of the Reason and possible methods of elimination of an illness, from our users

the stomach after a meal hurts: reasons and possible methods of elimination of an illness

Stomach pains after meal - one of the most frequent reasons of the address to the gastroenterologist. To find out the true reason of unpleasant feelings and to make the exact diagnosis, the expert will take into account several factors at once: character and localization of pain, duration of attacks and also when the stomach begins to hurt the patient. From correctly and in due time made diagnosis successful treatment therefore it is very important to understand what true reason of unpleasant feelings in a stomach depends.

When the person is hurt by a stomach after a meal, the reasons of it are most often connected with violations of digestive function, the most harmless of which (if it is possible to be expressed so) - not digestibility of some products, for example gluten. When these substances together with food get to digestive bodies, they cannot be digested and acquired therefore there are unpleasant symptoms of food intolerance - pain in an epigastriya, nausea, swelling. Not digestibility of separate products is not considered a dangerous disease and demands only an exception of food which annoyingly affects stomach walls. However it is not necessary to disregard food intolerance: continuous impact of an irritant on mucous membranes of digestive organs can become the reason of development of inflammatory diseases - such as gastritis and colitis.

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Novelty: weather, temperature, holidays how to put on a season of 2019

rest in November in Spain: weather, temperature, holidays how to put on a season of 2019

Always solar and cheerful Spain is the present fairy tale for travelers who want to appear in a flash in the unique country with variety of entertainments and sights.

Fascinating walks in cultural and historical places of the cities familiar since the childhood - Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Navarre are all the year round available to admirers of this direction. Behind adrenaline and thrills tourists go to mountains, and behind beach vacation to an island part of the country.

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of the Strip on nails, amusing

 strips on nails

Today elaborate and difficult drawings on nails look is irrelevant. Professionals recommend to decorate the marigold with simple patterns and what can be simpler, than a strip? Manicure with strips is a hit of a season spring-summer 2015. We offer you several step-by-step schemes of performance such neyl design and we will tell how to make strips on nails accurately and quickly.

With strips any girl in house conditions independently will be able to execute manicure. For this purpose you will need the following neyl-materials and tools:

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New : an excursion for mushrooms

business the idea: an excursion for mushrooms

It is possible to construct business on... own excellent knowledge of forest mushrooms. An essence in the following. The knowing mushroom picker can take with himself in the forest on an excursion group of people (4, 6, 8 people - how many will get into the car or into the minibus). In the forest it will show them all variety of the mushroom kingdom. Will show a set of edible fungi, will show poisonous, will conduct a tour along forest routes. At the end of day it is possible to arrange a halt and a mushroom table: to lay to guests a table from mushroom dishes. In the evening the group comes back to the bus, and everyone will have a bast basket of tasty edible forest fungi. It is possible to take money for it. Why people will go to the forest?

In the forest there are about one hundred types of edible forest fungi. At the same time most of people (especially city dwellers) did not try also 2% from them. The richness of taste of forest mushrooms is available only to the elected mushroom pickers - which well understand wood gifts. The ordinary inhabitant will not manage to distinguish a pale toadstool from champignon, the Polish mushroom from damned a mushroom. Therefore do not risk to gather forest mushrooms at all. As a result most of city dwellers was lucky to taste only champignons and oyster mushrooms, at best - the slippery jacks bought in the spontaneous markets, chanterelles, Polish, white. They even did not try birch mushrooms and aspen mushrooms. And (yes, amazing edible fungi) and it is not necessary to dream of such exotic as umbrellas, milk mushrooms, honey agarics, mossiness mushrooms, dubovik, light pink fly agarics.

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From our users: why it is worth eating more often nuts

 why it is worth eating more often nuts

Throughout long time nuts caused the ambiguous relation. They were considered as their too high-calorie and fat.

It is unlikely it is possible to argue with the fact that the habit is nuts can become a problem. Quite another matter, when we use nuts in the correct quantity. In this case they not only will help to calm hunger, but also will bring big benefit to health. It is very important.

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Focus with numbers, a riddle about the waiter and artful percent on the credit, interesting

focus with numbers, a riddle about the waiter and artful percent on the credit

At school many thought that the mathematics in life is not useful. Also were mistaken. Daily we face calculations even if small: in shop, bank, at work - to consider delivery, to estimate time for the road, to estimate quickly whether the seller is honest. A novelty of "The mathematician for adults" - the practical book which tells about cunnings and tricks for every day.

We will have a good time today, solving a puzzle, to surprise friends with mathematical focus and to consider percent on the credit (and to be surprised).

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Psychosomatics unconscious feelings and emotions, is curious

webinar: psychosomatics unconscious feelings and emotions

The body and mentality are inseparably linked. We feel emotions not only at the level of sincere experiences, but also corporally. The rage and joy, a fright and despair are felt differently. Certain muscles work, certain substances are produced, blood supply of bodies, breath, heartbeat changes. In turn, somatic changes influence a mental state.

In case the mentality of the person does not cope with suffering, physical symptoms develop. As soon as it occurs, the person feels sense of relief of the state of mind: pain moves to a corporal level.

Process can gradually proceed when the disease develops owing to accumulation of traumatic experiences (and, respectively, permanent changes in "target organ" develop). And can develop quickly enough, by the principle of "last straw" (for example, the conflict at work leads to increase in level of a stress which becomes intolerable, the immunity, and please - cold ordinary as a result falls).

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the Bang on two parties, councils for laying, new on the website

bang on two parties, councils for laying

If you look for for yourself a new byyuti-image, but do not want cardinal changes in appearance, the bang on two parties will become an optimal solution. Stylists predict it improbable popularity among girls in 2015-2016. Star trend setters Rihanna, Kim Kardashyan and Cari Malligan already cut locks on a forehead and experiment with laying of a bang on two parties so to this form of a chelochka not to pass recognition by girls. We will tell you how to lay a bang on two parties, we will show beautiful photos and interesting videos and, perhaps, you by an example of the Hollywood women of fashion direct in beauty shop behind new image.

The bang on two parties does a female image softer and more romantic. The locks laid on two sides will be harmoniously combined with any hairstyle, the minimum length of hair in which reaches the line of a chin.

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It is curious: symptoms of a disease

symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis at women: symptoms of a disease

Cervical osteochondrosis - a disease which promptly looks younger. If earlier it met mainly after 40 years, then now people whose age of 25-26 years get to a zone of risk.

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis at women are shown more brightly, than at men. It is connected with features of the structure of an organism. At the stronger sex this part of a body which supports all vertebral structure is better developed, preventing its deformation and an overload.

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Why the kid in a womb became too big, updating

 why the kid in a womb became too big

The large fruit sometimes is a contraindication for natural childbirth. In each separate case doctors make the decision individually, based on a number of indicators.

Doctors speak about the large child if his weight before the birth fluctuates from 4 to 5 kg. Children weighing over 5 kg are considered as huge. Weighty kids respectively have the big length of a body and the sizes of circles.

The kid grows in a womb on certain regularities. In many respects the placenta is responsible for its development. If its functions are broken, then growth of a fruit slows down or accelerates, for example, it often happens at women to diabetes.

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