the destiny was It but is not present, so not, business young that I could make and the son left, new on the website

 it there was a destiny but is not present, so not, business young that I could make and the son left

But is not present, so not, business young that I could make Е And the son left. We called up to him almost every day. On work all at him turned out, and I slowly counted up days to its return Е - Mamul, you do not worry, but I will remain to live here - the son in one of telephone conversations somehow said. I stood, I did not expect such turn of events in any way. And then the son told that he met the wonderful girl there that they will surely come to visit me soon, but decided to live in the capital. It was so led now that about all events in the son's life I recognized by phone, nobody was going to go to me. Every day I steadily came back to the become empty house, identical evenings replaced each other, and there though a wolf howl Е For the fiftieth birthday I bought a kitten to Tishk with whom I whiled away long winter evenings. *** Somehow I came back from work, rose by the floor, already was inserted a key into a keyhole when heard shy: - Alevtina Ivanovna Е - Who here? - I shuddered. - Forgive that frightened you, I am Ania - I turned back, few steps away from me there was Anyutka, the ex-girlfriend of the son, pressing to herself the small child. - My God, and long you stand here! You pass rather what frost on the street Е - Is not present, absolutely not for long, do not worry - the girl took a bag and entered the apartment. I took the kid, helped Ania to undress, the baby so with pleasure slept, smacking the lips in a dream that I involuntarily admired the child. - This is Olya, Andrey's daughter - Ania told and looked down. - How Andrey? And you all this time were silent? Why came just now? - He threw me that I could do who - that told on me from his friends, he also believed - the girl answered - went to mother to the village, there learned about pregnancy, gave birth to Olya. And this fall mother did not become, she was ill me long Е one with the baby hard, there is no money, I just do not know, what should I do, you - my last hope, I so do not want to send the daughter to the house of the baby Е - Anechka that you, of course remain with me and that all of us are on the threshold, pass, I cooked borsch, cheesecakes since morning of a scorching heat yesterday, eat, after the journey you will get warm Е *** So Ania to live with Olyushky steel at me, and life slowly found new sense, we with it with ecstasy pottered with the baby, the hostess the girl it was excellent. Happened I will come from work, the house shines purity, on a plate a dinner from three dishes and when she was in time with the small child on hands. When Ole was executed year, Andrey called. - Mummy hi, I very much missed, here took a vacation, I want to arrive. - Of course come the sonny, you are one? With the bride. He kept silent. - I will tell then all to you. In a tube lingering beeps sounded, I looked at the little girls that there will be a surprise, I hope pleasant. I began to tell to Ania nothing, knowing her character, would leave with the child, only where the question another Е *** Every other day arrived the son, but not one, on hands it had a kid. Having seen it I and opened a mouth from surprise. - Mothers, help, Kostik will wake up soon, it will be necessary to feed. I took the child on hands, on voices there were the room Ania with Olya, the girl only started walking, uncertainly going she approached Andrey and uttered indistinctly something clear only to it one. - Ania? - Andrey was surprised - that you do here. - I live at your mother. Get acquainted it Olya, your daughter. The son kneeled, took the baby on hands. - Why you told nothing to me? - You also did not begin to listen to me, the opinion of friends for you then was paramount Е Е And then the son told that mother of the kid died in childbed. So he remained one with Kostik on hands. That evening having laid children we talked for a long time, and at heart was cozy and warm. So there was a wish that children reconciled finally, really it was not clear to them yet that they are created for each other. In a year Andrey and Ania undersigned. There passed several years, Olya and Kostik grew up, during this time the son built a country house, all as I once dreamed, and the other day we celebrated a housewarming. Now I am quiet for the children and grandsons, the destiny not for nothing again reduced them together!


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New heading: as it works

unconscious in psychology: as it works

Hello, dear readers! Agree to a small experiment? Close eyes and imagine sunny day at the sea. Waves are quite strong, but wind a warm, heat of day, several people have a rest under umbrellas.

