of 8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head, secrets

8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head

To take a shower before going to bed & #8212; it is a fine habit which helps to relax a body and to reach the best sleep quality. The evening shower removes the muscular stress and a stress which usually collects after end of the wearisome working day.

Nevertheless, be careful: to sleep with wet hair & #8212; means to subject itself to development of some problems with health.

At first sight, it is absolutely harmless, but day after day the negative effect collects and it can result in undesirable effect at the capillary level and also in muscles and in reaction of the immune system.

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How to develop deduction we study at Sherlock, a novelty

 how to develop deduction we study at Sherlock

It seems to me all who read to a story about Sherlock Holmes, would like though a little bit to get closer to his surprising ability logically to argue. How to develop deduction? Let's study at it!

Most of us do not pay attention to the world around us. Deduction is first of all ability to notice fine details. That is this development of a habit to be constantly "included", to be in consciousness with constantly switched on "internal analyzer".

It is not superhuman ability. So far as concerns Sherlock, he all life cultivated a habit to be attentive. He was not born with this ability, he purposefully developed it. We have many bad habits in consciousness, they need to be traced, and gradually to eliminate, replacing useful.

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Protection of life, the most readable

protection of life

The letter with a difficult question came - I give the answer based on my personal experience

Your opinion on accumulative programs in insurance companies?

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the C passport of Spain can visit 157 countries without visa processing, a new heading

 with the passport of Spain it is possible to visit 157 countries without visa processing

Now citizens of Spain with only one passport, without visa processing can visit 157 countries. Such information became known thanks to the rating made by the Arton Capital company on the basis of the researches conducted in 199 countries of the world.

Spain, having risen from the sixth line, now takes the second place of this rating along with such countries as Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Finland. Leaders in this list are Germany and Sweden with which documents it is possible to visit the greatest number of the countries & #8211; 158.

Last year the first place was held by the USA and Great Britain. Now the passport of the USA gives the chance to go to 155 countries (this fourth place in the top list).

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Selection: our favourite festive songs

playlist: our favourite festive songs

Here also there came long-awaited magic winter vacation! Even it is not trusted! We hope, all of you were in time: bought gifts to relatives, got a dress for festive night, put a fir-tree and decorated the house, and today you complete small affairs and mentally you prepare for a holiday. And we already prepared for you a small gift - the classical playlist for a sincere New Year's party. Happy New year!

Listen to New Year 2018/Classic - Simple + Beyond on Yandex. To music

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Amusing : whether it is authorized in 2019

dual citizenship of Moldova and Russia: whether it is authorized in 2019

World globalization led to the fact that people want to have passports of several countries. Let's consider whether the dual citizenship in Moldova is possible.

Dual citizenship, or bipatrizm & #8212; it is a possibility of the person to have citizenship of 2 powers and at the same time to have rights and freedoms of the people of these countries. It is possible if between the states the relevant contract is signed. Today Moldova has no such agreements with one country.

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Interesting : a transfer and the taxi in the airport Zhukovsky of Moscow, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo

transfer and the taxi in the airport Zhukovsky of Moscow, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo

During the travel there can suddenly be a problem how to reach the necessary destination. Especially it concerns night flights. The Kiwitaxi company suggests Muscovites and city visitors to call the taxi in the Zhukovsky airport from any point of the country and at any time. It is enough to order for itself a transfer in advance that will allow to avoid excess problems and additional expenses.

Also on our website it is possible to learn how to reach from Domodedovo Airport Sheremetyevo.

The order of the taxi in the Zhukovsky airport in the Kiwitaxi company is a guarantee that in the agreed place you will be met and will bring to the destination. Flights are possible in any directions: in Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo. It is possible to manage the order in the online mode. For this purpose it is enough to perform the following operations:

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Useful communications, the most interesting

useful communications

Friends, I thank all who fitted in and managed to pay my training "How to learn to establish useful connection and on it to make good money".

I report that the cost of this training increased to 1.000 rub, it will rise again soon!, will also grow further! You hurry to make the decision on the participation in it. Though...

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English way of investment, selection

English way of investment

The essence of work with investments in the stock market consists in transactions of purchase and sale of securities of various issuers, at the same time process can take place in the different ways. One of the stablest and more than 50 years checked already is the English way of investment.

As well as many things concerning mysterious England, this method of an investment of money it is similar to the Chinese casket. The cover hides essence, the main idea. The top layer is an insurance policy from the insurance company (IC) with the index of high reliability. And the interior consists of the securities of various face value bought by the investor. Per se, insurance comes into force in case of approach of death of the investor - his relatives receive 100% of the sum of a contribution and 1% of insurance payments.

If to speak about technical nuances of the English method of investment, then the step-by-step procedure looks approximately so:

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Updating: a bedroom interior in style shabby

bedroom interior in style shabby

And again we rejoice to return of heat and a cosiness of 1980. Furniture of which we were already going to get rid in fashion again. Therefore with advantage we get grandmother's dressers, chairs, covers and we create in the house popular style - shabby - chic.

The interior includes pieces of antiques and feeling of an old age. Shabby things with the burned-out color are shown openly and without shame now. Only it is not necessary to confuse the room with a heap of an ancient junk with the fashionable work of art.

The furniture which became obsolete the terms enters on new level and continues to live. It is slightly updated to reach comfort and a cosiness. The style can be used in the separate room or to organize it in all the house. If you were already interested in this cheap design capable to create a smart look to your house, read further.

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