With what to combine and carry female striped golfina, discussion

 with what to combine and carry female striped golfina

Golfina - a beautiful and stylish detail of clothes which allows to create the interesting and bright images emphasizing faultless taste and femininity. But for this purpose it is necessary to know how it is correct to carry them and with what it is better to combine.

They differ from ordinary golfs in only length - above a knee. They will attract views of people around to your legs, and it is a good opportunity to show their symmetry and beauty. Therefore such fashionable detail of clothes will suit girls who have not too full legs.

They are combined with different images: from classical to sports.

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Selection: types of fear and methods of the decision

how to overcome fear: types of fear and methods of the decision

Each person is concerned from time to time by a question how to overcome fear. The feeling which is designed to protect and warn us against troubles sometimes develops into the uncontrollable state preventing to work reasonably and quietly. Therefore it is very important to seize skills of self-checking what today and we will talk about.

The fear is the emotion arising spontaneously, and though it can have the real reasons it nevertheless it is impossible to call rational in most cases.

Compare situations: the fear of death keeps us from risky actions, such as parachute jump or heat for anchor buoys, and it can become obsession of accident when we are busy with daily affairs.

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Territory of women, updating

territory of women

The fact that all women are owners to the core is known long ago. But very few people know that women mark the territory, often even unconsciously. As well as in the wild nature, the similar behavior is also connected with process of receiving the vital benefits and providing children therefore behind such interesting occupation scientists noticed also women.

& #169; DepositPhotos

The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell you as women designate the territory, and, above all - what aim they it pursue.

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Communication on the Internet seven important rules, new

communication on the Internet seven important rules

! 1 rule: will be in the following article.

2. Rules of communication on the Internet is our behavior in Network. It to be under construction on the same rules by which there lives the civilized society. A difference only that in society for violation of these rules the coercive measure from authorities follows, and on the Internet you are rather unpunished. But here a keyword - relatively. Remember that the Internet is information space and if to break the principles of morals, then it is possible just to ruin everything that you want to create in network on a root. Enough several person in your niche to write to networks that such person "to a be-ba Е." and to you the BAN, the wolf ticket is written out. But besides think how your conscience, your soul that you did not tell now will feel. You will not deceive yourself.

3. Always you remember that communication on the Internet is an exit out of limits of usual understanding of space and if in one part of society some laws and rules, then in another work, they can significantly differ. Therefore your message can be regarded differently in the different countries and social groups. Read rules of communication at forums, RSS channels and so on. And when you prepare the message, check whether you break any norms or rules. You remember unwritten rules. Respect the right of a private property. And it means that to steal content inadmissibly in terms of the legislation and is low in terms of morals. Do not fill the blog (website) with stolen information, do not turn the child into a so-called "dermosayt".

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the Guy who needed to live few weeks married the girl with the same destiny, the most interesting

the guy who needed to live few weeks married the girl with the same destiny

The resident of London married the beloved in hospital after it became known that he needed to live only several weeks. the 24-year-old patient had to reconcile to inevitable when it was not succeeded to find for him the donor for change of both lungs.

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Tourists in Turkey, at requests of readers

tourists in Turkey

Whether the Russian tourists in Turkey are so terrible As they behave? Whether something changed for the last few years in the country?

I began to go across Turkey in 2012, and I can tell that in recent years there were significant changes in the country and in tourism. First, the huge stream cattle tourists in Turkey was gradually distributed on other countries. After Turkey was closed for tourism for several years, people found for themselves other options of rest and understood that there too it is possible to behave so. Tagil began to go to Thailand, the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. I will tell so, now in Turkey it became better. Here comes more Germans, Israelis and other. There were more independent Russian tourists, people began a thicket to depart from bars "all inclusive" and to go outside. In Alanya in city buses of 50% of foreigners, from them 20% of Russians. People go to go sightseeing, independent routes, the nature, history, architecture, and not just cheap alcohol are interesting to them.

In hotels the personnel still complain that Russians do not know English and any other foreign language. But our youth nevertheless speaks English, unlike more senior generation. Here already there's nothing to be done, it was not accepted to learn languages earlier and there went people only to Sochi once in a five-years period.

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Discussion: documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

The collected documents for the visa to Norway is a starting point for those who plan to go in the state to have a rest, for business and with other purposes. The result in many respects depends on correctness of registration of a package of official papers: will authorize to you a trip or will refuse.

Therefore if you want to receive the Norwegian visa, be accurate and attentive during the collecting and paperwork. Especially carefully prepare the questionnaire which is a basis of all package.

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Borisov Dmitry Dmitrievich, discussion

Borisov Dmitry Dmitrievich

Dmitry was born in intelligent family. His mother and the father got married at the university where they studied as philologists. At one-year-old age parents transported the son from Ukraine to Moscow because of the happened Chernobyl accident. Then some time lived in the Lithuanian Panevezys and in Siberia where the father defended the dissertation. Closer to the first class of the son the family moved to the capital of Russia again. At school Dima studied well as he was inquisitive and read much. He also well was given foreign languages.

Having graduated from school, the young man went on parental feet and came to RGGU on faculty of philology where was pofilno engaged in the Russian and foreign literature. After the termination of higher education institution still completed postgraduate studies.

Borisov began professional activity very much early. At sixteen-year age he became the employee of radio "Echo of Moscow". It occurred after he offered the editor-in-chief of the station the original concept of the new program. The creative guy was admitted willingly to collective, at first as the editor, and then entrusted also maintaining news. Later it with success hosted the night music program "Silver". Borisov also periodically sent to difficult business trips from Beslan prior to "Eurovision" from where he transferred reports. Dmitry quickly enough found respect of colleagues in spite of the fact that was much younger than all.

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Updating: 4


Ahead & #8212; the important event, and you literally "shakes" from a stress? Do not you sleep and you do not know AT ALL how perform a task? The decision is! You will be helped by simple advice which one clever woman gave to the young girl.

The best friend marries & #8212; and the young person should address guests at a wedding with the congratulatory speech. In four days prior to a celebration nervousness reached a limit. Three days Alina Gonsalez did not sleep then she at last decided to ask for the help. The young lady shared the experiences with the bride's mother.

Why with it? The woman practiced several years meditation, conducted occupations and even had official permission to carrying out improving the practician. To such people, as it, it is possible to trust.

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the Most interesting: how to clean points

 how to clean points

The winter is in full swing, and together with it flu and a SARS came. Experts advise a thicket to wash hands and if there is no water and soap nearby, to use disinfectants.

Alcohol-containing antiseptics for hands destroys a set of different types of bacteria, including the bacteria steady against antibiotics, and mycobacteria of tuberculosis. It is impossible to use them after expiry date, but you should not send to garbage too.

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