Discussion: documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

The collected documents for the visa to Norway is a starting point for those who plan to go in the state to have a rest, for business and with other purposes. The result in many respects depends on correctness of registration of a package of official papers: will authorize to you a trip or will refuse.

Therefore if you want to receive the Norwegian visa, be accurate and attentive during the collecting and paperwork. Especially carefully prepare the questionnaire which is a basis of all package.

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Borisov Dmitry Dmitrievich, discussion

Borisov Dmitry Dmitrievich

Dmitry was born in intelligent family. His mother and the father got married at the university where they studied as philologists. At one-year-old age parents transported the son from Ukraine to Moscow because of the happened Chernobyl accident. Then some time lived in the Lithuanian Panevezys and in Siberia where the father defended the dissertation. Closer to the first class of the son the family moved to the capital of Russia again. At school Dima studied well as he was inquisitive and read much. He also well was given foreign languages.

Having graduated from school, the young man went on parental feet and came to RGGU on faculty of philology where was pofilno engaged in the Russian and foreign literature. After the termination of higher education institution still completed postgraduate studies.

Borisov began professional activity very much early. At sixteen-year age he became the employee of radio "Echo of Moscow". It occurred after he offered the editor-in-chief of the station the original concept of the new program. The creative guy was admitted willingly to collective, at first as the editor, and then entrusted also maintaining news. Later it with success hosted the night music program "Silver". Borisov also periodically sent to difficult business trips from Beslan prior to "Eurovision" from where he transferred reports. Dmitry quickly enough found respect of colleagues in spite of the fact that was much younger than all.

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Ahead & #8212; the important event, and you literally "shakes" from a stress? Do not you sleep and you do not know AT ALL how perform a task? The decision is! You will be helped by simple advice which one clever woman gave to the young girl.

The best friend marries & #8212; and the young person should address guests at a wedding with the congratulatory speech. In four days prior to a celebration nervousness reached a limit. Three days Alina Gonsalez did not sleep then she at last decided to ask for the help. The young lady shared the experiences with the bride's mother.

Why with it? The woman practiced several years meditation, conducted occupations and even had official permission to carrying out improving the practician. To such people, as it, it is possible to trust.

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the Most interesting: how to clean points

 how to clean points

The winter is in full swing, and together with it flu and a SARS came. Experts advise a thicket to wash hands and if there is no water and soap nearby, to use disinfectants.

Alcohol-containing antiseptics for hands destroys a set of different types of bacteria, including the bacteria steady against antibiotics, and mycobacteria of tuberculosis. It is impossible to use them after expiry date, but you should not send to garbage too.

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From our readers: Nastya of Kamensk bragged of a magnificent breast in a strict dress

 nastya Kamensk bragged of a magnificent breast in a strict dress

Nastya Kamenskikh uses a lot of the efforts to conquer Hollywood. After the premiere of the Spanish-speaking hit she actively travels about across the United States of America and communicates with local journalists. So, on air of a popular show the Ukrainian singer appeared in a dress of coal color which emphasized delights of its figure.

"Having lots of fun at Pachanga Latina TV show with Sandy Pimentel on Univision. Love it. On a visit at Univision studio in Boston", - wrote Kamensk.

"Nastya, you fantastically beautiful and effective girl and at you is very beautiful voice, you a clear head!!!", "In Boston likely envy that such beauty arrived to them!", "Nastenka! You are a divine beauty! It is not a pity for the whole world to your legs бросить…", "Nastya needs the husband, her age-mate and same hot as she. You look, couple more such pass tours abroad and on the Grammy you will already come to a red carpet with another" - users of social network admire.

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Popular : test for flexibility of your creative thinking

test for flexibility of your creative thinking

Creative thinking is necessary for all, from the artist to the businessman. It is free, it gives pleasure and brings satisfaction. Steve Rouling is the author of the book "I Want More Ideas" - it is sure that in creative thinking an important role is played by tolerance to uncertainty. If you do not take out uncertainty if you prefer to freedom of choice only true  the answer, idea search process  can cause in you irritation and even confusion.

Let's find out by means of the small test as far as you are ready to uncertainty. Estimate from 1 to 10 following of a statement where 1= it is rare on a scale, and 10= it is frequent.

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Amusing: where to find gloves which will serve to you not one season

 where to find gloves which will serve to you not one season

Irina Shchapova, journalist, feminist and unruly shopaholic

The principles of reasonable consumption and our own bank account kind of hint that it is more favorable to buy one qualitative thing for several seasons, than to get every year inexpensive and short-lived. In the winter the question is particularly acute, and you, most likely, will prefer genuine leather and warm wool to all set of artificial materials which do not warm so well and are to the touch not so pleasant.

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by of Windows ink for artists and all who got used to write by hand it is updated

Windows ink for artists and all who got used to write by hand

The Build 2016 developers conference became the brightest technological event of the last week. There Microsoft showed to the world what it works on and what sees the future of technologies. New version of Windows 10, updating Skype, boats as basis of a web and HoloLens. All this, undoubtedly, interestingly, but is especially distinguished from announcements of the company to Windows Ink & #8212; a set of products for all users who still prefer the handle and paper.

In more detail for all high-tech industry it was told about great value of this technology in Max Slater-Robins note of "Microsoft is really gunning for the iPad Pro with Windows Ink" published by the WinBeta resource. Certainly, the point of view stated in this note is only one of possible. Besides, today nothing defined can be told about convenience of Windows Ink, it is possible to make certain assumptions only.

Windows Ink is a set of products for Surface Pro and for any other tablets supporting the stylus providing that set of functions which can be very useful to creative people.

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Symptoms, the causes, an opportunity to facilitate the state new

what is acclimatization: symptoms, the causes, an opportunity to facilitate a state

In cold season so there is a wish to get warm on the hot sun and to swim in the sea. Now such opportunity appeared even at families state employees - to acquire the permit to the hot country not so expensively, especially when the holiday falls on unpopular time - does not coincide with summer and possible holidays.

The anticipation of pleasant rest does not come true. In 2-3 days someone from family gets sick - and, most often are children. Adults test an indisposition too, but explain it with nervousness, fatigue, concern for children and change of time zones. Adults are perplexed where they managed to catch an infection? Meanwhile it is not a disease yet. So there takes place acclimatization - the organism adapts to new climate.

Acclimatization symptoms really remind the beginning of a bacterial infection and at children are more expressed, than at adults.

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to Me today 50 here 10 lessons which I would like to know 10 years ago, from our users

 to me 50 here 10 years ago today 10 lessons which I would like to know 10 years ago

Listen, while the getting is good! 

When I was 40 years old, someone presented me a support with an inscription: "If you did not grow up by 40 years, then and it is not necessary for you".

Recently I saw the same support, only for 50-year-old, Bob Kerli tells.

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