Ashore it is unclear from where the kitten appeared. He for the first time sees so much water. The small animal tries to smell warm water, to dunk a paw, but at each strong flow of a wave runs away. Interest cannot overcome fear in any way.

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From our users: the real estate in northern Cyprus from the builder in 2019

the real estate in northern Cyprus from the builder in 2019

Dreams of a lodge on the seashore can easily become a reality so if you have enough means, time and persistence to overcome formal procedures, it is a high time to deal with this issue. First of all, of course, it is worth deciding on the state where it will be possible to come for the summer. And how getting over abroad on a permanent residence? Today we will tell you how to rent or get the real estate in Northern Cyprus.

About shortcomings of such idea as purchase of housing abroad, it is easy to guess. Most often this decision is connected with paperwork, execution of applications for the residence permit and a permanent residence, expenditure for air tickets. However difficulties will not stop the one who is ready for a lot of things to get a lodge by the sea, and still knows about a number of advantages of acquisition of housing in Northern Cyprus:

According to responses of emigrants, it is no more unprofitable to get the real estate on the island, than to buy the apartment or the house in Eastern Europe. Today we will understand, how much is housing in Northern Cyprus and whether this cost for the economic reasons can change. Depending on it you can decide that it is more preferable to you: to spend already available means, to save up or take a mortgage.

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Updating: tss to speak to nobody about the self-development not to tell about fight club

<"tss to tell img src="" title= to nobody about the self-development not to tell about fight club " width= "500" height="666" alt= " tss to anybody to speak about the self-development not to tell about fight club">

& #171; The First rule of Fight club: to tell nobody about Combative клубе».

When you begin to change when you see result when you understand that what before the beginnings & #8212; it is better for those, one of the biggest temptations & #8212; to begin to teach others as it is necessary to live. Well as, if they learn it earlier, but not as you, so many years later and mistakes, they will change, and the whole world will become better. I passed waves it more than once.

But, reading Evolution, and simply, drawing the conclusions, you understand what to tell on the left and to the right, it is constant about the self-development & #8212; not option. Now I will not remember that though with one girlfriend I would speak about the same to Stodnevki without inquiry. In the blog & #8212; yes, I assemble the most effective tools therefore I write about it often. I put in one place and to whom it is interesting & #8212; will see. Of course, on Stodnevkakh we speak about them and too we look for the best ways how to be happier and udovletvorenny the life. And in life I talk to people about something another.

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of the Idea for business in Belarus from scratch, a selection

 of the idea for business in Belarus from scratch

Before beginning the business in any country it is necessary to know some moments. Each country and each region differ in the requirements, legislative rules which are imposed on businessmen. And that in the future there were no undesirable situations and problems, it is necessary to study all this well. Specifically in this article it will be a question of Belarus.

Before it is worth mentioning that the relation to small business in Belarus good. In addition the state always encourages all who wish to open the business, providing various privileges. But the most important feature is the fact that in this country corruption is practically not observed. Therefore at decision-making officials rely on potential future idea business. That is what prospects at it as far as it is relevant and whether will be in great demand. And it can speak about much. And any businessman can be sure that will attentively listen to him and will help to adjust business.

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Life hack: the volcano of Kilauea fills in Hawaii with a lava and destroys houses

the volcano of Kilauea fills in Hawaii with a lava and destroys houses

On the Hawaiian island Big Aylend proceeds a volcanic eruption of Kilauea now. Unfortunately, this event did not pass by human destinies. In the residential area Leylani-Esteyts counted at least 10 volcanic cracks. Washington Post reports about continuation of approach of streams of a lava. At least two cracks opened still on Saturday evening. Some from opened earlier ceased to throw up a lava.

The volcanic board Kilauea generally consists of basalt. For this reason of eruption and explosions at peak occur extremely seldom. Most often the lava is thrown up from cracks of surrounding breeds. Eruptions happen over the last 30 years, however earlier everything was limited to filling with a lava of the next crater. At the moment this crater empty, and a lava goes to new open cracks.

