Calendar of holidays, popular

holidays in August, 2018: calendar of holidays

Existence of holidays is caused not only by love of the Russian person to days off and a cheerful feast, but also historical and psychological factors. So it developed that similar collective actions rally people in a uniform rush of celebration of a joint event, as whatever cultures and the standards of living they ranked themselves. Therefore holidays became an integral part of our life and know about the most important of them - extremely important information for any modern person. In this article, we collected for you the list of the most important and interesting holidays which will be celebrated in August, 2018 in Russia.

On August 2, 2018 (Thu) - Russian Airborne Troops Day. The holiday devoted to employees of airborne troops. It is one of the most known holidays of military in our country, annually it is celebrated with big scope. In this date all who serve or once served in troops of airborne forces surely go outside in shape, meet at monuments or fountains, sing songs and remember days of army service.

On August 9, 2018 (Thu) - the Victory Day in the Gangut battle. This battle took place in 1714 in Finland at the cape of Gangut. As a result of it Russia received an exit to the Baltic Sea that positively affected the history of our state.

On August 12, 2018 (vs.) - the Day of the Air Force devoted to the Air Force of Russia in this date, it is accepted to remember names of the dead protecting our Homeland. Also this day there is rewarding of especially caused a stir military. On August 22, 2018 (cf.) - Day of a flag. This holiday was founded in 1996. It is devoted to one of the central attributes of our state - to a flag of the Russian Federation. In honor of this event there take place festive events during which the comer ribbons with a tricolor are distributed. On August 23, 2018 (Thu) - the Victory Day of the Soviet troops in the Kursk fight. One of the central battles of times of World War II which happened in 1943. The Soviet Union won this fight that strongly affected the further course of military operations.27 of August, 2018 (Mon) - Day of cinema. This day all fans of cinema celebrate the holiday devoted to one of the most important manifestations of culture of the person - to cinema. The calendar of holidays for August, 2018: table

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Amusing : 6 advantages to be engaged every week

advantage of Pilates: 6 advantages to be engaged every week

Pilates becomes popular. More and more people are engaged in it at least once in a week. At first they perceive this practice just as one of types of physical exercises, but subsequently realize what the true advantage of Pilates consists in: without exaggeration it is possible to tell that it is a guarantee of physical and mental health.

Among the main advantages of Pilates it should be noted: the help in fight against excess weight, maintenance of muscles in a tone, improvement of a bearing and a possibility of overcoming nervous breakdowns, such as the increased concern, alarm and stress.

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Selection: learn to earn money

 learn to earn money

Induced to write this article me two events:

First, the question received by me from the subscriber who, I admit honestly nonplused me - and I ask for your help again to answer it.

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New heading: psychics and fears help of the psychologist

psychics and fears help of the psychologist

Psychics & #8212; a unique sort people to whom it is allowed from above to help persons in need to fight against a number of problems. In particular, the psychic is capable to help to win to the person against his fears. Fear & #8212; this some kind of disease, but with it is possible and it is necessary to fight. To resort to the help of the psychic many efforts from the person in need are not necessary, and here the psychic needs to apply a huge number of efforts to help.

Recently in practice Mehdi had a non-standard case. The woman which she very long time was afraid of the closed space asked for the help. It put a huge number of efforts to overcome the fears most, but, unfortunately, it turned out nothing. She addressed a large number of psychologists, but also they were powerless. What her surprise when after reception at Mehdi she could cross the greatest fear was. All know that Mehdi does not work as the psychic already long time, but it did not prevent it to find a way out of a problem for this woman.

As for psychics, they first of all have to be excellent psychologists. Psychics have to be able to find individual approach to each addressed. Work of the psychic & #8212; difficult process, but result justifies means. You remember, dear friends that before addressing the psychic, you have to understand accurately & #8212; why you need consultation of the psychic. Respect work of psychics and save the time.

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New on the website: list of the most useful

in what products contains folic acid: list of the most useful

The correct balance of various vitamins and minerals is necessary for normal functioning of an organism. The lack of any of these substances is capable to do considerable harm, sometimes irreparable. One of such important elements is folic acid or, in a different way, B9 vitamin. Its shortcoming is fraught with a set of unpleasant problems with health. Therefore it is regularly necessary to include in a diet the products containing folic acid.

In the 30th years of the last century scientists noticed medical effect of the extract which is formed at disintegration of yeast on the pregnant women and persons suffering from an anemia.

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the Most interesting: a diet of an angel for 13 days, belkovo

diet of an angel for 13 days, belkovo

The diet of an angel is an effective vitamin and proteinaceous power supply circuit. In such power supply system the diet consists only of proteinaceous food, vegetables and fruit are added to it. 13 days keep to a diet, for this term loss of weight is even up to 8 kg. If you treat meat eaters and like to eat in the evening, then this diet is simply created for you, the morning meal in this diet is very limited. At your diet there will be many vegetables and greens and also fruit, which are responsible for receipt in an organism of useful minerals and vitamins that positively affects a condition of skin and gives it a healthy shade. The cellulose arriving from vegetables and greens promotes more best work of intestines.

A pokhudatelny diet of an angel treat positive sides:

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of Opinion of scientists of rather alien origin of an oumuamu were divided, the most readable

 opinions of scientists of rather alien origin of an oumuamu were shared

Literally the other day scientific work under authorship of two scientists from Harvard University did noise: they said that the cigar-shaped stone flying through our Solar system can be sent by aliens. Scientists noted that it "the exotic scenario", but "Oumuamua can be completely functional probe sent to Earth by aliens".

The Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object which got to our Solar system disperses away from the Sun quicker, than it was expected therefore there were assumptions that he is pushed by the certain artificial sail working from sunlight - a light sail.

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the Main symptoms, at the request of chitaty

polyps in a large intestine: main symptoms

Do you know what is polyps of a large intestine? Unfortunately, this problem not so seldom meets.

The main issue which in this case usually interests, is as follows: as far as polyps are dangerous? We hurry to calm you: in most cases these new growths in intestines are good-quality.

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Selection: how to receive the invitation to work to Poland from the employer in 2019

 how to receive the invitation to work to Poland from the employer in 2019

Poland extremely favorable country for employment. The main document allowing to receive a working visa is the invitation to work to Poland. It is simple to receive it. However it is necessary to be attentive as cases of fakes are not excluded. Some citizens of Russia and other CIS countries had to face that instead of the original document suggested to buy them a fake.

With guarantee to receive within 10 days the invitation for work, we recommend to address to the checked company working more than 6 years with Poland

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Necessary documents and as to receive it in 2019, amusing

rvp for Ukrainians: necessary documents and as to receive it in 2019

The Russian Federation always sought to support mutual friendly contacts with Ukraine by means of various intergovernmental arrangements, especially such which significantly simplify an order of finding of Ukrainians in Russia, and receiving by them RVP and the residence permit. Especially it became relevant in 2014 and 2015 when sad incidents forced many citizens of Ukraine to address to offices of FMS of the Russian Federation.

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