As goes fight for baroque at a single entrance of Rostov, it is curious

 as there is a fight for baroque at a single entrance of Rostov

In Rostov-on-Don, far from tourist routes, in one of dormitory areas there is an imperceptible nine-storey building. But if to come into its first entrance - you are waited by a cultural shock.

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Music of small peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East, the most interesting

music of small peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East

The exclusive disk recorded in 1990 at studio of a gramophone recording the Melody from materials of the composers who are brought together by the domestic union during the expeditions in 1964-1989. The disk is written down from the vinyl records which a little are worn out over time however exclusivity of material and talented selection of songs and composition block all possible diskomfortnost connected with imperfect quality of reproduction.

On a song plate, dances, folk tunes, very expressive performances, with participation of a huge range of the real ethnic tools. There are also very sincere melodious compositions, and there are also very mobile. Despite small tingling, record was made at the high level, and in general this plate is of huge interest to all who are fond of ethnic music.


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Is updated: how to cope with fear which prevents to communicate normally

 how to cope with fear which prevents to communicate normally

As well as to most of people, you, has to be, it happens to get into situations when you do not decide to tell something or to begin a conversation. At the same time before you maybe the person well familiar to you, and unfamiliar. Partly it happens because of the shortage of the necessary skills: you just do not know how to stick or carry on a conversation. But there is also one more factor constraining many - fear. Perhaps, you do not consider the feelings fear. Perhaps, you call them uncertainty, or perhaps the moment "seems to you improper". But than you justified them, the fear stops you - kind of it it was shown.

We offer you several useful tips and exercises which will help to win against fear.

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Novelty: than carbonated drinks are so unhealthy

 than carbonated drinks are so unhealthy

The sweet, refreshing, cold and such tasty Coca-Cola especially relevant in hot days! It is difficult even to imagine any summer holiday without it! Really, in carbonated drinks something is that so attracts us. But having drunk one glass, there is a wish more and more, and next day and so on. It becomes a habit and our daily diet. And, for certain, it will be interesting to you to learn that, actually, bad in such habit, it is, in fact, energy drink which at the same time provides you sense of fulness and appetite considerably decreases. Nothing terrible would seem, even on the contrary.

However recently conducted scientific research claims that carbonated drinks can be very dangerous not only to health, but even to life. Let's understand this question in more detail? Then read our today's article, and you learn, than to us carbonated drinks can do much harm.

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As a stress influences the woman's organism, a novelty

 as the stress influences the woman's organism

Very often in mass media it is told about a stress by general phrases. It is quite seldom possible to find the information about that, how exactly the stress affects, in particular, female health. And, both physical, and mental. The female physiology differs from men's: because of differences in a hormonal background the stress influences men and women differently.

Besides, usually duties of women are not limited to work, and include care of children and even about elderly family members.

If to take this fact into account, it is possible to see that at life of each woman there is a large number of the factors causing stressful situations.

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At requests of readers: smuz from potatoes and banana helps at stomach ulcer

 of a smuza from potatoes and banana helps at stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer & #8212; this chronic disease at which on mucous a stomach and the top part of a small intestine the ulcer is formed (two ulcers and more are more rare). Often at stomach ulcer and a duodenum the bacterium of Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter pylori) or irritation mucous, caused by long intake of certain drugs can be the cause.

The disease has usually an effect intensive pains in a stomach. They can be followed by an acid reflux, inflammation and other symptoms of violation of digestion.

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New on the website: sights with a photo

what to look in Oslo in 2 days: sights with a photo

Oslo (Norway) is the quietest and cozy Scandinavian capital with a measured vital rhythm. The streets of this city do not walk, and walk. Here do not hurry to run across from one sight to another, and try to see them slowly, in passing watching life of local population.

Planning of the capital of Norway differs in special compactness, in it it is easy to be guided. As for sights, in their Oslo there is a lot of - careful studying requires a lot of time. And at what to look in Oslo in 2 days when time of stay in this city is limited? The selection of the most interesting sights of the capital of Norway at which it is desirable to look first of all is presented in this article.

By the way, in Oslo it is possible to save on visit of sights significantly if to buy the tourist card "Oslo Pass". Simple mathematics: "Oslo Pass" in 24-hour option costs 270 kroner, that is, at the average price of the ticket of 60 kroner, it is enough to visit only three museums that it paid off. Besides about "Oslo Pass" Drive on city public transport free while the price of daily the travel card makes 75 kroner.

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From our readers: from a meeting before embraces in 60 seconds Steve of a peacock

high-speed enclasping: from a meeting before embraces in 60 seconds Steve of a peacock

At a conscious development seminar, passed on these days off, we carried out the small social tests developed bringing people out of a comfort zone. One of exercises was in coming to light and to tell the stranger something silly, it seems "Will not prompt which now year?" or "And what the planet is?" Exchange of results of this exercise was simply stunning, and repeatedly increased energy of the audience, having allowed people to realize that there are no objective reasons to be afraid to address strangers. When you delegate the power to fear of possible refusal or fears it is awkward to look... you miss a heap of opportunities to communicate and have a good time.

For those who well coped in the first step I offered additional test: to approach the stranger and to embrace him, less than in 5 minutes. One of participants told that if I threw down him a challenge, he could make it. I answered it: "I not just throw down you a challenge. I say that to you it is weak!" It caused laughter explosion, and test began.

And then I heard a set of amusing stories from the people exchanging embraces with strangers, extending love on Las-Vegas-Strip.

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its secrets and feature, it is curious

ideal marriage: its secrets and feature

Ideal marriage - what it? We hope that there is the one and only, present recipe of matrimonial happiness, and, of course, everything we wish to know it. Not by hearsay many of us are familiar with the whole series of problems and difficulties which spoil the relations of spouses, but when it comes about happiness in marriage, many swim in a subject, without knowing the concrete answer.

And meanwhile the known aphorism of the classic "All happy families are happy equally" gives hope that the ideal after all exists.

The ideal age for marriage can be determined half in jest by means of psychological tests if you trust in this question of popular psychology. Your result can be 18-25, 26-30, 31-40 years, and are not recommendations further any more, and how fate will be.

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Is updated: feeling of a foreign matter in an eye, a throat, back pass and a vagina

feeling of a foreign matter in a eye, a throat, back pass and a vagina

The unpleasant feeling of foreign objects in a body can arise for a number of reasons. Some of them have exclusively psychosomatic character. However most often the discomfort signals about existence of more serious problems with health for this reason it is impossible to ignore feeling of a foreign matter in an organism.

To understand the matter, it should be taken into account the most common causes of feeling of others foreign matter in an organism. It will allow to define the nature of emergence of discomfort and also ways of its elimination.

In an eye the receptors which are in an eyeball cornea give feeling of a foreign matter. They also signal that the protective cover or is damaged, or on it the foreign subject got.

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