As soon as the hostess sneezes, her rat do tremendous things you will strike what was seen, the most interesting

 as soon as the hostess sneezes, her rat do tremendous things you will strike what was seen

Many consider that rats it is silly animals whose intelligence is equal to zero. A pier of a rat are only carriers of diseases and any advantage of them in life is not present. But this judgment is wrong. Many get rats as pets and very much are glad to it. They it is not worse than dogs, cats or other animals. By the way, the stereotype about intelligence of rats is completely justified. They are very clever animals and give in to training.

Not for nothing the brain of rats is used by scientists for studying and testing, it is very similar to human. At this girl there live houses several rats whom she very much loves. Her pets please every day with her. Only look to what surprising tricks the girl trained infant rats. One of them brings her a napkin when she sneezes. Rats bring a ball, open for themselves a cage and many other things. You will be struck with their mind and what their hostess taught to.

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of the Idea of routes for tourists, from our readers

the most beautiful places of Russia: the ideas of routes for tourists

Russia is the country which really is what to be proud! Not only the nature, but also the architectural constructions located in its territory are capable to make unforgettable impressions on the person! Also it is almost impossible to choose the most beautiful places of Russia, for each its inhabitant they will be, individual. But one is known precisely: travel over this country will leave nobody indifferent at all!

Russia is huge and still is almost not studied, here it is possible to meet everything and even more: the wild areas which were not seeing a leg of the person, northern snow-covered areas, the real deserts with tons of sand and another is much. The city architecture is various and attractive and sometimes surpasses beauty of the European capitals.

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New on the website: driving the bicycle for weight loss

driving the bicycle for weight loss

Driving the bicycle for weight loss - it an excellent opportunity is good and interesting to spend time, to meet new people, to have a rest morally and to lose extra kilos. It is suitable practically for all. Though, of course, there are also contraindications, it can be diseases of heart, lungs or joints, the musculoskeletal device therefore before the occupations it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

If there are no contraindications, it is possible not only to lose weight, riding a bike, but also to considerably improve health, to train endurance, to get training, to develop muscles, to improve the general condition, efficiency and productivity of an organism.

The advantage of trips by bicycle for weight loss and amount of the spent energy depends on weight and other factors, but usually there is a burning of 500 kilocalories in an hour of quiet driving. When driving at stronger speed, it is possible to lose even 700-800 kcal/hour. If in warm day to organize a three-hour cycle tour, it will allow you to burn about 2000 kilocalories.

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New on the website: this juice kills cancer, cures gastritis and diabetes, cures a liver and heart

<"oncologists claim img src="" title=: this juice kills cancer, cures gastritis and diabetes, cures a liver and heart of" width= "500" height="375" alt= "oncologists claim: this juice kills cancer, cures gastritis and diabetes, cures a liver and heart">

Fresh and tasteless, potato juice is praised for its useful properties and advantages. Nobody likes to drink that on taste awfully, but the majority of things which on taste are awful are very useful to our health. According to researches, potato juice can treat a set of diseases and states, including cancer and also can help your bodies to cope from damages. Here its main advantages to health:

Alkalinizes a body

Potato juice can restore alkalinity of your body and prevent a set of problems with health. Reduces the level of uric acid

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Why you choose by pension, but not wealth, secrets

<"why you choose as img src="" title= pension, but not richness of " width= "500" height="500" alt= " why you choose pension, but not wealth">

Heading "Behavioural Finance".

Do you hope to receive good pension from the state?

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Rest and water temperature in the sea until the end of a month a season 2019, at the request of chitaty

weather in Cyprus in March: rest and water temperature in the sea until the end of a month a season of 2019

Cyprus in March pleases with sweet aroma of a jasmine, orange trees add delicate aroma of a citrus to this smell. Also almond trees begin to blossom, becoming covered by a cloud of flowers.

In the country fields already green. On beds at rural houses anemones and cyclamens bask in the sun. Wild orchids blossom on hills.

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Popular : main attractions

what to look in Bryansk in one day: main attractions

Bryansk - one of the most ancient settlements of Russia which is much more senior than the capital (1147 year of foundation). At the city two dates of the basis: at first was considered that it appeared in 1146, but after the excavation which is carried out on the ancient ancient settlement it was postponed to 985.

At most of Russians Bryansk is associated with the Great Patriotic War - for courage and heroism of inhabitants it was given the status of fighting glory. In the city there is Mound of Immortality, the memorial Hacun complex and it is a lot of other monuments connected with these events. And also the ancient temples, the museums devoted to activity of writers Tolstoy and Tyutchev, and the picturesque reserve the Bryansk forest.

For convenience of planning of a route we marked all mentioned sights on the map of the city:

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New : unique charm of quiet towns

unique charm of quiet towns

In the Rocky Mountains of the State of Alberta there is the Canadian town of Kanmor. This great place for occupation mountain skiing. But so far the town of Kanmor could not win great popularity as the world resort on mountain skiing, but could keep the charming provincial beauty.

On city streets you will find numerous quantity of bakeries, cafe and sports shops. But, despite a big flow of tourists and independent travelers, this Canadian town kept the reserved character. It and the truth not absolutely ordinary town as Kanmor settled down in the area surrounded with high mountains, the picturesque dense woods and abundance of crystal-clear lakes.

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Updating: 6 great options

where to take a lot of money: 6 great options

Where to take money urgently: 5 ways about which it is better to forget + 6 ways quickly to earn + of 6 interesting methods for receiving arrived.

If you take an interest in the available information on competent distribution of the earned means, then will find council that the part of profit needs to be postponed or for the special account in each material, or to keep cash in the safe.

And it is absolutely reasonable council.

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When it is better for p to go to have a rest to Dominican Republic in what season popular

 when it is better to go to have a rest to Dominican Republic in what season

Climatic features in Dominican Republic on months strongly differ and are capable to introduce amendments in plans of the tourist. Understanding when it is better to have a rest in Dominican Republic, it is very important to choose correctly a season for visit of this solar country so that it completely conformed to requirements of the traveler and allowed to enjoy rest in comfortable conditions.

First of all, it should be noted that in the similar state the climate assumes existence not of four seasons but only two that sometimes strongly surprises tourists. Lasts every season in Dominican Republic on half a year, and weather conditions strongly vary. So, date of a trip is crucial as during certain periods the probability to find rainy weather much above.

In Dominican Republic there are only two seasons - summer and winter. Each of them assumes the weather conditions which are represented opposite. Contrary to popular delusions, the most part of rains, hurricanes and the other undesirable climatic phenomena are the share of summer. The winter differs in warm cloudless weather. Wishing to learn when it is the best of all to have a rest in Dominican Republic, it is expedient to study characteristics of climate of this country.

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