As the man forces to believe the woman that it not in itself, discussion

a gazlayting: as the man forces to believe the woman that she not in himself

The Gazlayting - a violence form, psychological manipulation which essence consists in an intended denial of reality and belief of the partner to stare in disbelief also to ears.

The person who underwent a gazlayting begins to doubt the & #171; адекватности» also can suspect that & #171; descends with ума».

The term appeared after a release of the movie "Gas Light" (& #171; Gaslight» 1944), where the husband arranged any strange incidents, and then convinced the wife that she saw them because the madwoman, and actually nothing of that kind was. That is, it is about methodical brainwashing as a result of which the victim begins to call into question the most obvious facts of reality.

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of the Possibility of study and work in the country in 2019, at requests of readers

as live Russians in Canada: possibilities of study and work in the country in 2019

To move to Canada for many it seems a transcendental dream, but there are real opportunities for its implementation. Russians in Canada for a long time not a rarity. Having decided on an important step, it is worth being ready to a set of difficulties. It is necessary to find housing, work in Canada, to place children in school. It should be done and in the homeland, but here everything is complicated by an unfamiliar situation and lack of any contacts.

Despite all attempts, it was not succeeded to create full-fledged uniform diaspora, but there are societies in the largest cities of Canada. Easier to adapt and begin full-fledged life in Canada, it is possible to address in one of them. Societies are in Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg. Here help the.

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Selection: terrible consequences of the diet, most popular in the USA are called

terrible consequences of the diet, most popular in the USA, are called

Nutritionists of clinic & #171; To Brigs Uomens» in Boston found out that the ketogene diet popular with celebrities and athletes, not so much helps an organism how many increases chances of development of serious diseases.

Within the researches of intestinal microflora and a condition of internals of several groups of people scientists came to a conclusion that the organism not only begins to use fats as the main source of energy, but also & #171; переучивает» that in the long term can lead to anorexia and failures in work of digestive organs, writes a gastrointestinal tract Today.

Except sharp loss of weight the ketogene diet is capable to cause critical fluctuations of level of glucose in blood that can lead to development of the serious diseases connected with a pancreas up to diabetes.

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of Breed of the kindest dogs, at requests of readers

 breeds of the kindest dogs

The dog throughout centuries is near the person, she is called to serve him, to protect and give joy. But here love shaggy pets for such qualities as kindness, arrangement to the person, attachment. Big serdtse10. Pudel9. French buldog8. Senbernar7. Taksa6. Kolli5. Setter4. Tsvergshnautser3. Bigl2. Labrador retriver1. Golden retriever

Dogs have the special gift - they can love the person disinterestedly, sincerely, is comprehensive. The love in kindness to the owner, his family, people around is shown.

Kindness of a dog - the inherited quality of breed or the feeling acquired by education, depends including on the owner.

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New on the website: 30 cases which need to manage to be made about new year Part 1

30 cases which need to manage to be made about new year Part 1

About New year remains less and less time. Of course, much everything is made: plans, the purposes, dreams - all year you devoted to the embodiment them in life. But there is always to what were too busy, and before New year there is a wish that everything was as it is conceived. We made the list of 30 cases which are good to manage for making, did not punch a chiming clock yet. Be run by eyes - suddenly you forgot something. Or long ago wanted, but time was not in any way. We publish the first part.

How often it seems to us that time flies forward. It is necessary only to be surprised: where does it disappear? Life sometimes turns into chaos. Especially when we are not able to dispose of the time and it is correct to plan affairs. And if we are able to plan, then we increase productivity, we reduce the level of stresses and are capable to finish planned.

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Types of long-term permissions and their registration in 2019, popular

the national visa of d to Poland: types of long-term permissions and their registration in 2019

In recent years Poland promptly becomes one of the most attractive countries for emigration among inhabitants of the former Soviet Union.

To receive the invitation within 10 days and with guarantee then specialists of the reliable visa center, more than 6 years working with Poland will help to issue a working visa within 5-7 days of day to you.

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the vertu Company found the new owner for only 50 million British pounds, amusing

the vertu company found the new owner for only 50 million British pounds

The British manufacturing company of the luxury Vertu mobile phones replaced the owner again. It is already the third time when the company changes hands since the moment when Nokia decided to sell this division in 2012. As the The Telegraph newspaper reports, the company for only 50 million British pounds (about 61 million dollars) was bought by investment firm in which management the Turkish businessman Hakan Uzan is engaged.

According to sources, Hakan is a successor once of one of the dominating Turkish families Uzan. In the best years she owned huge conglomerate Uzan Group which possessed a set of banks, power plants, several telecasters and also mobile operator Telsim. The last was founded in 1994 on the money borrowed at Nokia and Motorola. After Telsim faced a number of financial problems because of the formed bubble of "dotcoms", by 2001 the debt of the company on loans made 2,7 billion dollars. Uzan the companies which suffered as a result of it billion losses solved the problems with family in court.

But it was only the beginning of falling of family Uzan. In 2004 the Turkish government nationalized more than 200 companies belonging to Uzan Group. It was made in favor of repayment of a debt of the company almost in 5,7 billion dollars before the Turkish bank Imar Bank. Several high-ranking family members Uzan, including its head Kemal Uzan, moved in races, commenting on the act prosecution them from the state for political motives. As reports The Telegraph, the family Uzan "was granted a political asylum in France, however its exact location remains to unknown".

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you Want to diversify with an image try 3 simple hairstyles with braids, popular

you want to diversify an image try 3 simple hairstyles with braids

When viewing the television program or movie, many women wonder: how do actresses or leaders set hair and do such beautiful hair with braids?

Most of all the fact that these, at first sight, negligent hairstyles with braids are thought actually over to the last detail surprises.

Many from would like to achieve the same effect and to update the image, but are afraid that it is very difficult. It happened to you?

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Is updated: try these 8 exercises

the slender person: try these 8 exercises

Would you like that your person was more slender, and his contours became more accurate? It is possible.

Today we offer you 8 special face exercises which regular performance will help you to achieve the desirable objective. Throughout this article we will tell you in more detail about what should be done.

We assure you, these exercises very simple and you will be able easily to do their houses. Learn by own experience in their efficiency. If you want to have the slender person, find time for exercises and soon you will notice a difference.

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the Morning top of favorable tours from Moscow for December 6, new on the website

morning top of favorable tours from Moscow for December 6

A morning TOP of favorable tours from Moscow for December 6

The best prices of tours from the city of Moscow. a selection from @travel100500bot

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