of Opinion of scientists of rather alien origin of an oumuamu were divided, the most readable

 opinions of scientists of rather alien origin of an oumuamu were shared

Literally the other day scientific work under authorship of two scientists from Harvard University did noise: they said that the cigar-shaped stone flying through our Solar system can be sent by aliens. Scientists noted that it "the exotic scenario", but "Oumuamua can be completely functional probe sent to Earth by aliens".

The Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object which got to our Solar system disperses away from the Sun quicker, than it was expected therefore there were assumptions that he is pushed by the certain artificial sail working from sunlight - a light sail.

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the Main symptoms, at the request of chitaty

polyps in a large intestine: main symptoms

Do you know what is polyps of a large intestine? Unfortunately, this problem not so seldom meets.

The main issue which in this case usually interests, is as follows: as far as polyps are dangerous? We hurry to calm you: in most cases these new growths in intestines are good-quality.

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Selection: how to receive the invitation to work to Poland from the employer in 2019

 how to receive the invitation to work to Poland from the employer in 2019

Poland extremely favorable country for employment. The main document allowing to receive a working visa is the invitation to work to Poland. It is simple to receive it. However it is necessary to be attentive as cases of fakes are not excluded. Some citizens of Russia and other CIS countries had to face that instead of the original document suggested to buy them a fake.

With guarantee to receive within 10 days the invitation for work, we recommend to address to the checked company working more than 6 years with Poland 100viz.com.

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Necessary documents and as to receive it in 2019, amusing

rvp for Ukrainians: necessary documents and as to receive it in 2019

The Russian Federation always sought to support mutual friendly contacts with Ukraine by means of various intergovernmental arrangements, especially such which significantly simplify an order of finding of Ukrainians in Russia, and receiving by them RVP and the residence permit. Especially it became relevant in 2014 and 2015 when sad incidents forced many citizens of Ukraine to address to offices of FMS of the Russian Federation.

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of 8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head, secrets

8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head

To take a shower before going to bed & #8212; it is a fine habit which helps to relax a body and to reach the best sleep quality. The evening shower removes the muscular stress and a stress which usually collects after end of the wearisome working day.

Nevertheless, be careful: to sleep with wet hair & #8212; means to subject itself to development of some problems with health.

At first sight, it is absolutely harmless, but day after day the negative effect collects and it can result in undesirable effect at the capillary level and also in muscles and in reaction of the immune system.

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How to develop deduction we study at Sherlock, a novelty

 how to develop deduction we study at Sherlock

It seems to me all who read to a story about Sherlock Holmes, would like though a little bit to get closer to his surprising ability logically to argue. How to develop deduction? Let's study at it!

Most of us do not pay attention to the world around us. Deduction is first of all ability to notice fine details. That is this development of a habit to be constantly "included", to be in consciousness with constantly switched on "internal analyzer".

It is not superhuman ability. So far as concerns Sherlock, he all life cultivated a habit to be attentive. He was not born with this ability, he purposefully developed it. We have many bad habits in consciousness, they need to be traced, and gradually to eliminate, replacing useful.

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Protection of life, the most readable

protection of life

The letter with a difficult question came - I give the answer based on my personal experience

Your opinion on accumulative programs in insurance companies?

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the C passport of Spain can visit 157 countries without visa processing, a new heading

 with the passport of Spain it is possible to visit 157 countries without visa processing

Now citizens of Spain with only one passport, without visa processing can visit 157 countries. Such information became known thanks to the rating made by the Arton Capital company on the basis of the researches conducted in 199 countries of the world.

Spain, having risen from the sixth line, now takes the second place of this rating along with such countries as Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Finland. Leaders in this list are Germany and Sweden with which documents it is possible to visit the greatest number of the countries & #8211; 158.

Last year the first place was held by the USA and Great Britain. Now the passport of the USA gives the chance to go to 155 countries (this fourth place in the top list).

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Selection: our favourite festive songs

playlist: our favourite festive songs

Here also there came long-awaited magic winter vacation! Even it is not trusted! We hope, all of you were in time: bought gifts to relatives, got a dress for festive night, put a fir-tree and decorated the house, and today you complete small affairs and mentally you prepare for a holiday. And we already prepared for you a small gift - the classical playlist for a sincere New Year's party. Happy New year!

Listen to New Year 2018/Classic - Simple + Beyond on Yandex. To music

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Amusing : whether it is authorized in 2019

dual citizenship of Moldova and Russia: whether it is authorized in 2019

World globalization led to the fact that people want to have passports of several countries. Let's consider whether the dual citizenship in Moldova is possible.

Dual citizenship, or bipatrizm & #8212; it is a possibility of the person to have citizenship of 2 powers and at the same time to have rights and freedoms of the people of these countries. It is possible if between the states the relevant contract is signed. Today Moldova has no such agreements with one country.

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