Andrey of shaban told , than he was surprised by Dubai, a novelty

 andry shaban told, than he was surprised by Dubai

Andrey Shabanov told why everyone should visit Dubai and what surprise with the UAE at least once: & #171; Several facts which I learned about the Emirates in general and about Dubai in particular:

A story that this time we lived just in space hotel. Everything is unreal so that there are no words. Beginning from personalized pillows, with the embroidered names Andrey and Valeriya (Lera Borodina & #8212; Andrey Shabanov's wife), finishing with our joint photo from chocolate as a compliment in number.

A view from the window, a smell in a lobby, breakfasts, the beach, generally all at the level close to "my granny would tell that as though houses". The dinner in for which could be sold the Homeland and conscience. Unique look, fantastic air. And main thing & #8212; that in the evenings in the winter temperature paradise & #8212; 21 C!

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the Most interesting: the management of Facebook decided to close oculus story studio

the management of Facebook decided to close oculus story studio

It seems that problems continue to pursue the Oculus company. Not so long ago we told you that it was left by the founder Palmer Lucky moreover and the court recognized the company of intellectual property, guilty of theft, having obliged to pay to claimants 500 million dollars. This time the management of Facebook made tough decision on closing of the internal studio Story Studio which is responsible for creation of short VR movies and other entertaining content from a narrative component. Today Jason Rubin, the former founder of Naughty Dog studio, and nowadays being the vice president of Oculus for the direction of the user content reported about it to the press.

The Story Studio was founded in 2015, and the short film Lost about the huge robot lost in the forest as if left the animated film Iron Giant became its first project. Then there was a children's interactive animated film about a charming hedgehog by the name of Henry who brought to studio a prestigious gold figurine of Emmie. Surprisingly beautiful story about mother and the daughter under the name Dear Angelica in which postscoring the actress Geena Davies took part became the last Story Studio project today. This animated film was completely drawn by hand in virtual reality on own software of Quill created by specialists of studio (anyone can download it, by the way).

"Two years ago, at dawn of modern VR technologies, the Facebook company based Story Studio to show all infinite opportunities of a new form of visionary art: narrations in real time. Specialists of studio created a series of short films which pushed many famous directors on trying absolutely new VR direction. Now we are on the threshold of new chapter in development of virtual reality therefore to us it is vital to redistribute resources to create the most comfortable ecosystem. After long discussions we made the decision to displace focus from internal development of content on support of external studios. For this reason the Story Studio should be closed", & #8212; the official press release says.

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New on the website: extensions on a back at teenagers as one of features of the pubertal period

 extensions on a back at teenagers as one of features of the pubertal period

Many changes in a teenage organism frighten children and sometimes cause uneasiness in their parents. Manifestations of this period at all different. Very few people from teenagers practically do not feel manifestations of the organism, most of them hard have this time.

Some teenagers have extensions on a back forcing them to feel complexes. One more name of this phenomenon & #8212; "striya". Children hesitate to put on swimming trunks (and girls a bathing suit), coming to the beach or to the pool. Certainly, this problem requires the solution.

First of all it is necessary to understand that striya are not a disease, but they spoil esthetics of a body. As a rule, the prime cause of a problem is that the organism begins to grow promptly, as well as skeletal system, and muscles and skin behind them are not in time.

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the Effective remedy for cold, from our readers

a linden at pregnancy: an effective remedy for cold

The linden is one of effective and safe remedies for treatment of cold, inflammation of a throat and bronchitis. Means on its basis give both to adults, and children. But whether it is possible to use a linden at pregnancy?

Traditional medicine widely uses this plant. Lime color with honey is irreplaceable at the first symptoms of cold and also it has antiseptic effect. The linden is rich with flavonoids, ascorbic acid, essential oils.

Thanks to these substances she struggles with cold, flu, quinsy, other inflammatory and infectious processes. Carotene which stimulates an organism to production of vitamin A is a part.

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in What to be engaged with the child at the weekend, a novelty

 in what to be engaged with the child at the weekend

Do you want to spend days off interestingly and with advantage? Try to write the fairy tale, to go to the museum, to bake the alphabet or to draw fingers! We publish these and other curious ideas from our books.

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Multi-colored beaches in the world of exotic, a novelty

multi-colored beaches in the world of exotic

Today at tourists beach vacation is the most demanded direction, last-minute tours from St. Petersburg to the world of exotic enjoy wide popularity. But if every year to spend the vacation, on the coast of though very beautiful sea, then impressions of such trip will be less and less each time. If you want really new feelings, but do not want to refuse a trip to the sea coast, then choose one of multi-colored beaches for rest, then unforgettable impressions are guaranteed to you.

Very few people know that in the world there are beaches not only with white and golden sand, but also with black, pink, gray, red and even green. Undoubtedly rest in such place will be remembered to you on long and will bring the mass of bright impressions, and you will be able to tell friends that spent the vacation on one of the most rare and beautiful beaches in the world.

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New heading: dog


Who always about us will care, worry and love despite everything? Of course, mothers! Nobody so will fall in love with us and will understand how it is done by mother. Maternal instinct & #8212; amazing thing. The real mother will kill for the child and will assert his rights anyway. Mother is not important whether she is full, it will give the last crumbs to the child. So occurs not only at people, animals show improbable feelings to the children too.

This dog the most improbable example of manifestation of maternal feelings among animals. The unusual case occurred in Spain. At this dog the paw is broken, but she gave rise shchenochok in the thrown car quite recently. The dog did everything possible to lead the veterinarian to this car and to show it the shchenochok. The act of a dog stuns what she is a good girl! Born mother. As it is touching! Do you want to look as this story from outside looked?

Video was pleasant? Tell about it to friends!

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New on the website: that in them the truth, and that

myths about diets: that in them the truth, and that

Alyona Paretskaya, pediatrician

Almost all from growing thin at least once in life tried to keep to a diet or to starve, a half practices various diets with enviable regularity, but is often ineffectual. Around diets many myths soar and they in 90% of cases are irrational and inefficient. As a result, on statistical data, suffers from excess weight from 25% of the population of the planet, and these are not final figures.

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Updating: crowdsourcing in operation

crowdsourcing in operation

"The literary Newspaper" has a talk with directors of six Moscow libraries which proved on the example that a new view - the best way to the reader's heart.

In the middle of October, 2015 the Government of Moscow started the crowdsourcing ≠ project "My Library" which main goal was a transformation of libraries into popular and modern public spaces - the cultural centers of intellectual development. For a month residents of the capital stated the offers and the ideas, the best of which formed the basis of the development plan for libraries of Moscow.

Free Wi-Fi, services in copying of documents, cafeteria, padded stools and pillows on window sills - in addition to the reading room, courses of a calligraphy and video displays - instead of library evenings, boring, similar to school lessons. It is possible to treat similar decisions differently, but the fact remains: they work. Only the newest approaches and decisions can return to library of the modern person who wallowed in gadgets and entertaining leisure. Convenient and relevant formats of work, qualitative book fund and professional employees - all this does libraries necessary for Muscovites and reduces distance between literature and the reader.

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Bulgaria in September what resort to choose, amusing

Bulgaria in September what resort to choose

In the fall, and if more precisely & #8212; in September in Bulgaria the velvet season begins. And this great time for rest. Because weather still excellent, the prices already fall considerably. And most important & #8212; the European youth, noisy, aggressive and always drunk parted on houses. So, any barriers to a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Especially as the warm sea and awesome beaches of Bulgaria and in September did not disappear anywhere, all also wait and please tourists.

And some more facts in favor of September rest in Bulgaria:

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