Japan facilitates a visa regime for citizens of the countries of Hugo, it is curious

Japan facilitates a visa regime for citizens of the countries of Hugo

The Japanese government tries to make Japan more friendly in relation to citizens of the countries of Southeast Asia. And business here not in kindness and the Japanese hospitality. The tourists from Southeast Asia coming to the Land of the rising sun, spending the money, can well stimulate got stuck for decades in the stagnation complicated by deflation, economy of Japan.

Since summer of the 2013th year the visa is not required to tourists from Thailand and Malaysia for entry into Japan. For Thais the Japanese visa will not be required at stay in Japan no more than 15 days, for Malayans this visa-free term was made more & #8212; three months. Multi-visas will be available to citizens of Philippines and Vietnam to receiving. To Indonesians the term of visas with a possibility of repeated entrance on the territory of Japan was limited for 15 days.

On average, according to Travel Agency of Japan, tourists from Thailand and Malaysia spend 130 thousand yens (41350 Thai baht) during the stay in the country. It is 80% more than the sum which is spent by the average South Korean tourist in Japan. Tourists from South Korea & #8212; the most numerous group of tourists in the country. On average, tourists from Thailand and Malaysia spend 2 weeks in Japan.

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Secrets of use of professional cosmetics for hair, the most interesting

secrets of use of professional cosmetics for hair

Professional cosmetics for hair gives the chance to look to your head of hear for all 100%! Hair reflect the state of health, and the correct care of them can work wonders. A beautiful and stylish hairstyle for all day & #8212; it is result of correctly picked up means of laying for a long time keeping beautiful, well-groomed view. It is important that means provided protection and health to your hairstyle.

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How to reveal a disease, the correct feeding, drug intake, arrangement of the place for a dog, new on the website

care of a sick dog: how to reveal a disease, the correct feeding, drug intake, arrangement of the place for a dog

Various diseases have on dogs not less pernicious effect, than on a human body. Besides the special treatment coordinated with the veterinarian, the chetverolapy patient will need special attention special leaving - otherwise process of recovery can be dragged out.

Each manufacturer has to know symptoms in case of which emergence it is necessary to place urgently the pet on a quarantine and to ask for the veterinary help. Carry to disturbing conditions of animals:

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Is updated: type of higher nervous activity and temperament

type of higher nervous activity and temperament

I.P. Pavlov in the doctrine about types of nervous system of animals and the person for the first time gave the scientific solution of a question of bases of temperament. I.P. Pavlov and his employees, studying conditioned-reflex reactions of dogs, paid attention to individual differences in their behavior which are shown first of all in the speed and accuracy of the movement of conditional reactions - positive or brake, their intensity, ability to react adequately to changes irritants, the general behavior in experimental situations. I.P. Pavlov, proving existence of a certain regularity in manifestation of individual distinctions, made a hypothesis that fundamental properties of nervous processes - excitement and braking, their steadiness and mobility are the cornerstone of them.

Force of nervous system defines its working capacity. It is shown first of all in functional endurance, i.e. ability to maintain long or short-term, but strong excitement. Steadiness of nervous processes is a balance between processes of excitement and braking, and their mobility - the speed of change of excitement and braking. The mobility of nervous processes is shown in ability to change behavior depending on conditions, to pass quickly from a passive state to active, or on the contrary. Opposite mobility quality is the inertness of nervous processes. Nervous system is more inert when more time and efforts for transition from one process to another is required.

These qualities of nervous processes form certain systems, combinations which predetermine type of nervous system.

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the Best options the Internet, at the request of chitaty

the best options Internet

Today practically everyone has an opportunity to open own matter in world network. There are different types the Internet of business, each of which has a number of indisputable advantages. Main of them - profitability and convenient control. Everything that is required for work - the computer, Internet access and basic knowledge in the sphere of finance.

Registration of classical business & #8212; the long process demanding many efforts. The businessman needs to prepare a large number of documents (licenses, certificates, permissions etc.), to rent the room, to pick up personnel. When everything is ready, the businessman is expected by numerous checks from the tax inspection. Modern options of Internet business allow to avoid all these efforts.

Business by the considered method does not depend on an environment, policy or national economy and allows to attract clients from around the world, but not a certain region. One more important advantage of Internet business & #8212; during the work on the Internet it is possible to remain imperceptible for tax administration. All these pluses confirm expediency of opening of own matter in world network.

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Popular : your bank deposit is how safe

your bank deposit is how safe

Until recently deposits in the Russian banks could be considered rather reliable way of preservation and accumulation of the savings.


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Is curious: interview with the winner & 171; sbych мечт&187;

of an interview with winner & 171; sbych мечт&187;

Many, for certain, remember the competition announced by Igor Mann & #171; Sbycha мечт-2».

Mikhail Firsanov from Sochi became the winner. The victory was unconditional & #8212; it sent the whole 70 great ideas! Some, unfortunately, began to put forward thoughts that the tsar artificial he artificial, does not exist, and all this falsification.

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Is updated: characteristic of breed, a photo it is smooth

a Jagdterrier is smooth: characteristic of breed, a photo it is smooth

Important! Ancestors of the German Jagdterrier are the fox terriers crossed to Lakeland Terriers.

This breed was used by selectors for a conclusion of hunting dogs of a new type. Fox terriers enjoyed popularity at the beginning of the nineteenth century. At the same time selectors understood that improvement of external data led to loss of a share of working abilities.

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Secrets: twins - the wood goblin, and cancer - the fright and whom are you in a fantastic horoscope

twins - the wood goblin, and cancer - the fright and whom are you in a fantastic horoscope

Amusing horoscope! 

We present you a magic horoscope which transfers us to the world of Old Russian folklore. Who are you, the brownie or the mermaid? Read rather!

The aries is a Zmey Gorynych

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Popular : an aloe for weight loss

aloe for weight loss

An aloe Vera - it the plant is from North Africa. It has juicy stalks and leaves, grows to height of 80-100 cm. Leaves of a lanceolate form, thick and fleshy, color from green to gray-green, with gear edges. Flowers of yellow color in the form of a pipe 2-3 cm long grow in inflorescences of conical shape.

There are many various ways to use this plant. Japan adds its juice to yogurts and drinks. Pakistan traditionally mixes dried stalks with other herbs and eat this mix after a meal to help digestion. In Mexico people add juice to drinks, it is included into recipes of cocktails. China uses it for production of wine.

Useful properties of the Aloe Vera are in many respects caused by the mucopolysaccharides which are present at leaves in the form of gel which are also known as glikozaminoglikan (EIDERS).

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