Puffs instantly clouded all street, and Bach turned out such that the hooligan got a fright. As a result carried the manhole and a part of a tunnel. If explosion was slightly bigger force, then could be left without conveniences the half-cities.

Video of an adventure of the Chinese was published on the YouTube portal. The same roller will help law enforcement officers to establish all circumstances of incident. Show-windows of the next shops also suffered from explosion, writes the website argumenti.ru.

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of 9 modern animals which existed at dinosaurs, amusing

9 modern animals who existed at dinosaurs

In days of old life of people was incredibly difficult. They were constantly pursued by natural cataclysms and huge predators! Only present storms and floods of that time! The modern person being heavy to believe in it, but then dinosaurs were huge fear of people. Now we taught to control the nature, and dinosaurs simply died out. There were only their skeletons in the museums and mentions of them in movies and encyclopedias, but the fact of their existence is completely proved.

But suddenly dinosaurs did not leave for good in eternity? It turns out that indeed! Presently there were ancestors of dinosaurs who pursue mankind since those times! It is difficult to believe, but some animals who surround us appeared hundreds millions years ago at dinosaurs. 9 modern animals who existed at dinosaurs. Only look at this huge fish and a toothy alligator! Surprisingly, these types did not die out as their ancestors yet.

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At requests of readers: 24 photos on which there are no hours, but ruthless flight of time is noticeable

of 24 photos on which there are no hours, but ruthless flight of time is noticeable

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Updating: the paralyzed dog started walking contrary to the unfavourable diagnosis again look at reaction of the hostess

the paralyzed dog started walking contrary to the unfavourable diagnosis again look at reaction of the hostess

Pay attention as a lot of place in our life our pets began to take. Who always waits for us, loves? Pets will be with us from beginning to end, despite everything. Because these beings incredibly devoted and true, and we are sometimes so shipped in the problems that we cannot reciprocate Е But all of them equally are near! This story will affect you up to the depth of soul. You only look! The mistress of a dog cries and kisses him, but what has happened?

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New heading: 90 riddles, a fly in coffee and lateral logic

the confidential program of development of mind: 90 riddles, a fly in coffee and lateral logic

Somewhere on border of work and rest there lives creative thinking. We had a book which helps to catch it - "Lateral logic". In it 90 (!) riddles awakening imagination, sharpness and resourcefulness, and everything together they make the confidential program of development of mental capacities.

Present: left for the weekend the ordinary person, and returned the master of a creative and logic. Abruptly? And how! And besides it is cheerful. We already puzzle. Join!

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fell In Khakassia a meteorite, a selection

 in Khakassia the meteorite fell

Today, on December 6, 2016, in the area between the village of Bogoslovka and the settlement of Cheryomushki at 18:37 Moscow time flew by and presumably the meteorite fell. The eyewitnesses observing falling reported about the bright flash which was followed by a strong roar. Now it is possible to say that the weight of a celestial body could be from 10 kilograms to ton. To determine the exact mass of a meteorite quite difficult, experts report that such information will appear after studying of parameters of its orbit. Meteorite speed at the time of entry into the atmosphere of Earth was more than 30 kilometers per second. The analysis of pictures, videos and other materials shows that it is not space debris.

Eyewitnesses could capture falling on surveillance cameras and car DVRs. Thanks to it on the Internet the set of qualitative videos appeared. The moment of falling was visible very well, even despite strong overcast.

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