Is curious: interview with the winner & 171; sbych мечт&187;

of an interview with winner & 171; sbych мечт&187;

Many, for certain, remember the competition announced by Igor Mann & #171; Sbycha мечт-2».

Mikhail Firsanov from Sochi became the winner. The victory was unconditional & #8212; it sent the whole 70 great ideas! Some, unfortunately, began to put forward thoughts that the tsar artificial he artificial, does not exist, and all this falsification.

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Is updated: characteristic of breed, a photo it is smooth

a Jagdterrier is smooth: characteristic of breed, a photo it is smooth

Important! Ancestors of the German Jagdterrier are the fox terriers crossed to Lakeland Terriers.

This breed was used by selectors for a conclusion of hunting dogs of a new type. Fox terriers enjoyed popularity at the beginning of the nineteenth century. At the same time selectors understood that improvement of external data led to loss of a share of working abilities.

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Secrets: twins - the wood goblin, and cancer - the fright and whom are you in a fantastic horoscope

twins - the wood goblin, and cancer - the fright and whom are you in a fantastic horoscope

Amusing horoscope! 

We present you a magic horoscope which transfers us to the world of Old Russian folklore. Who are you, the brownie or the mermaid? Read rather!

The aries is a Zmey Gorynych

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Popular : an aloe for weight loss

aloe for weight loss

An aloe Vera - it the plant is from North Africa. It has juicy stalks and leaves, grows to height of 80-100 cm. Leaves of a lanceolate form, thick and fleshy, color from green to gray-green, with gear edges. Flowers of yellow color in the form of a pipe 2-3 cm long grow in inflorescences of conical shape.

There are many various ways to use this plant. Japan adds its juice to yogurts and drinks. Pakistan traditionally mixes dried stalks with other herbs and eat this mix after a meal to help digestion. In Mexico people add juice to drinks, it is included into recipes of cocktails. China uses it for production of wine.

Useful properties of the Aloe Vera are in many respects caused by the mucopolysaccharides which are present at leaves in the form of gel which are also known as glikozaminoglikan (EIDERS).

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the Olympic Games, from our readers

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games were born in 776 BC. The Hellenic competitions took place every four years on Peloponnese (the South of Greece) in a sacred grove Altis in Olympia why began to be called the Olympic Games. Men from free citizens, not offenders and never convicted of disgraceful acts were participants.

They competed bared in fight, run, javelin throw, a hammer, a disk, swimming, fisticuffs, heavy lifting and also in run in full arms and arrivals of chariots. By the way, word & laquo; гимнастика» there was from also laquo; гимнос» & mdash; naked.

Many Ancient Greek thinkers, including Demosfen, Democritus, Socrates, Aristotle and Hippocrates, participated in the Olympic Games. Pythagoras was a champion in fisticuffs, and Platon won competitions in a pankration (a combination of boxing and fight). The Olympic Games gave the mass of privileges rather the victory in it was appreciated above military feats! It was important to win only first place, that is to be the best. The second and third was not. Winners were crowned with wreaths from the wild plum growing at Zeus's temple, and return of the Olympian to the hometown turned into the true triumph. He became the national hero and was equated to gods, did it unearthly honors, placed a monument on the main square, and the community supported him until the end of days.

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How to turn the sincere wounds into positive experience, from our users

 how to turn the sincere wounds into positive experience

Unfortunately, many of us prefer to close eyes to emotional pain and not to attach it due significance. And sincere wounds heal most longer.

Each of us had to endure unpleasant episodes about the life, and more than once. Whether it is worth regarding them as defeat or sign of weakness? No. They are a part of ours I and serve as good experience. How to learn to recognize emotional pain?

Read also: There is pain which inflicts suffering, and pain which changes us

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of the Reason, treatment by what diseases it can be caused, is curious

a pulsation in ears: the reasons, treatment by what diseases it can be caused

The congestion of ears and a pulsation are common symptoms which accompany diseases of varying severity. This state rather discomfortable, causes considerable inconveniences.

This factor provokes decrease in auditory acuity, forces to test irritability, affects sleep quality that, in turn, leads to violation of the state of health and leads to heavier pathologies. Therefore it is necessary to find the reason because of which the knock of pulse in ears is constantly heard, and whenever possible to eliminate it.

The strong and weak pulsation in an organ of hearing can be caused by violation of a part of body chronic or infectious diseases, influence of external factors.

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New: return of goods according to the law on consumer protection

return of goods according to the law on consumer protection

Consumers are understood as the citizens having intention to order or get or ordering, getting and using goods only for the personal, family and house and other needs which are not connected with business activity.

At detection of shortcomings of goods by the general rule, you have the right:

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Alexander of priests, the director of easyfinanceru, gave an interview to the hse portal, a selection

 aleksandr priests, the director of easyfinanceru, gave an interview to the hse portal

Alexander Popov, the CEO of the company - the leader of the market of control systems of personal finance - the winner of the conference FinTech Russia, InvestHK FinTech Award (Hong Kong). In 2011 graduated from a magistracy of faculty of management of Higher School of Economics National Research University majoring in "The general and strategic management". Since 2006 works in the IT industry, was a brand manager of social network "My World" Mail.Ru Group:

Why you chose Higher School of Economics National Research University?

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Updating: how to warn and fill

a lack of protein of an organism: how to warn and fill

In the modern world more and more people begin to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, one of the main components of which is the healthy nutrition. Some people consider that to eat properly - means is less fat and fried, it is more than vegetables and fruit. It is right, but not it is enough. Food also has to be balanced on the structure, namely: to contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a certain proportion. One of often found violations of this balance is the lack of protein of an organism.

Proteins are the complex organic compounds which are the cornerstone of activity of the majority of live organisms. In a body of the person they perform various functions:

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