The volcanist of the American geological service Wendy Stovall reports that some of the new formed cracks will be closed and stiffen as the lava hardens, however it will lead to emergence of new cracks where the lava will be thrown up under big pressure. Emergence of cracks is followed by earthquakes. One of them reached 6,9 points, and this largest earthquake on the island Big Aylend registered since 1975.

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of the Reason and possible methods of elimination of an illness, from our users

the stomach after a meal hurts: reasons and possible methods of elimination of an illness

Stomach pains after meal - one of the most frequent reasons of the address to the gastroenterologist. To find out the true reason of unpleasant feelings and to make the exact diagnosis, the expert will take into account several factors at once: character and localization of pain, duration of attacks and also when the stomach begins to hurt the patient. From correctly and in due time made diagnosis successful treatment therefore it is very important to understand what true reason of unpleasant feelings in a stomach depends.

When the person is hurt by a stomach after a meal, the reasons of it are most often connected with violations of digestive function, the most harmless of which (if it is possible to be expressed so) - not digestibility of some products, for example gluten. When these substances together with food get to digestive bodies, they cannot be digested and acquired therefore there are unpleasant symptoms of food intolerance - pain in an epigastriya, nausea, swelling. Not digestibility of separate products is not considered a dangerous disease and demands only an exception of food which annoyingly affects stomach walls. However it is not necessary to disregard food intolerance: continuous impact of an irritant on mucous membranes of digestive organs can become the reason of development of inflammatory diseases - such as gastritis and colitis.

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Novelty: weather, temperature, holidays how to put on a season of 2019

rest in November in Spain: weather, temperature, holidays how to put on a season of 2019

Always solar and cheerful Spain is the present fairy tale for travelers who want to appear in a flash in the unique country with variety of entertainments and sights.

Fascinating walks in cultural and historical places of the cities familiar since the childhood - Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Navarre are all the year round available to admirers of this direction. Behind adrenaline and thrills tourists go to mountains, and behind beach vacation to an island part of the country.

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of the Strip on nails, amusing

 strips on nails

Today elaborate and difficult drawings on nails look is irrelevant. Professionals recommend to decorate the marigold with simple patterns and what can be simpler, than a strip? Manicure with strips is a hit of a season spring-summer 2015. We offer you several step-by-step schemes of performance such neyl design and we will tell how to make strips on nails accurately and quickly.

With strips any girl in house conditions independently will be able to execute manicure. For this purpose you will need the following neyl-materials and tools:

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New : an excursion for mushrooms

business the idea: an excursion for mushrooms

It is possible to construct business on... own excellent knowledge of forest mushrooms. An essence in the following. The knowing mushroom picker can take with himself in the forest on an excursion group of people (4, 6, 8 people - how many will get into the car or into the minibus). In the forest it will show them all variety of the mushroom kingdom. Will show a set of edible fungi, will show poisonous, will conduct a tour along forest routes. At the end of day it is possible to arrange a halt and a mushroom table: to lay to guests a table from mushroom dishes. In the evening the group comes back to the bus, and everyone will have a bast basket of tasty edible forest fungi. It is possible to take money for it. Why people will go to the forest?

In the forest there are about one hundred types of edible forest fungi. At the same time most of people (especially city dwellers) did not try also 2% from them. The richness of taste of forest mushrooms is available only to the elected mushroom pickers - which well understand wood gifts. The ordinary inhabitant will not manage to distinguish a pale toadstool from champignon, the Polish mushroom from damned a mushroom. Therefore do not risk to gather forest mushrooms at all. As a result most of city dwellers was lucky to taste only champignons and oyster mushrooms, at best - the slippery jacks bought in the spontaneous markets, chanterelles, Polish, white. They even did not try birch mushrooms and aspen mushrooms. And (yes, amazing edible fungi) and it is not necessary to dream of such exotic as umbrellas, milk mushrooms, honey agarics, mossiness mushrooms, dubovik, light pink fly agarics.

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