As agutin and varum celebrated 20, at requests of readers

 as agutin and varum celebrated 20

We wrote that on January 15 one of the strongest married couples of the Russian show business celebrated 20-year anniversary of family life. Leonid Agutin then devoted to the spouse touching verses in Instagram, and Anjelica Varum gently answered a congratulation.

The other day spouses solemnly celebrated anniversary, having brought together relatives and friends at the Moscow restaurant. Guests were in full strength photographed together with & #171; юбил¤рами» - this picture published Agutin.

& #171; Celebrated twenty years, it was remarkable. Time flies oh как» & #8212; Leonid Agutin under the photo wrote.

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Work, the standard of living, the prices and salary in Cameroon in 2018, new

work, the standard of living, the prices and salary in Cameroon in 2018

Cameroon located in the west of the African continent is called by "Africa in a miniature" thanks to geological and cultural diversity. In this country there are beaches and deserts, mountains, savannas and tropical forests. At the population more than 22 million people can be found in Cameroon about 230 different languages and dialects.

For expats unique and surprising experience opens here. Many residents of other countries lodged here and derive pleasure from an exotic way of life, the luxurious environment, reap benefits from promising economy.

In Cameroon works many international companies which chose the country for the sake of cheap labor. But local labor market demands foreign technologies in many areas. Therefore, to try to find work, considering the correct profile, it is possible.

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the Best business of the idea for the organization of business activity without investments, new

 the best business of the idea for the organization of business activity without investments

Whether perhaps to create own business without any investments? As it appears, to create business without financial investments quite possibly. However in this case investments of other sort will be necessary: intellectual, physical, etc. Besides, the quite good idea allowing to create profitable activity is necessary. The best are presented in this article business of the idea without investments of own financial means.

This the best business the idea without investments enjoys improbable popularity recently. It means work which can be carried out directly at home in any time, convenient for you. You need Internet access and also the computer or the laptop.

Among the best ideas for work are in the Internet:

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Is updated: pictures of neobychnost which can be met in daily occurrence of 26 photos

pictures of neobychnost which can be met in daily occurrence of 26 photos

We are surrounded by stereotypes, we get used that we surround us. But it is worth looking narrowly at the world more attentively and it is possible to find a set of neobychnost, to see habitual objects and the phenomena from an unexpected side. We also offer such photos.

Only optical illusion, and turns out modern "Flying Dutchman".

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Interesting: how to put on as the Scandinavian woman of fashion

 how to put on as the Scandinavian woman of fashion

Within the last two years Scandinavia in its different manifestations came out of the shadow and jumped in a mainstream. Nordic trends concern a way of life, the choice of the place for a travel, well and fashion, certainly. Modern stritstayl-photographers aspire to Copenhagen and Stockholm because exactly there today the highest concentration of not hackneyed and original style. It is represented as something incredibly esthetic, created without efforts. And any even the most superfashionable thing does not look on these girls krichashche or vulgarly. Perhaps, thanking not only to talent to carry things as dictates own heart, and because of a habit to be painted and look most natural not strongly. Why not to gather for itself several feshn-precepts from female residents of these cities? After all not Paris uniform the fashion is alive!

And you thought differently? Of course, and we too. Because around the Scandinavian fashion the set of stereotypes about black from legs to the head or neutral beige already managed to develop. But actually at an arsenal of girls of this region there are both bright shades, and improbable faux fur, and slogans (but not logos), and even sequins. But there is one "but": inhabitants of Northern Europe though take the current trends into account, interpret them always in own way. And easily mix something extraordinary with favourite Adidas gym shoes and invariable linen bags.

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Selection: fidelity of the husband

fidelity of the husband

Men proved as a being polygamous, and each woman is afraid of treason from the satellite. Even being married to the family man to the core, women make rows to jealousy from time to time and see in very young girls of competitors. What to do if the husband changes, the famous psychic Alyona Kurilova knows.

That the husband did not change, it is necessary to carry out several ceremonies and rituals in kitchen and also to follow some rules. The editorial office "So Simply!" will share councils of the psychic Alyona Kurilova which will serve as prevention of treason of the husband.

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New : monetization of the website by means of the online consultant

monetization of the website by means of the online consultant

Spotted in the reader of a topsapa in financial strips sometimes the Leadia service flashes.

Here decided to zaregatsya and look what the animal is.

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of Forex, Forex, trader, trading, rating of brokers Forex of masterforex-v academy, gold, discussion

forex, Forex, trader, trading, rating of brokers Forex of masterforex-v academy, gold

The prices of precious metals in 11 years grew to the maximum mark. It is worth reminding that gold ounce cost at the beginning of 2011 was 1495 dollars while the end of the year was marked by the 12% growth of metal. So, the price tag of the designated volume in the last December day was equal to 1566 dollars. The market Volantilnost last year subdued unknown heights, having exceeded a mark of 1920 US dollars for ounce. Two last quarters of the left year showed that today gold is quite risky asset which is characterized by a high volantilnost.

Having remembered history, we will note that 80 years ago when the price tag of gold made 20 dollars for ounce, it always grew though it is not necessary to speak about stability. As for 2012, experts believe that the price of metals will be influenced by factors from which the decision of FTS and the next plan for priming of economy of the USA on a reprint of dollars will become the main thing (this plan is called still quantitative easing). However, if it does not come true, the U.S. dollar will not become cheaper, the t.e its value will only increase. Therefore the gold estimated in the American currency will begin to lose value. Certainly, will correct the price tag and debt crisis of the eurozone capable to increase its cost to 1900 dollars for standard volume. In addition, the contribution to pricing will be made also by citizens who prefer to store savings in gold in recent years.

Analysts of Academy of Forex and exchange trade of Masterforex-V claim that almost 11-year bull trend in the "gold" market is connected mainly with activity of the investment funds accumulating precious metals in physical shape. End of a trend can be expected when investment funds begin selling of metal. It is possible to give as a living example "SPDR Gold" which sold 40 tons of gold then price tags began to fall on it in December. And nevertheless, what forecasts for precious metal for 2012?

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Is updated: the international airport of the city of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan

the international airport of the city of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan

Recently there took place opening of one of the most impressive international airports of the world. The airport of Ashgabat is the main gate of Turkmenistan in air, and its solemn presentation took place under patronage of the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The new complex is considered with an ulterior motive a country sight, for the scale with which carpet gel was applied on it, he even became the champion of the Guinness Book of Records.

At the moment the air terminal can pass about 1600 passengers for an hour, and the country spent more than two billion dollars for its construction. But also it is not the only features of newly appeared air terminal complex.

The former airport of Turkmenistan was open in 1994 and bore a name of the previous president & #8212; Saparmurat Niyazov. At that time he was executed in unique architectural style and equipped with the newest and revolutionary technical equipment. Two strips for take off and landing of air transport which were equipped according to standards of ICAO were available, and the platform could take any kinds of air transport.

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