New : full development and leaving

: full development and leaving

Your kid was three months old. He already got used to you and other family members. He adapts to life more and more, grows in the eyes and gains new useful skills.

The baby is already able to hold a head, to lie on a tummy, to express the emotions. It recognizes mother and rejoices her, crools and likes to consider toys long. The kid literally develops not on days, and on hours. Let's consider in details that the child in three months has to be able.

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Selection: recommendations of the psychologist

 recommendations of the psychologist

The profession of the psychologist is considered perspective and demanded. The turn of the clients ready to leave money queues up to the good expert, if only their problems were solved. For example, in provided Switzerland the average income of the psychoanalyst approaches 90 thousand euros.

And the essence of councils of local experts a little in what differs from the recommendations of their colleagues from other countries. And if to analyse answers of psychologists, then it is possible to allocate the most popular which as a result help to solve problems of most of clients.

And today the editorial office "So Simply!" prepared the list from 10 universal councils of psychologists which suit most of people. So why to pay fabulous money for recommendations which we kindly laid out free of charge?

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Is found a critical bug in the Internet Explorer browser, amusing

the critical bug in the Internet Explorer browser is found

On Saturday April 26 the Microsoft corporation published information that in its Internet Explorer browser the critical bug which threatens safety of millions of users was found.

This bug allows to execute far off practically any code on the computer interesting malefactors. Vulnerability mentions one and all versions of the browser, and at the time of writing of this material there is no patch which is capable to correct a situation.

"Vulnerability was found in a method which is used in Internet Explorer for access to the remote or incorrectly distributed objects in random access memory of the computer. This bug can lead to memory damage at which the malefactor will be able to execute any code on behalf of the current user of the browser. The hacker can quite create the special website using this vulnerability then he will need only to convince the user to visit this site".

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Selection: features of registration and receiving in 2019

business the visa to India to Russians: features of registration and receiving in 2019

The usual tourist visa is issued to foreign citizens for a period of up to 60 days. It is intended only for tourism or visit of relatives in this country. If the foreign citizen is going to start business in India or to conduct business negotiations with the Indian companies, firms and the organizations, then he needs to open the business visa to India.

Concepts the business visa and a working visa in India are not identical. That is, having the business visa to India, the foreigner has all rights for opening and business. And for legal employment it will be required to make out a working visa.

It is possible to issue the business visa to India only in consular department. In Moscow the diplomatic mission of the Indian Republic is on Vorontsovo Pole Street in building No. 4.

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Novelty: always there is a choice

a way from work to business: always there is a choice

A way from work to business. Did you think sometime in what great time we live? Our time at the same time both difficult and happy. And, above all, now at all of us if the CHOICE! And our parents had this choice? No, our parents were deprived of the choice. They lived according to the standard scheme. A maternity hospital-day nursery-children's garden school (at first Little Octobrists, then pioneers, finally Komsomol members), upon termination of school technical training college or HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, work...

It is the scheme of the last century. 15-20 years ago we also could not think that money can be earned some other way, without working at state enterprise or state. establishment. Our parents all life worked on these the enterprises, getting paid there peanuts, refusing to itself everything, and result - scanty pension. My mother having fulfilled 35 years on the state, receives 4500 rubles pension, and the father is happy, having bought the good fishing coil for the spinning. I think, you know such pensioners, in the same "great pensions" too. Well to go far.

Those people who work at the enterprises now. They are completely satisfied? They I am able to afford to buy that they want? To have a rest where they want? Of course not. Salary even if they receive it in time, grows very slowly. Inflation as you know, grows much quicker. But to live to modern measures, it is necessary to be able to EARN. But do not teach it at our schools, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, schools, in family (with rare exception). Everywhere learn to WORK, but NOT to EARN. In it all paradox.

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Banks of vacancies, recruitment agencies, social networks, forums, amusing

job search on the Internet: banks of vacancies, recruitment agencies, social networks, forums

Job search on the Internet: Banks of vacancies, recruitment agencies, social networks, forums

The Internet audience constantly grows in Russia. But the level of penetration remains quite low in comparison with the developed countries. Less than a third of Russians come into network at least once in a month. Nevertheless, possibilities of Internet job search already estimated millions of employed. Let's understand: where and as it is possible to look for work if you have a regular access to Network.

In Internet banks of vacancies. Place of search traditional already. Two tactics: you watch vacancies and you respond to them or you place the summary and you wait when employers contact you. In the first case the regularity of "otsmotr" is important to do not miss the interesting offer, and common sense to cut swindlers. In the second - always to be in touch and in shape, interview invitation can arrive at any time. You use both options - you raise the rates.

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of the Reason and treatment, novelty

a green chair at the adult: reasons and treatment

Normal intestines of the adult are emptied once in day. Concentration of liquid in stool at the same time makes 60-70%. If its contents reaches 90%, it leads to steady diarrhea which can remain throughout rather long period of time. Color of excrements often indicates what bodies work in the unusual mode, undergo inflammatory or infectious process. We will talk about the reasons and consequences of a chair of green color further.

The green chair in most cases indicates increase in bilirubin in Calais. Such frustration, in turn, is caused by sekretorny diarrhea at which the gall bladder stops the normal functioning.

But to that also other, more serious reasons can serve.

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Updating: the best and worst cities in the USA for those who want to work and be a mother

the best and worst cities in the USA for those who want to work and be a mother

It is difficult to deny the fact that female businessmen become more and more. The number of the enterprises of the USA belonging to women for the last 20 years increased by 114%, at the same time women begin on average 849 new businesses every day. But far stronger impresses that most of them combines the work with a role of the keeper of a home. This task not from simple & #8212; and in the different cities of the USA conditions for the working women can essentially differ.

The editorial office GOBankingRates tried to find out whether the working mothers have it is more than chances of success depending on where they live. The research revealed both the best, and worst places to start business on the basis of a share of the working women in these cities, rates of emergence and development of new businesses, quantity and survival of startups and also the average cost of care of children.

Such cities are located in the northeast, the Midwest and Northern California. The share of female businessmen in these areas makes less than 1% of labor. Besides, the cost of care of children is rather high here to compensate benefit from combination of work and motherhood.

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From our readers: I announce a competition a prize - my book with the autograph

 I announce a competition a prize - my book with the autograph

In several days we go to Dombai.

So far there is time, decided to start the Competition among my readers and subscribers.

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Interesting: the love does not tire, and here disappointment

the love does not tire, and here disappointment

To give the love and tenderness! As it is fine! Nobody can be tired of it, especially, if the person to whom all this intends can estimate our feelings, efforts and efforts. The love does not tire. In itself. But the disappointment when our rushes remain indifferently can sadden our soul.

Classical saying & #171; love слепа» very precisely describes what we test in relation to other people. We give a maximum of to those who surround us, and we do not suspect that our feeling has some borders where it would be possible to stop it. We give ourselves without the rest.

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