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Who always about us will care, worry and love despite everything? Of course, mothers! Nobody so will fall in love with us and will understand how it is done by mother. Maternal instinct & #8212; amazing thing. The real mother will kill for the child and will assert his rights anyway. Mother is not important whether she is full, it will give the last crumbs to the child. So occurs not only at people, animals show improbable feelings to the children too.

This dog the most improbable example of manifestation of maternal feelings among animals. The unusual case occurred in Spain. At this dog the paw is broken, but she gave rise shchenochok in the thrown car quite recently. The dog did everything possible to lead the veterinarian to this car and to show it the shchenochok. The act of a dog stuns what she is a good girl! Born mother. As it is touching! Do you want to look as this story from outside looked?

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New on the website: that in them the truth, and that

myths about diets: that in them the truth, and that

Alyona Paretskaya, pediatrician

Almost all from growing thin at least once in life tried to keep to a diet or to starve, a half practices various diets with enviable regularity, but is often ineffectual. Around diets many myths soar and they in 90% of cases are irrational and inefficient. As a result, on statistical data, suffers from excess weight from 25% of the population of the planet, and these are not final figures.

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Updating: crowdsourcing in operation

crowdsourcing in operation

"The literary Newspaper" has a talk with directors of six Moscow libraries which proved on the example that a new view - the best way to the reader's heart.

In the middle of October, 2015 the Government of Moscow started the crowdsourcing ≠ project "My Library" which main goal was a transformation of libraries into popular and modern public spaces - the cultural centers of intellectual development. For a month residents of the capital stated the offers and the ideas, the best of which formed the basis of the development plan for libraries of Moscow.

Free Wi-Fi, services in copying of documents, cafeteria, padded stools and pillows on window sills - in addition to the reading room, courses of a calligraphy and video displays - instead of library evenings, boring, similar to school lessons. It is possible to treat similar decisions differently, but the fact remains: they work. Only the newest approaches and decisions can return to library of the modern person who wallowed in gadgets and entertaining leisure. Convenient and relevant formats of work, qualitative book fund and professional employees - all this does libraries necessary for Muscovites and reduces distance between literature and the reader.

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Bulgaria in September what resort to choose, amusing

Bulgaria in September what resort to choose

In the fall, and if more precisely & #8212; in September in Bulgaria the velvet season begins. And this great time for rest. Because weather still excellent, the prices already fall considerably. And most important & #8212; the European youth, noisy, aggressive and always drunk parted on houses. So, any barriers to a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Especially as the warm sea and awesome beaches of Bulgaria and in September did not disappear anywhere, all also wait and please tourists.

And some more facts in favor of September rest in Bulgaria:

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Life hack: truth or fiction

false pregnancy: truth or fiction

The woman's nature such is that sooner or later each woman begins to have desire to become mother. At someone to execute a dream it turns out quickly, and someone for many years unsuccessfully tries to become pregnant and take out the child. Sometimes the idea to give birth to the kid becomes so persuasive that the woman feels like the pregnant woman and even observes all signs of origin of new life though there is no pregnancy. Such psychoemotional violation received the name "false pregnancy". What reasons and symptoms of this phenomenon and whether it is necessary to treat it?

A syndrome of false pregnancy - the serious violation concerning both a mental, and physical condition of the woman, but which is found today is extremely rare: according to only 6 of 22 000 pregnancies are false. Because of it the modern medicine still did not manage to establish the exact reasons and the mechanism of development of pseudo-pregnancy.

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How successfully to have a group interview at employment, at requests of readers

 how successfully to have a group interview at employment

Many companies by search and selection of employees on this or that vacancy use a group interview. As a rule, they address a similar form in case of deficiency of time and big influx of applicants who, in turn, can believe that in such conditions it will be easier for them to convince the employer of own exclusiveness. And for this purpose it is necessary to be ready to this action.

The employer looks for for himself the worker answering concrete, often known only to him, requirements. If you submitted the application for replacement of a vacancy - means you have a desire to get this job, and skill level, from your point of view, corresponds to conditions, shown by the employer. It was necessary to answer the main issue - what qualities the applicant has to have and what he has to know without fail before having a group interview?

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Novelty: Ksenia borodina before plastic surgeries, a photo and video

kseniye of Borodino before plastic surgeries, a photo and video

Ksenia Borodina for the first time appeared on a TV screen in May, 2004 as the leader of the starting reality show "House-2" which end the audience still did not see. The ambitious young lady helped participants to construct correctly the relations, gave advice and sincerely worried about their destinies. Now Ksyusha Borodina is still faithful to the program, however and internally, and externally cardinally exchanged. The naive little girl was succeeded grown wise life, by the corrected by plastic surgeons, beautiful and strong woman.

Ksenia Karimovna Amoyeva's biography (the real name and a surname of the girl) originates on March 8, 1983. Then in the city of Moscow in the Armenian family the pretty pukhloguby and big-eyed little girl Ksyusha was born.

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At requests of readers: main types of passive income in Russia

main types of passive income in Russia

The existing sources of receiving profit can be divided into two unequal categories - active or linear which are received by hired workers, businessmen, privately practicing experts, and passive (nonlinear, residual) which receiving do not demand personal participation of the recipient and leaves his time free for other activity or rest. The possibility of receiving different types of passive income demands, first of all, creation of an initial asset, or the capital, and then the choice like its investment which will make the guaranteed profit without direct and constant participation of the owner.

Main types of passive income come down to the following:

All these sources of passive income assume initial formation of this or that asset. Creation of a contribution, participation in share funds and transfer of finance to trust management requires accumulation of the starting capital. For acquisition of the real estate it is necessary to have a certain sum of means, and certain abilities and considerable work are necessary for creation of all types of intellectual property. As for online projects and other types of business, achievement of level when they can make notable profit, demands considerable time, investment of capital and special knowledge.

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At requests of readers: chronicle of a polyphase dream

chronicle of a polyphase dream

I decided to make this updating with the story about the course of my experiment with a polyphase dream since I have some interesting events.

Conscious dreams. On Monday, right after midnight I had the next conscious dream. This dream was not same bright as previous, but I considered it an important event since almost never tested conscious dreams two nights in a row. If the polyphase dream increases the frequency of conscious dreams, then it will be for me a big bonus.

Night lamp light. The last several days I slept with dim light of a night lamp to estimate effect. Now it to become habitual for me. I found out that additional light well helps me to fight against night drowsiness. My night a somnolence, with the included night lamp, seem more refreshing. Besides, light can be one of the factors influencing emergence of conscious dreams.

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Value of color and a style in business fashion for women, at the request of chitaty

value of color and style in business fashion for women

The modern business woman is simply obliged to look good. Proverb & #171; meet on одежке» apparently, will never become outdated. Now, very much attention is paid to appearance and clothes. Mass of councils, articles, stylists & #8212; all learn to be & #187; in тренде» especially, if you & #8212; business vuman, otherwise, will comprehend you a failure. So speak and write, but, whether so it actually? Certainly, business the sphere obliges to follow certain rules, including, and in clothes. However, it does not mean at all that business clothes for women & #8212; it is strictly black bottom and white top for output option or an important business meeting and & #171; gray mouse костюм» for weekdays.

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